GSW Will Look To Help Greene After Being Suspended Indefinitely

Draymond Green


  • The NBA suspended Draymond Green indefinitely after punching Phoenix Sun’s Jusuf Nurkić
  • Green has had on-going physical altercations with players and is not in a good place
  • Warriors will look to help Green during his suspension 

Draymond Green has been a part of the Golden State Warriors since 2012 and has played a key role in helping the Warriors be one of the most successful teams in the NBA during the last decade.

The 33 year old has was suspended indefinitely by the NBA this week after he got into another physical altercation this season. Green has been evicted twice during this season and his third strike came against the Phoenix Suns when he threw a punch at Jusuf Nurkić.

Warriors Will Look To Help Green During Suspension 

With Green’s antics growing with every NBA live game, the NBA decided that it had to send a clear message as physical violence had not place on the court. The NBA has issued an indefinite suspension on Green and very few fans are going to argue against the suspension as Green is clearly not in a good place mentally.

Mike Dunleavy Jr., GM for the Warriors said that the team and Green had discussions with the NBA before they decided to suspend him indefinitely. Dunleavy said they don’t want to look at the suspension as merely a punishment but also a chance to get Green the help he needs.

Rich Paul who represents Green and Mike Dunleavy will work out potential counselling options going forward for Green to be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Green though suspended will still be able to be around the team when they play.

In a statement, Dunleavy said

Draymond Green is at a point in his career and his life where we want to get some things straightened out, and maybe sometimes you need a jolt like that. But I think it’s been very positive, very open, and (we’re) extremely optimistic that we can get to where we need to go.

Jusuf Nurkić Still Respects Green But Says He Needs Help

Jusuf Nurkić who was at the end of the punch, says he does not know what Green is going through but clearly needs help. Nurkić says he still respects Green and holds no hard feelings against him.

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