Motor Racing Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

Motor RacingMotor racing is an umbrella term covering all sports that involve motorized vehicles competing in a race. It’s often referred to as motorsports (or motorsports), but that’s actually a broader category because motorsports can also be non-racing events (drifting, demolition derby, etc.).

When someone mentions motor racing, formula racing is the first thing that comes to mind. However, sports betting sites also often include various other popular sports under that category, including sports car racing, NASCAR and more.

If you’re a fan of racing events involving motorized vehicles, you might be interested in how online betting works for this sport.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of motor racing betting.

First of all, we’ll cover some of the best betting options for Canadian motor racing enthusiasts and discuss our selection process.

After that, we’ll focus on various racing events and available bets that you can place on them.

Finally, we’ll show you how to start betting on motor racing and get lucrative welcome offers after joining a sportsbook. We also included a couple of useful tips & tricks for first-time motor racing bettors.

Read on.

Before we start, let’s take a look at our ultimate list of the best motor racing betting sites in Canada. All platforms in the list below are safe, secure, and legal. Moreover, they accept all popular payment methods in Canada and offer bonuses & promotions for new and regular users.

Most importantly, all websites on the list have a comprehensive offer of motor racing events and their related betting markets. Feel free to examine the list and select the site that meets your needs. If you’re not sure how to choose, please continue reading our guide, as we’re about to explain our detailed selection process.

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How We Picked the Best Motor Racing Betting Sites

ChecklistOur team of sports betting experts made a list consisting of the best betting sites for motor racing betting.

Some of our members are motorsports enthusiasts and have a lot of experience watching and betting on all kinds of racing events.

Hence, they created an assessment test that will weed out all the platforms that do not offer motor racing at competitive odds.

Moreover, we made sure that the sites meet every other criterion, mainly those of safety, regulation, reputation, bonus quality, live betting options, accepted payment methods and customer support.

Let’s examine each of these individually. That should help you narrow down your selection and understand how online betting sites work.

Safety and Regulation

Every betting site needs to operate legally, and there are regulatory bodies that make sure no illegal operations are underway.

Of course, some regulators are more strict and reputable than others, so we made sure that all sites listed on this page are licensed by industry-leading gambling commissions.

Some of the popular regulators that you can trust are the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Curacao is also on an excellent path to becoming one of the industry leaders, next to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Safety & security are also essential, so we tested each site on the list for certain safety protocols, such as SSL encryption, to ensure that all users’ sensitive data is protected from cyberattacks.


Many online betting sites have a great reputation among bettors for being trustworthy, safe, and secure.

Moreover, bettors love them because they offer competitive odds and cover a wide array of sports, including motor racing.

Since we’ve been in the industry for years, we can quickly identify highly-reputable sportsbooks. If you’re not sure whether a betting site is worth your time and money, you can always read more about them in professional and user reviews.

Bonuses & Promotions

Approximately 99% of all online betting sites offer some kind of promotion — usually several of them. The most popular type of promo is the so-called welcome bonus that rewards new customers for joining and making a deposit.

However, many promos and offers aren’t as lucrative as they seem at first. That’s why we took a deep dive into their respective T&Cs sections to determine their actual value and select the casinos offering the best bonuses.

Odds Competitiveness

Odds tell you how much money you can win for the amount you bet. For example, if the odds for Lewis Hamilton winning the next race is 1.20, it means you’ll receive $20 on top of your $100 bet.

However, some online sportsbooks might offer more or less competitive odds of the same selection. For instance, you can find that the other book offers 1.30 for it, meaning you’ll receive more money.

Simply put, sports betting sites compete with each other by offering better odds. We made sure to pick the ones that have been consistently rated as top-of-the-class when it comes to odds. You won’t find betting platforms in Canada that offer better probabilities.

Available Motor Racing Sports & Other Markets

Our motor racing experts made a thorough overview of available sports offered by the betting sites and selected the ones that have the best selection of motor racing events.

We paid attention to other sports as well. In other words, sites on this page offer plenty of sports that Canadians like to watch and bet on, including American football, basketball, hockey and more.

