NBA Betting Sites In Canada [ 2024 ]

National Basketball AssociationThe NBA has long been a firm favourite among bettors seeking to win big from sports betting in Canada. If you’re looking to join the club, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve dedicated this entire page to all things related to NBA betting in Canada.

Throughout this page, we’re going to reveal our expert tips and tricks that will help you track down the best sportsbook for your NBA betting needs. We’ll start things off with a brief presentation of our hand-picked online NBA betting sites.

Afterwards, we’ll elaborate on why we consider these sites to be top destinations for NBA betting. And last but not least, you’ll find a section dedicated to additional resources and some frequently asked questions.

What Are the Best NBA Betting Sites in Canada?

Top RatedYou’ve come here to find the best NBA betting options, so we won’t waste your time with small talk. Check out our list below, and if you find an NBA betting site that suits your preferences, help yourself.

We’d also like to point out that the platforms featured on our list are all sites our staff members use for their personal sports betting activities.

All applicants go through our detailed screening process, during which we determine whether they possess all the qualities a top betting site should have.

After thoughtful consideration and in-depth analysis, we’ve decided that these online sportsbooks are genuinely the best places to bet on the NBA.

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How Do We Rank Canadian NBA Betting Sites?

ChecklistBy now, you’re probably wondering what makes these sites the best. Don’t worry; we’ll justify our picks shortly, and you’ll understand everything that went into hand-picking these sites.

What we will say now is that all the sportsbooks you’ll find on this page have been weighed and measured time and time again.

As a result of this extensive selection process, we’ve listed only the brands that have proven to be trusted and reliable.

All of our recommended sites are Canada-friendly, which means that all Canadian bettors can play at these establishments legally. What’s more, most of these sportsbooks are oriented toward Canadian mainstream sports, like hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer.

So what do we look for in NBA betting websites? Numerous factors were considered, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which of those is most important to you.

Safety and Legitimacy

Our readers’ safety is paramount to us, which is why we start our reviews by checking out the site’s legitimacy. If you’re worried that the sportsbook will steal your money or trick you in some other way — don’t be. We’ve been in this business long enough to recognize a shady operator when we see one.

  • Reputable gambling licence — The first thing we check is whether a particular betting site has a licence issued by a legitimate regulator. If the site has a proper licence, we know that players will be protected from any attempts of fraud.
  • State-of-the-art security measures — After ensuring that the sportsbook conducts its business according to industry standards, we proceed to phase two — testing the site’s security measures. The best NBA betting sites use SSL encryption and advanced firewalls to repel hacker attacks and keep players’ personal and financial information hidden from unauthorized personnel.
  • Stellar reputation — Finally, we take a sneak peek into major player review portals to see what kind of status the sportsbook has among users. If the operator has mistreated its users, there are traces of that on the internet, and you can be sure that we’ll find them.

While searching for trusted NBA betting sites, we also consider:

  • How long the company has been in the business
  • 3rd party accreditation
  • Has the sportsbook teamed up with world-class sports organizations

Promotional Package

Every NBA betting site looks to boost its customer base, and the most effective way of doing so is via bonuses and promotions. When ranking NBA bonuses, we do the math. We compare the bonus offers on numerous betting sites and read the T&C of each provided gift. Our analysis considers both the quality and quantity, with particular regard to the welcome package for newcomers.

Our recommended sportsbooks also have a slew of promos for existing customers. These may not be as sizable as the sign-up offers but could give you a sweet bankroll boost nonetheless.

When wagering requirements attached to the bonuses are stringent, it is virtually impossible for players to win anything. That’s why we made sure to list only sportsbooks with relaxed playthrough requirements.

Market Variety

A sportsbook is only as good as its betting portfolio. Therefore we list only operators with a versatile selection of NBA markets. From straight bets to totals, point spreads and futures, you won’t miss a beat of action regardless of which of our recommended sites you join.

The real fun usually starts in the playoffs, when most NBA betting sites release an exciting player and team props. You’ll also have plenty of in-play betting options and futures related to post-season awards and individual accolades.

Quality of Odds

This is one of the most significant factors in choosing an NBA betting site. Even the slightest difference in odds could help you score some extra profits, especially if you’re a high roller. Seasoned bettors probably know how to shop for the most profitable odds on the market, but this task could be tricky for rookies. There’s nothing to worry about — at, we promote online betting brands that consistently provide higher odds than the industry average.

