Virtual Sports Betting - Best #4 Sites for Canada

In the ever-developing world of modern sports betting, no longer can you only bet on real-life sports played by professionals, oh no. Nowadays, there are virtual sports to bet on.

If you’ve not heard of virtual sports betting before, this may seem a little crazy, but it is most definitely a thing, and for some betting companies, it’s big business. Visit many sportsbooks, and in addition to the usual NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA betting, you notice that you can also bet on virtual sports.

What virtual sports are there? What virtual sports can you bet on? Are virtual sports worth betting on? Do all Canadian sportsbooks offer virtual sports options? In this guide, we answer these questions and look at all things virtual sports betting.

Best Canadian Sites for Virtual Betting

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What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports betting does exactly what it says on the label. It’s betting on sports that are virtual, and, therefore, not real.

Essentially, virtual sports betting involves bettors wagering on simulations of sporting events such as horse races, greyhound races, soccer matches, basketball matches, motor races and so on.

Bettors can choose from many of the same market options as they would if they were betting on a real sporting event, such as a Major League Soccer fixture or an NHL Ice Hockey game.

Virtual sports operate using a random number generator, often known as an RNG, to determine the outcome. Sportsbooks have officially stated that virtual sports outcomes are in no way influenced by them.

There’s a difference of opinion when it comes to virtual sports. Many people strongly disdain virtual sports, citing them as nothing but a shortcut to losing money. For some, they are no different from slots, which to many, are the devil. On the other hand, some bettors see them as nothing more than some light-hearted fun. You can place a few fun-sized wagers and enjoy the simulated action.

Types of virtual sports

Just as there are many real-life sports that can be bet on, there are lots of virtual sports for bettors to get stuck into. The number isn’t quite as large, but there’s no shortage of virtual sports, that’s for sure.

These are the most popular virtual sports:

Virtual Soccer

At some sportsbooks, virtual soccer is happening all the time. Each match lasts for three minutes, and there are new matches beginning every five minutes or so.

Just as they can with actual soccer, bettors can place bets on teams to win, whether or not both teams will score, the number of goals and even goalscorers. The experience is much like betting on soccer for real, only it’s animated and takes only one 30th of the time.

Virtual Horse Racing

If a sportsbook offers virtual horse racing, then the action will pretty much be ongoing around the clock. At most horse racing betting sites, virtual races take place every three minutes.

There are three types of virtual horse races; flat, jumps and sprints. Bettors can typically bet on a certain horse to win the race, but some sites offer alternative markets. Virtual horse races tend to be shown free of charge, which means you can watch them without placing a bet.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

Like virtual horse racing, virtual greyhound racing is popular with those bookmakers who offer virtual sports betting. There are virtual greyhound races unfolding most of the time.

Again, typically, there are three types of virtual greyhound races. These are jumps, flat and sprints. You can bet on one or more greyhounds to win, while at some sites, you can place multi and combi bets too. Each race is available to watch.

Virtual Basketball

Virtual basketball isn’t as popular as virtual soccer in the sense that not as many bookmakers provide virtual basketball betting. In Canada, you can bet on virtual basketball at Bodog.

Each game lasts between 60 and 180 seconds, and you can bet on the result and things such as ‘Points Total.’

Virtual Tennis

Again, not every bookmaker offers virtual tennis, but some tennis betting sites do. Those that do have simulated tennis games being run on a regular basis.

The games feature made-up players, not real names. You can bet on either player to win, plus some other markets such as ‘Correct Score.’

Virtual Motor Racing

Virtual motor racing is one of the most popular virtual sports from a betting point of view. Most sportsbooks that provide virtual betting offer some form of virtual motor racing.

The races typically last a few minutes, and bettors can pick the winner or bet on things such as ‘Top 2 Finish’ or ‘Top 3 Finish’.

Virtual Cycling

Set in a virtual velodrome, virtual cycling isn’t the most popular, but some bookmakers do offer it, such as Betway Sports.

Races typically last three laps, and bettors can bet on a cyclist to win, plus they can bet on a cyclist to finish either first or second or bet on them to finish first, second or third.

Best #4 Virtual Sports Betting Sites in Canada

There are several sportsbooks available to bettors in Canada that provide odds of virtual sports. We’ve put together a list of the best virtual betting sites, detailing what each offers in terms of virtual sports betting.

These are the best Canadian sports betting operators in terms of virtual sports betting:

#1 Betway Sports


There’s plenty of virtual bettors to get stuck into at Betway Sports, that’s for sure. They naturally carry the usual suspects, such as virtual soccer and virtual greyhounds, but they also have some relatively niche extras, such as virtual cycling.

These are the virtual sports available to bettors at Betway Sports:

  • Virtual Soccer
  • Virtual Cycling
  • Virtual Greyhounds
  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Motor Racing
  • Virtual Speedway
  • Virtual Trotting

There is action happening all the time, so you won’t have to wait long. For example, virtual soccer matches take place every three minutes, as do all types of virtual races, so there’s always something on. The action is all available to watch for free too. Races are shown in full, while significant highlights, such as goals, free kicks, fouls, and penalties, will be shown for each virtual soccer match.

