How Edge defined a WWE generation

Where WWE is heading these days makes you wonder where they go wrong every single week and where their creative planning is messing up. But one argument that we often ignore is the very fact that the current generation is often expected to deliver lofty standards- those that remind fans of the famous Attitude Era of wrestling.

Every fan that has grown up watching WWE dreams about the return of that era when every match worth every minute. Perhaps those expectations make it seem all the worse sometimes. But what WWE lack today is the creative maneuvering to make the current batch of wrestlers like what Edge used to be.

The famous Canadian from Toronto had an aura about him. WWE had built a reputation about something for characters like him through long-term story writing. Him and Christian were memorable parts of the WWE’s invention of the Tables-Ladders-Chairs matches that involved the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz.

In a vast majority of these matches, Edge and Christian came out on top. While that was always a tough decision to make considering how terrific the other two teams were, but it was Edge’s abilities in matches like these that defined that era.

The frightening spear that he delivered to the rainbow-haired Jeff Hardy from about 20 metres in the air on Wrestlemania X7 has gone down to be one of the iconic moments of the WWE. While Hardy has always been known to arguably be the most death-defying wrestler in history, Edge’s ability to pull that off made it look like a scintillating moment involving two superb performers.

While it were the Hardyz who were known to be the more ladder friendly team, Edge was adept at everything. He wasn’t just good with the chair or the table, he was exceptional with ladders too. Edge has competed in the third most number of ladder matches in WWE history and along with Jeff, is synonymous with the very mention of the name of that match.

Edge had that charisma that could make him an excellent and lovable face or a despicable and hated heel like he was for most of his career after the Attitude Era. Not all wrestlers can do that. It requires something special and Edge had that. Surprisingly enough, Edge retired as a face and enjoyed a very impressive period of his career as a face during the Attitude Era with Christian.

The rivalries he went onto have with babyfaces like the Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H and Jeff Hardy himself shows how much of an accomplished wrestler he was. He could do anything a creative team would want him to do. He would settle into any role that they would want and he’d perform that role to perfection. That is a very unique quality to have- something WWE really need in today’s wrestlers.

Roman Reigns- the man who’s pushed consistently over others, can’t do it. Dean Ambrose has left for AEW already. But the only man who can do it and is in the Edge mould is Seth Rollins. WWE have already come close to capitalising that potential.

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