Greyhound Racing Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

Greyhound Racing

Introduction: Greyhound racing is similar to horse racing but is not as popular because it is banned in a number of countries. The countries that do permit greyhound racing are currently Australia, the United States, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Macau and the United Kingdom.

Greyhound racing is a competitive sport where greyhound dogs race around a track to see which dog comes in first. Greyhound racing is done both at an amateur level as well as a professional and competitive sport. There are two types of greyhound racing – coursing and track racing.

Track racing is the most popular form of greyhound racing as greyhounds chase an artificial lure across an oval track till they cross the finish line. Course racing involves greyhounds chasing a live lure such as a rabbit which could be captured and killed by the greyhound in the end.

You may now be wishing to get stuck into placing all manner of different types of Greyhound bets online, and if this is the case we have taken a long hard look at every single online betting site to allow us to present to you those betting sites offering the best Greyhound betting markets with the best odds along with the most generous betting bonus offers, and these top-rated sites are listed below for you.

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With hundreds of Greyhound races running each day you will need to secure the best odds and the best value from all of your wagers, and by taking advantage of as many of the above special offers as you can you will certainly be getting lots of value! Please do double-check any betting sites bonus offer is still valuable as they can often change at very short notice, and to find out if any such offer is still up for grabs just visit the website of any of our top-rated Greyhound betting sites listed above as that is where all of the details of each new player bonus can be found.

Greyhound racing takes place on a regular basis in countries where it is not banned. Greyhound racing does not receive a lot of television coverage as it is a controversial sport. Some of the top greyhound tournaments in the world are the English Greyhound Derby and the Coronation Cup.

Greyhound Racing Betting in Canada

While many people believe that Greyhound racing in Canada is illegal, it is not the case as greyhound racing is not banned but unlegislated. This means that you can race greyhounds but you cannot actually bet on them in the country.

However, there are numerous sports betting websites such as William Hill, Paddy Power, 888 Sports, Betfair and Bet365 that offer greyhound betting. These sports betting websites offer both online and mobile betting services which are compatible with iOS and Android platforms to enable players who want to bet on the go. Some of the different types of greyhound bets include forecast, tricast and outright winner. Sports betting websites also offer virtual greyhound racing.

Greyhound Racing Opposition

There are a number of animal welfare and animal rights groups that continue to oppose greyhound racing on the basis of animal cruelty. There are some groups who allege that greyhounds are being doped in order to enhance their performance during racing.

Some of the other allegations include greyhounds being kept in poor conditions, culling of greyhounds once they are no longer competitive, teeth problems and poor maintenance resulting in problems with ticks and parasites. The National Greyhound Association has taken steps to ban and revoke the licenses of greyhound track owners who allow drugged greyhounds to compete.

Greyhound Racing in Canada

Greyhound racing takes place across Canada but no betting is allowed. Greyhound racing is particularly popular in the lower mainland of British Columbia. However, it is not easy to find and watch a live greyhound amateur racing event in Canada as there is very little information available on Google.

Greyhound Betting Tips

  • Read as much as you can about greyhound racing and the particular greyhound you want to bet on;
  • If you are new to greyhound betting, place small wagers on the greyhound with the best odds.

The one aspect about betting on Greyhounds that can often overwhelm any gambler is the fact that there are races being run every few minutes, and as such it is often the case that you need to take a step back and carefully select the best betting opportunities offered at any one Greyhound track before you start placing your wagers.

The major benefit of placing wagers on any Greyhound race online, more so at any of our featured betting sites listed below is that not only will you be able to access and place a very wide range of Greyhound bets, often with the best odds in the betting industry being offered, but many of those sites listed also offer unique features regarding betting on Greyhounds.

For example, a couple of our top-rated Greyhound betting sites will present to you a deep analysis of each Greyhound’s previous form in races it has recently run and as such you are able to carefully study this form and hopefully select the dogs with the best chances of winning.

Also, you will find many of our featured betting sites now give you the ability to watch Greyhound races live on their websites, as they have web streaming facilities, and as such you will never have to visit a Greyhound track to watch your selections running, just log into your betting account and launch the live video or audio stream and you will be able to watch or at the very least hear commentary on each Greyhound race you have chosen to bet on!

Greyhound Betting Events

The major betting events surrounding the sport of Greyhound races are the locally held Greyhound Derby that every major dog track holds. You will find they run often over several weeks or even months and as such the earlier you place your wagers the better the odds on offer.

For details of the entire up-and-coming major Greyhound racing betting events then check out our range of betting sites below as they will all offer you exclusive and occasionally overpriced odds on all of these major Greyhound betting events and Greyhound Derby!

Types of Greyhound Bets

You will find a fairly standard array of betting opportunities on offer on all future Greyhound races, and as such you can back a dog to win, bet on it being placed in any up-and-coming race, or if you want to try for some bigger winning payouts and returns then opt to place an Exacta bet where you need to pick the first and second finishers in the correct order or even try a Tricast bet which will see you having to pick the first, second and third-placed dogs in any one Greyhound race on the correct order.

Greyhound Betting FAQ

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