Bruins' Milan Lucic Enters Not Guilty Plea Over Spouse Assault

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Milan Lucic arrested for alleged assault on his wife


  • Boston Bruins center Milan Lucic was arrested for alleging assaulting his wife
  • Lucic entered a not guilty plea at the Boston Municipal Court
  • Bruins have confirmed that Lucic has taken an indefinite leave of absence

Milan Lucic who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia established himself as one of the top hockey players in the NHL over the years. Lucic won the Memorial Cup in Western Hockey League when he played with the Vancouver Giants and winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in 2007 when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

Lucic who is 6-foot-3 and weighs over 230 pounds joined the Boston Bruins in 2023 for a second stint as he was part of the Bruins back in 2007. Some of the other teams he has represented in the NHL include the Los Angeles Kings, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers.

Lucic Enters Not Guilty Plea For Assault

Milan Lucic has made headlines during the last couple of days as news broke of his arrest in Boston, Massachusetts. A police report filed at the Boston Municipal Court shows that they were summoned to Lucic’s house in the early hours of 18 Nov and were informed by Lucic’s wife Brittany Carnegie that he had turned violent.

She told police that Lucic returned home drunk after having a night out and wanted to know where his phone was. He got really angry when he could not find his phone and turned his anger towards her.

The police report said

The victim stated that she did not have his cell phone and did not know where it was located. She stated that she attempted to walk away from her husband, and stated that the suspect grabbed her by her hair and pulled her backwards. She stated that in doing so, the suspect stated to her that she was not going anywhere.

Bruins Confirm Indefinite Leave Of Absence

The authorities arrested Lucic over battery and assault charges on a family member which could see him get up to a max of 30 months of prison time, if found guilty. Lucic and his legal team filed a not guilty plea on Nov 21 at the Boston Municipal Court.

His pre-trial hearing will take place on Jan 19, 2024. The Boston Bruins release a statement and confirmed that Lucic has requested an indefinite leave of absence from the NHL while he looks to get his life back together.

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