Live NBA Betting

The dynamic, fast-paced nature of the NBA makes it ideal for live betting. Given that each team has many possessions and the score can swing back and forth quickly, you could hit it big with NBA live bets. It doesn’t matter if you are running late for the race; you can still make the big bucks. The best NBA betting sites offer thousands of live markets, and the odds on these games often exceed those offered pre-match.

Virtually every sportsbook listed on this page has a top-notch live betting platform, with hundreds of markets available for every game.

Live Streaming

Being able to watch the NBA action as it unfolds is an essential component of live NBA betting. We know how convenient it is to follow the games and place bets on them from the same platform, which is why sportsbooks with a live streaming service usually get bonus ranking points from our review staff.

Design and Navigation

In this day and age, you should be able to navigate NBA betting sites smoothly. We pay special attention to the responsiveness of the website as well as the overall user experience. The menus, betting offers, and all the relevant features should be organized tidily. The layout must be clutter-free so that you can reach your desired destination within seconds.

If you plan to bet on NBA regularly, you surely don’t want to get stuck with a website that costs you too much time whenever you intend to use it. You can rest assured that you won’t encounter such problems on any of our sites.

Mobile Compatibility

Sometimes, NBA betting opportunities may arise when you’re commuting from work or shopping for groceries. And by the time you come home, the opportunity may be gone for good. That’s where mobile betting comes in handy.

All the big names in the industry have mobile-compatible platforms, optimized for a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and even Blackberry. There’s nothing more exciting than being able to place bets on the go, and with sportsbooks from our page, you can do just that.

Transaction Speed

We see a lot of bettors complaining about the speed of payouts. Sometimes, it takes forever to receive your hard-earned cash. That’s why our team has taken matters into their own hands and found NBA betting sites with the fastest withdrawal speeds in sports betting. If you decide to bet on these sites, you’ll get your winnings within a few days, tops.

Betting Limits

Most bettors don’t have an issue with this. However, if you’re a high roller who plans on placing huge stakes, you’ll want your sportsbook to be able to handle your betting limits and allow you to place huge bets without disrupting your betting strategy. All of our NBA betting sites allow for a versatile range of betting options and can accommodate bettors of all tastes and play styles.

Legal BettingIn theory, sports betting and online gambling in Canada are legal only if you’re playing on domestic betting sites. However, the laws governing online gambling in the Great White North are outdated and vague, so many Canadians turn to overseas sportsbooks. We have yet to hear of a case where a Canadian bettor was charged or prosecuted for betting on offshore gambling sites.

With all this in mind, you can play on our recommended sportsbooks without worry. While they’re not situated in Canada, these brands are licensed by international regulatory bodies, like the UKGC, MGA, Curacao, and so forth. The bottom line — is they’re legal and safe to play on.

How to Start Betting on NBA in Canada

If you’re having trouble finding your way around NBA betting sites, don’t worry, we’ll teach you the ropes. Just follow our lead, and you’ll be making profits from your NBA predictions in no time.

Signup To A Sportsbook With NBA Markets

Browse through our list and find a betting site that suits your preferences.

Once you get to the sportsbook’s website, start the registration process.

Fill out the registration form (username, full name, address, email, and so on)

Verify your account if needed.

Make A Deposit

Log into your account and go to the Cashier.

Hit the Deposit tab and select one of the available payment options. Input the amount you want to deposit and finalize the payment.

Make A NBA Bet

Go to the betting lobby and choose ‘NBA’ from the list of offered sports.

Select the betting market and type in the amount you wish to wager.

The National Basketball Association

The NBA (National Basketball Association) features 30 teams split into two conferences — east and west. The teams are further divided into six divisions, with five teams each.

The NBA regular season kicks off in the last week of October and lasts until April. Each of the teams plays 82 games, 41 at home and 41 away.

Once the regular season concludes, eight teams with the best record from each conference advance to the NBA playoffs. The teams play best-of-seven series throughout the playoffs, and the winning teams of both conferences face each other in the NBA finals, competing for the Larry O’Brien’s Championship trophy.

Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are the most successful teams with 17 championships each.

Different Types of NBA Bets

One reason why it’s so fun to bet on the NBA is that sportsbooks have a wide range of bets to offer. There are hundreds of betting markets available for every game, so you should be able to find plenty of opportunities to score some easy cash.

Here’s a brief overview of the most popular types of NBA wagers.

Straight Bets (Moneyline)

This is where it all starts for most bettors. Straight bets revolve around the most basic prediction — which team will win an NBA game? That’s it. It makes no difference if the team you placed bets on wins by 10, 20 or 50 points, as you’ll get paid the same amount regardless of the winning margin. If there is a massive difference in the money line odds, the sportsbooks are predicting a blowout.

