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Author Dusan is a long-term writer here at Betting.ca, sharing his thoughts on various online sportsbooks and casinos, telling readers how to bet on specific sports and games, writing local betting guides, making instruction pages on deposit and withdrawal options, and more. Being a sports fan and an occasional gambler, he writes his pieces with the passion and knowledge necessary to introduce curious Canadians to the exciting world of iGaming. Dusan started watching sports at an early age, with basketball and soccer being his favourites. Apart from sports, he always showed interest in mathematics and statistics, so he was just waiting for the opportunity to get involved with sports betting once he was old enough. He was amazed at all the different betting opportunities, ranging from surefire outcomes to astronomical odds. Once online betting became a thing, Dusan immediately switched to making wagers from the comfort of his home and exploring the vast field of options. This is where he started to notice that not every sportsbook is the same and that there are some clear indications as to why a particular betting site would do better than others. He saw the same thing with online casinos, which he also frequented to play his favourite games — slots, blackjack, and video poker. After more than a decade of experience in the industry, Dusan has gathered enough knowledge to guide other aspiring players in their search for the right platform. To him, every minor detail matters, from slight shifts in in-play lines to the last update of a sports betting app. Dusan’s reviews will give you all the essential information on a given operator from an unbiased perspective. He has no fear of mentioning both the positive and the negative aspects of a given site. All the brands that he writes about here on Betting.ca were cherry-picked by him after a thorough analysis. The most important thing to him is that a gambling site is safe and legal. He can only analyze things like market/game selection, bonuses and promotions, desktop and mobile user experience, banking procedures, and other specifics after confirming that. As the iGaming industry continues its rapid expansion in Canada, Betting.ca will keep growing, so you can expect a new set of Dusan’s insightful pieces almost every week. When he’s not betting, testing the latest online casino games, watching NBA games, or writing about all these things, Dusan likes spending time outdoors. His main hobbies are hiking, photography, and barbecuing with his friends and family. Oh, and feel free to reach out to him if you want to participate in his basketball fantasy leagues.

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