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No Risk Match Betting

Gambling is often seen as high risk and associated with financial loss. However, matched betting is a whole new approach at gambling which engages rational, logical, low risk gambling moves, typically on sporting events. Matched betting exploits things such as free bets, promotional opportunities and loyalty programs. A matched bet guarantees a profitable outcome of the event in question.

Most people wrongly assume that free bets are limited in number, but no – risk matched betting will show you otherwise and make sure that you get an ample number of free bets on the regular.

The above explanation of matched betting may have you confused, and itching with questions. It sounds too good to be true, right? How can matched betting assure profits? How does it work? etc. So, without any further ado, let us get in the specifics and shed some light on matched betting to bring you all the clarity you need.

How does Matched Betting work?

Firstly, the techniques of matched betting discussed are merely the basics, there is a lot more to matched betting, but this is a good place to start. Remember, we are only scratching the surface here.

Back Betting – There isn’t anything revolutionary about the back bet. In fact, it has always been the most common and popular way of placing wagers on horses, and anything else for that matter. It is simply a matter of knowing a sport well enough and having some insight or a gut feeling and placing the bet that you think will be the winning bet. The reason it is called a back bet is because you get your bet ‘back’ and profits.

In a back bet, your bet is saying “I think this team\or horse will win”. If it does happen to win, they your bet wins.

Lay Betting – Lay betting is the reverse of back betting in many ways. Lay betting is a form of betting which has only become popular thanks to the rise in online betting services and online sportsbooks. Unlike back betting, in lay betting, you place a bet saying “I don’t think this will win”. If the team or horse that you placed the lay bet on does NOT win, then you win.

A common question when it comes to lay bets are – what if the game ends in a draw or tie? Well, technically the team that you placed your lay bet on, did not win and so you still win.

Using lay bets and back bets with a matched betting twist – A common strategy within matched betting is to use both back bets and lay bets in unison to minimize any risk of loss. So how does it work? Well,all you do is use lay bets in order to cancel out potential losses that a back bet gone wrong could result in. Basically, irrespective of the outcome of the game or race or whatever else you are betting on – you simply will not lose because you have a bet which covers every scenario.

While this will minimize losses, it won’t actually make you the big bucks. How you make money is by using a bookmakers free bet. With your first winning bet, be it a lay bet or a back bet, you will simply acquire a free bet. Once you have the free bet in your pocket, you once against use lay bets to cancel out risks of a back bet to ensure profits.

Also, the free bets will not stop once you have completed all the sign up or registration processes. There are several techniques in matched betting which will help you pocket free bets in ingenious ways to keep you smiling from ear to ear.

How matched betting is gaining popularity

Even though it is only now that you may have heard about matched betting like most people, it does not mean that matched betting is a new concept. In fact, Matched betting has been around for nearly a decade, but it is only in recent times that it has gained the popularity that it deserves. Now, there are more people than ever before who know about matched betting and ergo, the demand for it has really spiked exponentially.

Looking at the Google hits for the term “matched betting”, it is evident that over 9000 people in just the United Kingdom look up matched betting every single month.

So why is it only now that matched betting is blowing up if it is something that was developed several years ago? Well, there are a multitude of reasons for this, and here are some of the main ones –

More competition than ever before – The fact of the matter is that there are now a great number of more bookmakers than there were just a few years ago. These bookmakers are always in fierce cut-throat competition with each other for market share and they will stop at nothing. Bookmakers now offer ludicrous bonus offers, incentives, free bets and much more to be able to lure in customers. Free bets are one of these incentives, and they work! People sign up with the bookmaker that offers the best and biggest incentives.

Thanks to matched betting techniques, we now know the most effective ways to exploit these incentives and make them as profitable as mathematically possible. This is one of the main reasons why matched betting is now more well-known than ever before and there are no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

The more promotions offered, the easier it is to follow matched betting techniques and multiply profits.

Word of mouth – At first, matched betting sounded like something that was too good to be true to most people. It seemed like a gimmick or some elaborate scam. However, the perception towards matched betting has changed completely in recent times and there are now a lot more people in the know. People that were skeptical of it once, have now been converted and they simply cannot seem to stop exclaiming how amazing matched betting is. The news has spread like wildfire within the gambling communities in most countries.

Further, credit to the many websites that gambling online services which are now available, a lot of people are now familiar with the effectiveness and fool proof nature of the matched betting strategies. Obviously, even online reviews these days cannot be trusted completely, but when you are told about something like matched betting from a friend or family member then you are much more likely to trust that information and get excited about it. Considering that the gambling community is well knit and a lot of people know each other, it is no surprise that the news about the legitimacy and efficacy of matched betting has done the rounds and people are getting onto the matched betting train at rates never before seen.

This is turn is causing a snow ball effect where more people get on – more people vouch for it – more people talk about it – even more people get on and the cycle goes on and on.

At this time, industry experts estimate that there are at least tens of thousands of people in the United Kingdom alone that are following the matched betting strategies and techniques to get better results and better profits. In fact, for some people it may have even become a source of stable income, bread and butter.

Legality – There are several illegal ways that people make money, scams, hacks, and what not. When it comes to doing something illegal – there is first the question of morality and then the question of risk. Yet, some people overstep those boundaries and do it anyway, but the majority are deterred from doing something illegal because of exactly that – it is illegal. Period.

Thankfully, with matched betting, you are doing absolutely nothing illegal or nothing that can even be considered as being in the gray area. It is 100% legal. All you are doing is planning the perfect, most effective, most calculated, smartest bets and executing them in a way that is so well thought out that you are taking zero chances of incurring losses – and that isn’t illegal, it’s just meticulous and smart.

There is no illegal element whatsoever to matched betting. Yes, you are exploiting the incentives that you are being given, and you are taking liberties, but at no point in time are over stepping any rule, term or condition that you should not be overstepping. The perfectly legal nature of matched betting is one of the things that appeal to people the most, and adds to the reasons as to why matched betting is gaining immense popularity across the globe.

Zero Risk – No risk, no reward, right? Wrong! With matched betting, you can be assured rewards and profits while taking zero risks. This is the beauty of matched betting. When you follow a matched betting strategy, you are doing something which is tried, tested, and virtually risk free. The math has been done for you, and there is simply no permutation combination in the cards that could occur and cause you to lose money. If that does not sound good, then nothing will.

Matched bettors make profits regardless of what sporting event they are betting on.

The only catch is that sometimes the risk can come in the form of human error, for instance, if you misinterpreted a technique, or simply were forgetful and placed the wrong bets, then obviously, you could lose out.

Simplicity – The genius of matched betting is in its simplicity. All the bets may seem complicated at first and a little overwhelming, but you stick with it and you quickly get a hang of it and realize that its actually pretty simple. The learning curve is gradual. Nobody is going to be able to comprehend and soak in all of it in a second, but it will come to you much quicker than you would think.

Another thing is there is no waiting time, you start making money from day one with matched betting. People make a killing right in their first month!

An example

You may be wondering about a working example of matched betting, here is one –Let us consider a hypothetical bookmaker “bookmaker A” are offering a $25 free bet for you to start with for signing up, so you do and you deposit the $25 and bet on the Ottawa Senators to win at odds of EVENS. Then you go onto another bookmaker website and place a lay bet on Senators to not win also for $25. This way even if Senators win or lose, you break even. However, you now get a free bet from bookmaker A!

You use this free bet to do the same thing on another match. However, this time you are not putting anything on the line (since the bet is free) and yet you can still make a winning!

This is just one over simplified example of one of the most basic ways in which you can use matched betting, there is a lot more to it and a lot of money waiting to be made. SO what are you waiting for?

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