Golden State Warriors Dominate Game 6 – Force Game 7

May 27, 2018 by Ava Tremblay
Stephen Curry taking a three-point shot as Warriors defeat Houston to force game 7

It was game on last night as the Golden State Warriors took on the Houston Rockets in Game 6. For the Warriors, it was win or go home. For the Rockets, the chance to win the Western Conformance.

The Warriors, in the last three years, have gone to the NBA Finals three times, and with the chance to make it four, it is hard to deny the determination in their eyes last night after they destroyed the Houston Rockets 115-86, leaving few to say this is a team anything but dynamic, strong and still in the race.

Game 6 got off to a rocky start for the Warriors in the first quarter, they re-grouped and dominated the remainder of the game making shot after shot and executing perfect defence to stop the league’s best, James Harden from gaining the upper hand.

The Warriors are without a doubt a talented team, but going up and down seems to be their way, and for Stephen Curry, he is unsure why that is saying,

“It’s kind of what we do.” The key is to not foul and turn the ball over.

Golden State’s Klay Thompson scored 35 points last night and earned nine three-pointers to help the Warriors come back from a deficit of 17 points to force the Western Conference into game 7. Also having a spectacular night was Stephen Curry, who scored 29 points and nailed five three-pointers. This seems to be the trend this year with the Cav’s and Celtics also heading to Game 7 to decide the Eastern Conference.

Commenting after the game, Thompson said,

“I guess you could say I was born for it.”


With Houston’s Chris Paul out with a hamstring injury, much of the work fell on the shoulders of James Harden, who scored 32 points and earned nine assists but for the Rockets, it wasn’t enough.

Durant was off somewhat last night but still added 23 points for the Warriors as they fought hard to keep their chances of making the finals alive. Golden State outscored the Houston Rockets 55 to 20 during the second half in what appeared to be a team that lost its way.

Klay Thompson had one of his best performances of the post-season last night and was a big part of the reason Golden State are on their way to Game 7. The night was eerily similar to the Western Conference finals in 2016 when Thompson scored 41 points and was instrumental in forcing game 7 against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Steve Kerr, coach for Golden State, in post-game interviews, speaking about Thompson said,

“I thought Klay was amazing tonight, not just the 35 points and the nine 3s but his defence, the guy’s a machine. He’s just so fit physically. He seems to thrive in these situations.”

>After suffering the loss and being dominated by the Warriors, for Houston, all that matters is Game 7 and winning. The Rockets will have home court advantage going into Game 7, but for James Harden, nothing changes.

“We know what we have to do, we’re still confident. We’re a confident group. We’ve just got one chance.”

Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Final takes place tomorrow at 9 pm at the Toyota Center. Whether Chris Paul will be given the green light and the Rockets will have their star player back on the court is unknown, but one thing is certain, both teams will come out fighting for the win and the chance to go to the NBA Finals.

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