Alexander Zverev Wins the ATP Masters 1000 Final in Paris

November 9, 2020 by Doug Hirdle
Alexander Zverev poses with his trophy after winning ATP Masters 1000 final in Paris on Sunday.

The start of the finals at the ATP Masters 1000 title in Paris was looking good for Alexander Zverev, and it appeared that he was on his way to winning the title. That was until Daniil Medvedev got focused and took control of the match and never looked back.

After losing the first set 5-7, and going down 3-4 in the second set, Daniil Medvedev went on to win the next nine games. That saw Medvedev winning the second set 6-4 and dominating the tiebreaking set 6-1 to win the Paris ATP Masters 1000 title, After the match, in front of an empty stadium expect for the media, Medvedev said,

“It’s great, I’m really happy. As I always say I don’t celebrate after the match, but I’m really happy to win matches. Before the tournament I was not in my best form, playing not so bad but zero titles in 2020.”

Medvedev added that prior to the event, he had been complaining to his wife about his performance this season and that he had failed to make it to the finals in his previous nine events. While Medvedev is ranked third in the world overall, it was Zverev who went into the final on a 12 match winning streak with two wins in Cologne, Germany. On top of that, Alexander Zverev has a 5-1 track record when playing against Medvedev.


After the match got underway, Zverev managed to take the lead after the two traded breaks throughout the first set. The second set seemed destined to go Zverev until at the midway point, he faltered and watched at Medvedev tied the set and eventually won.

The third and tiebreaking set was Medvedev doing what he does best. He kept the ball on the court and put Zverev through his paces. The win was Medvedev’s eighth title in his career and his third ATP Masters 1000 win.

“Finally, I’m the winner of Bercy, a tournament that I love, first title in France, three Masters titles, just super happy. Hopefully I can continue this style of game.”

In other tennis news, Alexander Zverev has claimed to be still smiling at what he describes as a great time in his life. This comes after the tennis star was accused by an ex-girlfriend of domestic abuse, while another claimed he is the father of her unborn child.

Zverev responded to the claims made by his ex-girlfriend, Olga Sharypova, stating her claims are unfounded and that the accusation made him sad. While responding, Zverev also announced that another ex-girlfriend, Brenda Patea was pregnant with his child. The model has said she has zero communication with Zverev and has no intentions of sharing custody of their unborn child.

In response to the allegations and Patea’s comments, Zverev released a statement saying,

“I know that right now there are a lot of people who will be trying to wipe a smile off my face, but I’m still smiling under this mask. Everything’s great on the court and off the court. Everything is great in my life, I’m going to be a father soon. Those who are trying (to wipe a smile off his face) can keep trying but I’m still smiling, you just can’t see under the mask.”

Earlier this week, Zverev reiterated that he is innocent of the claims made by Sharypova and confirmed he is enjoying his time on the court. While Sharypova did not come out and state that Zverev is the father, she did eventually admit this in a statement to Russian media while also noting that Zverev struck her head against a wall during their relationship.

Zverev, while attempting damage control, shrugged off the comments as an attempt to bring him down. Speaking in response to Sharypova’s claims, Zverev said,

“For a professional athlete there are always going to be people who try to wipe the smile off your face. So they can keep trying. I’m still smiling. We will see how it goes with London. I’m happy with my tennis. I just need to maybe recover a little bit physically. I was tired (against Medvedev). At the end of the second set I was tired. I was dead. The third set was always going to be very difficult for me.”

Zverev will next play in the ATP Tour Finals in London. For punters, the news and press coverage of the accusations could have an impact with oddsmakers, even after Zverev’s performance in Paris. That could see the oddmakers not placing as much confidence in the German in the upcoming Finals in London and could be idea information for punters placing bets with leading bookmakers offering action on the ATP Tour.

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