Tristan Thompson Gets 25 Game Suspension From NBA For Failed Drug Test

Tristan Thompson


  • Canada’s Tristan Thompson will miss the next 25 games for the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • The 32 year old was banned after violating the NBA’s anti-drug program
  • NBA fans get critical on social media saying the suspension is too weak 

The NBA has confirmed via a post on social media platform X that they have issued Tristan Thompson who plays as a centre for the Cleveland Cavaliers a 25 game suspension.

The decision was made after Thompson was found to have violated the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program.

What Drugs Did Tristan Thompson Use?

Tristan Thompson is a Canadian basketball player who was born in Brampton, Canada and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in Sep 2023 on a one year contract. This is Thompson’s second stint with the Cavaliers as he helped them win an NBA Championship back in 2016 and has spent most of his career playing for the Cavaliers.

Prior to re-joining the Cavaliers, Thompson has played for a number of top teams in the NBA including the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. Things have not turned out so well for Thompson in his new stint with the Cavaliers as a failed drug test will see him miss the next 25 games.

Thompson who will turn 33 in March failed a drug test after it showed he tested positive for SARM LGD-4033 and ibutamoren. These two drugs are known for boosting growth hormone, muscle strength and helping with lean body mass. These drugs are commonly referred to as PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and give the athlete and unfair advantage over the rest of the competition. 

Thompson did not play during the 2022-2023 season and was trying to establish himself with the Cavs this season but wasn’t at his best. He played in 36 games this season and was averaging around 12. 4 minutes per game.

NBA Fans Disappointed With Weak Suspension 

NBA fans took to different social media platforms to express their disappointment with Tristan Thompson being suspended for just 25 games. A number of fans thought that the NBA needed to be a lot harsher with their penalties for failed drug tests in order to send a clear message to all NBA players and let them know that there was no room for PED’s in the game. 

Some fans claim that Thompson will soon claim that his failed drug test was due to a tainted supplement, a standard claim that a lot of athletes who get caught for PED’s tend to make.

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