Live Betting Options

Live betting (or in-play betting) is a type of wagering that’s conducted while a match or a race is underway. We made sure that all sites on the list offer the live betting section and that you can access plenty of sports that way, including some of the most popular motor racing events.

Payment Methods

To start your motor racing betting journey, you need to place a bet with real money, which means you need to deposit some money first. We made sure that all betting sites mentioned in this article offer Canadian-friendly payment methods.

As it turns out, Canadians have plenty of options to choose from, including credit & debit cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies. The betting sites on the list also have generous minimum and maximum limits, but they can also vary depending on the payment method you select.

If you place successful bets and win money, you’ll need to withdraw it from the betting site to your banking account, so we made sure that the platforms also offer a decent number of withdrawal options.

Customer Support

Finally, every online sportsbook customer may require some assistance now and then. The good news is that most of these platforms offer customer support that you can reach out to via live chat, mail, or even phone.

The bad news is that some of them don’t actually provide high-quality support. Being aware of this fact, we made sure to include the ones that have a proven history of actually helping their customers.

Legal BettingThe Criminal Code of Canada forbids any kind of online gambling, but the laws aren’t as strict as they seem, and they are open to interpretation. Moreover, there are even a few state-owned betting platforms in the Great White North.

Their offer is very limited, and it’s pretty difficult to find motor racing options on them. That’s why individuals from Canada are free to sign up on international sportsbooks which cover a wide array of motorsports and place bets that way.

How to Start Betting on Motor Racing

The most challenging part is finding a suitable online betting site offering motor racing, what follows is a piece of cake. Still, we decided to cover the entire process in detail, so we’ll explain how to start betting in the short step-by-step guide below.

As you will see, it’s a pretty easy process that you’ll complete in a matter of minutes.

Signup To A Sportsbook With Motor Racing Markets

Pick a betting site offered on our list. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how they work, and you read our reviews to learn more about them

Find the button that says Register or Sign Up on the betting platform of your choice and fill in the registration form with the required data (username, password, email, and more)

Make A Deposit

Go to the cashier section and select a preferred payment method to deposit and start wagering on motor racing

Some sportsbooks offer a welcome bonus that you can claim when you register (no deposit bonus) or make a deposit (deposit bonus)

Make A Motor Racing Bet

Pick one of the upcoming races and place a wager on a betting market that you like

Wait for the outcome!

Motor Racing in Canada

You are able to place Motor Racing bets on any such sporting fixture both quick and easily at any of the above betting sites however be aware that to claim any of the Motor Racing betting bonuses and free bets listed above you will have to comply with the terms and conditions on any such bonus, these can be found on the respective betting website.

The bonuses are of course subject to change at any time so make sure that you check the websites of any betting sites bonus that is of interest to you

Motor Racing Betting Events

As the world of motor racing is made up of many different codes, then perhaps we should introduce you to the many different kinds of motor racing sports all of which you are able to place wagers and bets on at any of our Canadian betting sites.

Some of the largest racing events which have huge turnovers of cash placed and wagered on them include all Formula 1 races, and you are going to also find plenty of betting markets available on the V8 Supercars Championship, Moto GP and Speedway races.

For a wider range of betting opportunities then when the motor racing season gets underway you can of course bet on the F1 Belgium Grand Prix, all MotoGP Indianapolis events and of course the Nascar Sprint Cup.

Formula Racing

Formula racing is a type of open-wheeled single-seater motorsport. We believe that the sport requires no further introduction, as you’re probably familiar with it.

The most popular competition in Formula One (F1), which has been active since 1946. If you want to bet on it, you’re likely to find the following circuits offered on many online betting sites. The most popular ones are:

  • Albert Park, Australian Grand Prix
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Marina Bay, Singapore Grand Prix
  • Monza, Italian Grand Prix
  • Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexican Grand Prix
  • Silverstone, British Grand Prix
  • Red Bull Ring, Austrian Grand Prix
  • Circuit of the Americas, US Grand Prix
  • Spa-Francorchamps, Belgian Grand Prix
  • Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

As you know, there are several teams in F1, each having several different drivers. Most sportsbooks feature betting markets covering both teams and individuals.

