Point Spread Betting Sites in Canada

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes a wider variety of bets that can be placed. Point spread betting is one type of bet that can be used in several different sports. This guide will explain what point spread betting is and how it works.

Point spread betting is a way of betting on a particular sporting event in which the point spread is used to handicap the two teams playing. The point spread is the number of points given to the weaker team to level the playing field. 

For example, if Team A plays Team B and Team A is considered the stronger team, they may be given a -5 point spread. This means that Team A must win by more than 5 points for bettors who have placed a bet on them to win their bet. On the other hand, if Team B is considered the weaker team, they may be given a +5-point spread. This means they can lose by up to 5 points and still have their bettors win.

Best Canadian Betting Sites for Point Spreads

If you’re looking for the best Canadian betting sites for point spreads, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top online sportsbooks that offer point spread betting on various sports so that you can find the perfect bookmaker for your needs.

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Point Spread Betting in Canada

Point Spread betting is a popular way to bet on sports in Canada. This type of betting is where you bet on the margin of victory for a particular team. For example, if you were betting on the Toronto Maple Leafs to beat the Montreal Canadiens, you would be betting on them to win by more than 1 goal. If they won by two goals, you would win your bet. If they won by 1 goal, you would push (tie), and if they lost the game, you would lose your bet.

Point Spread betting is a popular way to bet on sports in Canada because it allows you to win even if your team doesn’t win the game outright. For example, if you bet on the Maple Leafs to beat the Canadiens by two goals and they only won by 1 goal, you would still win your bet. This is because you were betting on the margin of victory, not the game’s actual outcome.

The downside to Point Spreads is that it can be riskier than betting on the outright winner of the game. This is because you are betting on one team to beat another by a certain margin. If the team you bet on doesn’t win by that margin, you will lose your bet.

Point Spread betting is a popular way to bet on sports in Canada and can be a great way to win even if your team doesn’t win the game outright. However, it is important to remember that it is a risky bet, and you can lose your money if you don’t pick the right team.

Point Spread Betting Tips

Some sports bettors think that point spreads are an easy way to make money, but the truth is that it takes a lot of knowledge and understanding to be successful at this type of wagering. Here are some tips that can help you become a winning point spread bettor:

1) Know your sport inside out

This is probably the most important tip on this list. To succeed at point spreads, you must thoroughly understand the sport you are betting on. This means knowing all the ins and outs, the statistics, the trends, and anything else that could impact the outcome of a game.

2) Do your homework

To find the best point spreads, you need to do your homework. This means looking at multiple sportsbooks and comparing the lines they are offering. You should also pay attention to the movement of the lines, as this can indicate which way the betting public is leaning.

3) Stay disciplined

One of the most important qualities for any successful gambler is discipline. This means sticking to your betting system and not letting emotions influence your decisions. It can be challenging to do this, but it is crucial if you want to be successful.

4) Manage your bankroll

Another important tip is to manage your bankroll responsibly. This means only betting an amount you can afford to lose and always having a stop-loss. Doing this will ensure you don’t go broke even if you have a few losing bets.

5) Have patience

Finally, it is important to have patience when point spread betting. This type of wagering is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it takes time and patience to be successful at it. If you are patient and disciplined, however, you can make a lot of money over the long run.

Follow these tips, and you will be well to becoming a successful point spread bettor. Remember, this type of wagering is not for everyone, but if you are willing to put in the work, it can be a great way to make some extra money.

Best Betting Markets for Point Spreads

There are many different markets that you can bet on when it comes to point spreads. However, some offer better value than others, and it’s important to know which ones to target if you want to be successful.

Here are the best markets for point spread betting:

1. NFL Football

The NFL is by far the most popular sport to bet on and one of the easiest to handicap. There is a ton of information available on each team, and the lines are generally very tight. This makes it a great market to target for point spread betting.

2. College Football

College football is another great option for point spreads. The lines are often not as tight as they are in the NFL, giving you more room for error. Additionally, there is still plenty of information available on each team so that you can make informed decisions.

3. NBA Basketball

The NBA is a great market for point spread betting for a few reasons. First, the lines are often very tight, so you must be on your game to make a profit. Second, there are only two outcomes in each game (win or lose), so the odds are generally in your favour.

By targeting these three markets, you’ll give yourself the best chance to be successful with point spread betting. Do your homework and find the right lines, and you’ll be in good shape to make some profits.

Point Spreads in Conclusion

Point spread betting is a popular way to bet on sports, especially football and basketball. The point spread is the number of points the better team is expected to win. Bettors can either take the favourite and give up the points or take the underdog and receive the points.

The main advantage of point spreads is that it adds more excitement to the games. Bettors can root for their team even if they are not winning outright. Additionally, point spread betting generally results in better odds than betting on the winner of the game.

However, point spread betting is not without its disadvantages:

  1. It can be very risky if the favourite loses by more than the point spread.
  2. The point spread can be difficult to predict, especially in close games.
  3. Some sportsbooks may charge higher vigorish (juice) on point spread bets than on other types of bets.

Overall, point spread betting is a popular and exciting way to bet on sports. However, it is good to understand the risks before getting started.

Point Spread Betting FAQs

Author Nemanja is new resident of Canada, with English is not his native language he is still learning about the betting industry. His main interests lie with Boxing and MMA especially UFC.