How about Betting on Worldwide Lotteries


Many online bettors will stick to placing the very same type of wagers whenever they are in a betting mood, and whilst this can often result in a winning session, when things are just not going your way and you have a succession of losing wagers placing bets on your usual types of sporting events it can drive even the most level headed sports bettor mad!

However if you have found yourself placing many losing bets recently then how about forgetting your usual type of bets and wagers and instead look at some different ways of placing a wager online, one way in which you can do just that is by placing a lottery type of bet which are offered at many of our featured betting sites.

One betting site that we can highly recommend and one that actually has the largest range of lottery type bets on offer is the BetFred betting site and below we have listed range of their available lottery bets and also listed are the odds on you correctly predicting a certain number of numbers drawn out of the listed lottery machine.

Be aware that when you place an online lottery type wager you are not forced to pick a certain number of selections you can pick from just one number onwards, however the more numbers you can predict the better you winning payouts can and will become.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are not forced to pay a set amount to place a lottery type wager at the BetFred betting site for you are free to place as much or as little as you wish to gamble on these types of worldwide lottery bets!

  • Euro Millions Lottery Bet Pick just one number from the main set of numbers drawn out of the Euro Millions machine and you will be paid out at odds of 8/1. Should you correctly guess two numbers which are drawn out of the Euro Millions machine and you will be paid out at odds of 100/1! Three, four or five numbers correctly predicted by you will see you being paid out at odds of an impressed 1000/1, 25000/1 and a whopping 150000/1 respectively!
  • Canadian Lottery Bet – How about having a bet on the Canadian Lottery? If you do and you can correctly pick the numbers to be drawn out then depending on how many you correctly predict some rather large winning payouts can be awarded to you. For picking one, two, three four or five numbers correctly from those drawn out of the lottery machine but not including the bonus ball then you will be paid out at odds of 6/1, 66/1, 700/1,10000/1 and 100000/1 respectively.

If you do visit the BetFred betting site then you will find plenty of other lotteries available to be bet on and these lotteries include the Greece National Lottery, the Irish National Lottery and the German National Lottery.

Always keep in mind that lottery bets will have a maximum payout limit attached to them when placed online and as such always make sure your staked amount is not going to take you over that limit and place your stakes accordingly so as not to lose out!

Author Milica is a keen sports enthusiast , she often contributes to as well as other sites. Milica enjoys betting on varies events such as sports and others.