What Betway Sports does really well in terms of virtual sports is offering a wide variety of virtual soccer betting markets. Not only can you bet on the winner, plus other typical markets such as ‘Total Goals’ and ‘Both Teams to Score,’ but you can bet on ‘Handicaps,’ ‘First Half Result,’ ‘First Half Correct Score,’ ‘Winning Margin’ and ‘Home/Away Team Total Goals.’

With something like ‘Virtual Cycling’, you can bet on the race winner, but can also place bets on a virtual cyclist to secure a ‘Top 2 Finish’, as well as a ‘Top 3 Finish’. Most races last for three laps of the virtual velodrome, while the video for each virtual cycling race will be shown as it happens.

To find the virtual section at Betway Sports, all you need to do is use the ‘All Sports’ menu on the left of the main page and scroll right down until you see ‘Virtual Sports’ in this section will be all of the available virtual sports.

If you’ve not already signed up for Betway, why not bank some bonus funds? You simply have to register, deposit and place an initial bet, and you’ll get a deposit match bonus of up to $200. That means to deposit and bet $200 the first time up, and you’ll get an additional $200.

Join Betway Sports

#2 Bodog


As one of the biggest betting operators available to Canadian bettors, Bodog offers quite a lot in terms of virtual sports betting.

Virtual basketball is big at Bodog, as is virtual soccer, which is arguably the most common virtual sport in the betting industry.

You can bet on the following virtual sports at Bodog:

  • Virtual Basketball
  • Virtual Soccer
  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Greyhound Racing
  • Virtual Speedway

When it comes to team virtual sports at Bodog, such as Basketball and Soccer, this is how it works:

The teams make up several leagues. Each league’s teams are then put into pairs, and they play their matches at the same time. After each match ends, the pairs are reformed, and a new set of matches begin. This goes on until the season is completed. The league is then reset, and it all starts over again from the outset.

Each virtual basketball or soccer game lasts between 60 and 180 seconds. For Basketball, each event will show five highlights from the game. For soccer, each game contains six highlights, highlighting goals, significant misses, penalties and fouls. It’s worth noting that a maximum of six goals can be scored in Bodog’s virtual soccer matches.

In Speedway races, there will be four entrants. In all other virtual races, there will be either six or eight racers. Most virtual races last between 30 and 90 seconds.

You can find what Bodog has to offer in terms of virtual sports betting by clicking ‘SPORTS’ at the top of any page. You’ll then need to use the ‘All Sports’ section to find ‘Virtual Sports’. Here is where you will find all of the upcoming and available virtual matches and races.

Not signed up to Bodog yet? Register, and you can boost your virtual sports betting action by getting a 100% welcome bonus of up to $400. All you need to do is sign up, deposit and bet and you’ll get however much you deposit and bet again in bonus funds.

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#3 William Hill Canada

William Hill offers bettors a rather extensive virtual sports betting package. In fact, so large is their offering, that the virtual sports betting section at William Hill is referred to as the ‘Virtual World.’ That should give you some idea as to what we’re talking about here.

When it comes to racing, there’s a new race every three minutes. It’s the same for soccer, too, as a new virtual soccer match kicks off every three minutes.

The following virtual sports can be bet on at William Hill Canada:

  • Virtual Horse Racing (jumps, flat and sprints)
  • Virtual Greyhound Racing (jumps, flat and sprints)
  • Virtual Football
  • Motor Racing

There’s a strong variety in terms of the markets available for virtual sports at William Hill. For instance, if you wish to bet on virtual soccer, for each match, you can choose to bet on the following markets: ‘Both Teams to Score,’ ‘Over/Under 2.5 Goals’, ‘Over/Under 1.5 Goals’, ‘Total Match Goals,’ ‘Correct Score’ and ‘Match Result.’

What’s great about William Hill’s virtual horse racing is that it’s split into three sections, You’ve got ‘Virtual Flat Racing’, ‘Virtual Jumps Racing’ and ‘Virtual Sprints’. Each race has either eight or ten runners, while you can bet ‘To Win’ or ‘Each Way’. For each-way bets, three places are paid. All virtual races will be shown in full.

Finding the ‘Virtual World’ is nice and easy. All you need to do is use the ‘A-Z Sports’ menu located on the left of the homepage. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on ‘Virtual World.’ This is where you will find the virtual sports schedule, plus markets and odds for upcoming virtual events.

If you’re interested in what WH has to offer in terms of virtual sports and are not already a member, then simply make an account, and you’ll get a risk-free bet of up to $500. Just register, deposit and bet, and you’ll get the equivalent amount as a free bet if your initial bet loses.

Visit William Hill

#4 Sports Interaction

At Sports Interaction, you can bet on a variety of virtual sports. Naturally, there are the most popular virtual offerings, such as virtual soccer, virtual horse racing and virtual greyhounds, but there’s more.

This is the full list of virtual sports available to be bet on at Sports Interaction:

  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual Soccer
  • Instant Horses
  • Instant Greyhounds
  • Instant Trotting
  • Instant Racing
  • Instant Speedway
  • Instant Velodrome

To find the virtual sports section at Sports Interaction from the home page, simply use the sports menu on the left-hand side of the page and then scroll down until you see ‘Virtual Sports.’ Clicking here will allow you to see everything that’s upcoming.

If you’re looking to bet on Virtual Sports at Sports Interaction but have not yet signed up, then you can kickstart your journey by opening an account and receiving a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1000. This means that when you register and make a first deposit of at least $10, you’ll get the same amount again in bonus funds.

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