Quebec Sports Betting Sites [ 2024 ]

Top Canadian Sports Betting Sites For QuebecThe eastern part of the nation is home to the people of Quebec, the only Canadian province where French is the official language. This province borders 4 U.S. states such as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York to the south, as well as 3 Canadian provinces such as New Brunswick, Ontario and Newfoundland & Labrador. It also shares maritime borders with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Quebec is the second-largest province in Canada by population, but the largest province by area. In the context of gambling and betting, the people of Quebec are considered real Trailblazers. Also, Quebec is the home to one NHL team, the Montreal Canadiens, as well as one CFL team, such as the Montreal Alouettes and one MLS team, such as the Montreal Impact.

Many Canadian sports betting sites cater to residents of Quebec. We have compiled a list of the best ones below, based on our research and personal experiences.

Whether you’re looking to bet on the NHL, NBA, MLB, or any other sport, you’ll find a Quebec sports betting site on our list that meets your needs. We only recommend reputable and trustworthy sites, so you can rest assured that your money is safe and secure when you bet with any of the operators on our list.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our list of the top Canadian sports betting sites in Quebec, and start placing your bets today!

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Sports Betting in Quebec

Relatively speaking, the people of Quebec have the best sports betting options. It’s legal to bet on sports and the entire operation is managed by one company, Loto-Quebec. Unlike in the other provinces, here the sports betting games are known under a different name, Mise-O-Jeu. Similarly to Proline, you can find information about the wagering options on the official website, or through authorized local convenience stores and other shops where you can also make the bets.

However, Mise-O-Jeu suffers from relatively the same problems as the Proline games. For example, no single game wagers are allowed in accordance with the laws of Canada. The only way you can bet is to make a parley of at least two selections, but no more than eight. And, before you can engage in sports betting at all, you will have to provide proof that you are a legal resident of Quebec, as well as within the legal age to gamble.

One of the advantages of the Mise-O-Jeu is that people can make online payments for their bets. But, one of the biggest disadvantages with which all government-run sports betting options in Canada are plagued is the lower than worse odds. Since all betting operations are some kind of monopoly in all the provinces as well as in Quebec, the odds everywhere are very bad. Compared to online betting at off-shore sports betting sites, the difference is as much as 21 cents for every dollar wagered or worse.

Nevertheless, if you are over this, you can bet on auto racing, golf, boxing or MMA, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer. For these you have the following types of wagers available:

  • Match Winner 2-Way – You have to make a prediction of which team will win, but you can’t make a tie prediction.
  • Match Winner 3-Way – The same as Match Winner 2-Way, only that you have the option to bet on a tie too.
  • Match Winner with Spread – Choosing the winner of the game by taking a point spread into account. This means that you may still end up a loser if you miss the point spread despite the fact that your team won.
  • Total – This is actually an over/under bet option, where you have to predict if the final score will be over or under a suggested number.
  • Opposing Players – With this type of bet you have to choose two players whose performance will be compared head-to-head, and the goal is to bet on the player that you think will perform better.
  • Predictions – Here a prize pool and leaderboard are involved. As you make successful picks you get points, and advance on the leaderboard. When the competition has ended, the final positions determine whether you get a share of the prize pool.

Gambling Laws in Quebec

Other forms of gambling are legal in Quebec besides sports betting. Therefore, you can participate in land-based casino gambling and provincial lottery games. All forms of gambling are regulated by a number of different laws such as the Act respecting the Société des Loteries du Québec, the Act respecting lotteries, amusement machines and publicity contests and the Act respecting racing.

The people of Quebec can even bet online at off-shore sports betting sites where the options are richer and the odds are more favourable. They are not persecuted for betting online, although the recent news from the government is that attempts will be made to block internet access to such websites.

Licensing Authorities in Quebec

All gambling and betting operations are supervised by the Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission. This commission was formed in 1993 for the purpose of supervising and enforcing gambling laws. Its responsibility is to certify gaming machines too and ensure that the payouts advertised are in line with the actual rates.

Population of Quebec

After Ontario, Quebec has the biggest population of 8 million and a fertility rate higher than any other Canadian province. Unlike in the other parts of the country, the English ethnic group is a small minority in Quebec. Only 3.3% are English. Even the Irish and Italian groups are bigger than the English. The majority in Quebec is the Canadian (Canadiens) and makeup 60% of the population. With 29% the French are the second largest ethnic group.

Offline Betting Venues in Quebec

The four major land-based casinos such as Casino de Charlevoix, Casino de Mont-Tremblant, Casino du Lac-Leamy in Gatineau and Casino du Montreal are operated by Loto-Quebec. Besides these, there are more than 11,000 VLTs across the province at bars and other shops. These are known as video poker machines. The people of Quebec can play poker games against real players too in the poker rooms across the land-based casinos.

Conclusion about Quebec Sports Betting

The only French-speaking province in Canada has probably the best assortment of betting options. The sports betting community is thriving, and the residents have the freedom to choose if they want to make bets through Mise-O-Jeu or online at offshore websites. No matter what you need, you are covered in Quebec.

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