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About Us

We have a deep passion for Sports Betting here at the Betting.ca website and as such this is what led us to research, design, develop and then launch this betting news and information website, which is aimed at Canadian online Sports Bettors.

The idea behind the website is quite simple, and that is to provide you with as much information as you could ever possibly want or need in regards to not only how to place you sports bets and wagers online but also we have chosen to present to you the ultimate online betting sites that we just know are going to give you the best online betting experience.

You should only stick to placing your bets and wagers at fully licensed and regulated online betting sites for by doing just that and sticking to using these fully licensed sites you will never run into any kinds of problems.

All of the betting sites listed are offering a range of different betting markets which makes the all unique plus each of them will welcome all Canada based customers with a generous sign up betting bonus.

Doug Hirdle

Doug is an passionate sports fan and has written extensively about stories breaking in Canada. Whether the sport in hockey or American football he will always give you the best highlights summarised.