Dina Petkovic

Author Dina is one of the newest members of our growing Betting.ca team. Her extensive knowledge of the global iGaming scene helps her craft insightful and detailed operator reviews and the latest news on the ever-evolving Canadian online gambling landscape. Aside from being an avid slots player, Dina finds time in her busy schedule for yoga, swimming, reading, and watching movies. She embarked on a professional content writing career five years ago but has followed the iGaming scene much longer. Even though she is an Italian language professor by training, her interests crafted new and exciting paths career-wise. It all started with her love for movies that introduced her to land-based casinos with flashing lights, enticing her to start exploring the gambling world. As a former professional swimmer, Dina always showed interest in global swimming competitions. That passion quickly expanded to other individual and team sports, most notably soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and motorsports. One thing led to another, and she learned all about sports betting quickly. One thing that caught Dina’s attention was the possibility of placing sports wagers online without leaving home. From that moment, she saw an opportunity to bring passionate sports fans closer to the concept of online gambling, which allowed her to find her voice as a detail-oriented content writer. Although she can be nitpicky sometimes, it’s hardly a flaw. The attention to detail allows her to scour the web, do thorough research, and craft an unbiased review of an online sports betting site. She isn’t afraid to point out the weaknesses that can help fellow bettors save money and precious time. Dina has been following the North American online gambling scene for quite some time, staying on top of the latest news and informing her readers about new developments. Being Canadian, she quickly switched her focus to her country’s growing gambling market, with provinces taking action and establishing a legal online gambling scene. The introduction of industry-leading sports betting operators to Canada means Dina can do what she loves — explore new sports betting brands, perform in-depth research of betting markets, odds, and bet types, and present her readers with objective reviews of the best sites. After years of hands-on experience in the field, Dina understands the importance of access to licensed and secure sports betting sites that care for their members. She also knows that a successful sportsbook must feature exciting betting opportunities and competitive odds to attract new users. Her high-quality content on Betting.ca primarily focuses on sportsbook reviews where she shares professional advice and unbiased opinions on many different sports betting operators. She also covers sports betting-related news, allowing Betting.ca readers to stay up to date with the latest trends. So, if you want to learn about the creme de la creme of sports betting in Canada, don’t miss Dina’s reviews. Check out Betting.ca and learn everything there is about the growing iGaming scene.