The teams you can currently bet on are Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Alpine, AphaTauri, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Haas, and Williams. Some of the most popular F1 drivers at the moment are Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz, and others.

Despite being the most popular type of formula, F1 isn’t the only series that’s part of formula racing. Other popular formula series are:

  • Formula E
  • Formula 2
  • Formula Renault 3.5
  • Formula 3
  • Formula Three
  • Formula 4
  • IndyCar Series
  • Indy Lights
  • Indy Pro 200 Championship
  • US F2000
  • Super Formula
  • All-Japan Formula Three
  • Formula Challenge Japan

Of course, the list doesn’t end here, as there are plenty of other less popular formulas. Still, apart from F1, you won’t see many other options in online sportsbooks, except maybe Formula E, a race featuring electrically-powered vehicles. Canadians & Americans may also sometimes have a chance to bet on Indy races.

Sports Car Racing

All races that feature sports cars are part of sports car racing. There are two types of races — sports prototype and grand touring.

Sports prototype involves cars that are built explicitly for races. They are technologically superior to sports cars that you can find for sale.

GT is a more common type, which you’ll often see in sportsbooks. This involves traditional sports cars, which as still tweaked a bit for racing.

The most popular sports car racing world championship is the FIA World Endurance Championship, which started in 2012.

Other popular regional championships are:

  • WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
  • GT World Challenge America
  • Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge
  • Can-Am – Canadian-American Challenge Cup
  • European Le Mans Series
  • Michelin Le Mans Cup
  • GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup
  • International GT Open
  • GT World Challenge Europe
  • Asian Le Mans Series
  • GT World Challenge Asia
  • Super GT

The list is also quite lengthy, but the chances are you’ll find only the most popular ones in online sportsbooks.

Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is a special type of automobile race that takes place on oval tracks. If you’re from Canada, you probably call it NASCAR, which is also the name of the main American governing body for stock car racing. Stock cars are basically production model automobiles that are highly modified for races.

The most popular competition is the NASCAR Cup Series, which is often covered by online sportsbooks. The other two popular series are the NASCAR Xfinity Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Apart from the US and Canada, stock car races are also popular in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Mexico, and Brazil. (7)

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing is so popular that it became a category of its own. You’ll find most of the sportsbooks listing it as a separate sport. Therefore we won’t discuss it in detail, but just name the most popular variations of motorcycle racing:

  • Road racing (most popular is Motorcycle Grand Prix)
  • Motocross
  • Enduro and cross-country
  • Track racing
  • Drag racing

We’ll stop here, but you should consider that there are many other less popular motorcycle racing variations. (8)

Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) is usually the most popular type of race and it’s covered on the majority of popular online betting sites in Canada.

Other Racing and Non-Racing Motor Sports

At this point, we’ve covered all motor racing sports that people usually like to bet on and are available in online sportsbooks. Still, let’s list the less common type of motor racing:

  • Air racing (airplanes racing)
  • Motor rallying (rally races with various motor vehicles; car rallies can be found in some sportsbooks)
  • Rallycross
  • Kart racing
  • Banger racing
  • Motorboat racing
  • Drone racing
  • Hovercraft racing
  • Lawnmower racing
  • Slot car racing
  • Snowmobile racing
  • Truck racing
  • Radio-controlled racing

Finally, some of the non-racing disciplines that involve motor vehicles are:

  • Drifting
  • Demolition derby
  • Regularity rally
  • Motorcycle trials
  • Freestyle Motocross
  • Tractor pulling
  • Gymkhana

Types of Motor Racing Bets

Now that you’re familiar with all available motorsports, it’s time we discussed what types of bets you can make on them.

You can bet on which team or driver is going to be the first to cross the winning line and these are the most popular wagers placed on all motor racing events, however, there are more betting opportunities than just the win types of bets you will be able to bet on your prediction for lap times, winning distances and a whole slew of additional wagering possibilities.