Point Spread (Handicap)

In most NBA games, one team is favoured over the other. To balance the playing field, sportsbooks have introduced the concept of handicap or point spread. With it, the bookie ‘handicaps’ the favourite while giving the underdog a head start. The point spread bet on the favourite will win if the favourite wins by more points than the spread indicates. On the other hand, if you bet on the underdog, it needs to lose by less than the spread or win the game straight up.

Totals (Over/Under)

With over/under, bettors must predict whether the number of points from both teams will be above or below the predetermined value. Let’s take a game between the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat and assume that the books have set a 224.5 threshold for the totals market. That would mean that the combined total points scored must be 223 or less for you to win an under bet. Conversely, an over bet on the same game would win if both teams scored 225 or more points.

Props (Specials)

Prop or proposition bets are bets made on whether or not some occurrence will happen in an NBA game. These wagers are not directly tied to the outcome of the contest. An example of a props bet is to predict which team will pass the 20-point mark first. Or something like Is James Harden going to score ten 3s? Props usually require more luck than skill, which is why they’re ideal for recreational bettors.


Futures bets are just like they sound — bets on something that’s going to happen sometime in the future. In the case of the NBA, you can place a wager on which team is going to win the playoffs, division winners, as well as individual awards like Most Valuable Player (MVP), Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and so on. Futures are popular among bettors because they last longer and have outstanding odds. For a mere $1, you could net thousands of dollars on the prediction of a long-shot future.

NBA Betting Bonuses

Each NBA betting site offers various bonuses and promos designed to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Coming in many forms and sizes, these incentives can significantly boost your NBA betting budget, thus providing more chances of winning.

Here are the most common types of bonuses you’ll come across in NBA sportsbooks:

Welcome Bonuses

These promotions are the bread and butter of the entire iGaming industry. Welcome, or sign-up offers are aimed at new customers, and represent a housewarming gift the sportsbook gives for joining its ranks. Via the welcome bonus, the sportsbook will usually match the first deposit you make on the site, up to a particular value. For instance, if you deposit $100, the site will reward you with an additional $100 of bonus money to bet with.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the only free gift NBA bettors can get on a betting site. These bonuses come entirely free of charge, and the only requirement you need to pass to qualify is to register. The awarded sum is usually low, but the offer is excellent nonetheless.

Cashback Promos

Cashback promos come in various shapes, but they all work by the same principle — giving bettors a percentage of their lost stakes. The refund usually comes in the form of free bets and is subject to the website’s terms and conditions. A great example of an NBA cashback promo would be If the game between the Lakers and the Heat ends in a tie, you’ll get up to $20 of your wager back.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are fundamentally the same as the aforementioned welcome bonuses; only the boosted percentage is smaller. For instance, the sportsbook would match your fifth deposit by 30% up to $100 via a reload bonus.

NBA Betting Tips

TipsIf you want to be a successful NBA bettor, you need to pay attention to a couple of factors.

It goes without saying that you must do thorough research for each game because making uneducated, random guesses won’t get you anywhere.

Here are a couple of basic strategies and tips that could help you get over the hump:

  • Stay on top of the news: You should keep a close eye on any newsbreak in NBA circles. If a superstar from your team is going through a rough patch in his personal life, it will probably affect his performance on the court. Even the smallest, most mundane things could affect your predictions.
  • Follow injury reports: Unfortunately, injuries and illnesses are unavoidable in sports and can have a considerable impact on the betting market. If the star player from your squad has suffered a major injury, you should probably avoid betting on that team, at least until he recovers.
  • Manage your bankroll: Choose a suitable betting budget, and stick to it. We know how tempting it can be to place ‘just one more’ bet, especially when you&rsquorsquo;re on a losing streak, but if you’re continually chasing losses, you could easily slip into gambling addiction. If you go on a cold streak, it’s best to call it a day and come back tomorrow with a refreshed state of mind.

NBA Betting in Conclusion

This is the end of the line, folks. You have now learned pretty much everything there is to know about NBA betting. It’s now up to you to do your homework. Researching and analyzing your picks is the only way to becoming a successful bettor.

There are many NBA betting sites in Canada, and we narrowed them down to a handful, offering a superior quality of service. Regardless of the sportsbook you chose, you’ll undoubtedly have tons of betting options at your disposal.

Good luck, and always gamble responsibly!

NBA Betting FAQ

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