Hockey Canada Gang Rape Cover Up Investigation Progressing Well

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  • Hockey Canada investigation progressing well based on unnamed source
  • Lawyer Jennifer White asks informants to come forward to testify 
  • Hockey Canada funding continues to be on hold

A source familiar with the third-party investigation into a sexual misconduct case involving gang rape and the cover up carried out by Hockey Canada is progress well according to an unnamed source.

Led by lawyer Jennifer White, the probe is investigating the gang rape incident during the 2003 World Junior Championship in Halifax. The investigation, which began on July 22, 2022, does not have a timeline for completion as of now.

White Requests Informants to Come Forward

In July, a report cited that three sources had seen the footage of the assault where about 6 hockey players took turns raping a non-responsive woman. Later, two players suspected of featuring in the video were identified by Halifax police. White has released a mandate citing the objectives of the probe. She requested people to contact her if they knew anything about the incident. White said that informants’ identities would be protected.

The investigation will determine what had transpired in 2003 and how Hockey Canada had addressed the issue, and if any policies were violated. White’s role would be of a neutral investigator, as she was not consulted by Hockey Canada for legal advice. The lawyer has been conducting independent probes into sexual misconduct in various institutions for the last six years.

Lawyers Erin Durant and Brian Ward are responsible for supervising the ITP and reporting the investigation findings to Hockey Canada. Previously, Hockey Canada reopened the probe into the 2018 alleged gang rape case. Currently, Hockey Canada is facing scrutiny for its handling of sexual assault cases. Business governance expert Richard Powers was concerned about how Hockey Canada maintained no record of the discussion of the allegations.

Hockey Canada’s governance is currently being examined by various investigations led by an ex-Supreme Court of Canada Judge and the House of Commons standing committee.

Sports Minister Suspends Federal Funding to Hockey Canada

Ever since the news of the 2018 incident surfaced, Canada’s Minister of Sport, Pascale St-Onge suspended federal funding to Hockey Canada. The minister had put forth the condition that the body had to become a member of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner to lift the suspension.

Hockey Canada has not signed on yet. However, it asserted its commitment to do so in its action plan.

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