Moneyline Betting

The most common type of bet is called “Moneyline” or “to-win.” Simply put, your job is to select one driver that you think is going to win in the upcoming race and place a wager. If that driver really turns out to be the winner, you’ll receive a prize. Apart from betting on a winning player, selecting the team that will win is also possible.

Spread Betting

All players and their teams are given points based on their performances in F1 and some other motor racing sports. If one team is a clear favourite for an upcoming race, they can be “handicapped” for a certain number of points to make them equal to other teams.

If you bet on the handicapped team, you’ll bet against the spread, meaning that the team will have to win and achieve a certain point difference compared to other teams.

Driver Matchups

In driver matchup bets, you are presented with two drivers, and you get to choose which of the two will finish the race in a higher position. If you get it right, you’ll win the bet. No other stats are taken into account for this type of bet.

Pole Position

In F1, drivers usually need to qualify for being in the first slot of the starting grid, and you get to guess who that would be. This type of bet can also be applied to other motor racing sports following a similar format.

Outright Betting (Futures)

Future bets or outright bets allow you to guess the winner of the entire championship. For example, if you bet on Lewis Hamilton winning at the end of the season, you’ll win the bet. Futures need you to wait for the season or championship to wrap up to see the result, and they are perfect for casual bettors who just want to add a little more excitement when watching their favourite motorsports.

Prop Bets

Prop bets propose that something would either happen or not happen. If you want to support the proposition, you can place a wager on it and make a profit if it turns out to be true.

Prop bets in motor racing come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them require some skill, while others rely entirely on the element of chance. For example, a prop bet can propose that a certain player finish the lap under a given time. You can use your knowledge to try and predict such a prop.

However, prop bets proposing the number of cautions (an over/under bet) must be considered as pure-luck bets, as there’s no way to determine that upfront.

Types of Bonuses for Motor Racing Betting

We already discussed bonuses briefly in this article. They are an inevitable part of online gambling and have a two-fold purpose: to keep players happy and increase the number of new customers (and the regulars’ retention rate). Let’s take a look at some of the most common bonuses that can be awarded to motor racing bettors.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

A welcome deposit bonus will award bonus money on top of your first deposit. For example, if the bonus offers a 100% bonus up to $100, it means that your deposit will be matched in bonuses whatever you deposit, but not more than $100.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is awarded to players who join the sports betting site offering it. In other words, you don’t have to make a deposit to receive it. No deposit bonuses are usually much smaller than deposit bonuses.

Free Bets

Make a bet up to a certain amount, and the sportsbook will award you the same amount, making your bet essentially free. Free bets often come as part of the welcome offer.

Risk-Free Bets

Many sportsbooks offer players to place a bet without any risk of losing money. The bonuses that make that possible are called risk-free bets. Therefore, if a site gives you a $50 risk-free worth of bets, it will recuperate your losing wagers.

Cashback Deals

Sometimes, a sportsbook may offer you to give some of the cash you spent back to your account. This is not a risk-free bet as the terms are somewhat different. For example, a cashback deal can offer to give you 10% of your lost cash back after a week.

Motor Racing Betting Tips

TipsWhen it comes to wagering on motor racing, the only real tip that we can give you is to know the sport and research as much as possible to learn more about tournaments, teams, and individual competitors.

You’ll have to know about the terrain and the complexity of a circuit or rally, as well as the past performances of drivers.

The good news about motorsports is that there are all kinds of stats at your disposal, and if you dig deep enough, you might be able to find useful info that will give you an edge when making bets.

Final Thoughts

Betting on motor races is a fun and exciting activity that can make you a profit if you apply the right strategy and do your homework before every race. Even if you’re a casual bettor, it’s always more fun to watch a race with a placed bet that could bring you lucrative rewards.

This article focused on all available motor racing betting options on the web for Canadian users. If you feel that you now have a better understanding of the sport and the wagering activities, feel free to select one of the platforms offered on this page and begin your motor racing adventure on the web.

Motor Racing Betting FAQ

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