Seattle Seahawks Come From Behind to Win Fourth Straight Victory

Seattle Seahawks scramble for the ball last night to come from behind and claim victory over the Minnesota Vikings

The Seattle Seahawks are on fire this season and were behind against the Minnesota Vikings going into the final stretch, but that was not to remain after coming from behind with two touchdowns late in the game to earn their fourth straight win beating the Vikings 21-7 on Monday night.

The first three quarters were not favourable for the Seattle Seahawks, but after three unproductive quarters, Seattle came from behind to score two touchdowns and sweep the Minnesota Vikings 21-7. Seattle is now on the cusp of securing the NFC wild card spot and need only to win one of their next three games. If they do, it will see the Seahawks going to the post-season.

The first of the late quarter touchdowns came after Chris Carlson blocked Aneer Abduliah attempt at a field goal. This saw a flag called on the play against Bobby Wagner for illegally jumping over the line of scrimmage. This gave Minnesota first down, but it was one they failed to turn their game around on. Thereafter, it was the Vikings game and with 2:53 left in the fourth, Chris Carson scored a touchdown to put the Seahawks up by 12, and less than 20 seconds later, Justin Colman scooped up a loose ball and scored Seattle’s second touchdown of the game.

The Vikings failed to capitalize on scoring opportunities, and their chances in the NFC North are not looking good. By punters standards, it is a key factor in upcoming games, and even more so with bookmakers such as bet365, who are offering new players a golden opportunity thanks to a $200 welcome bonus, but they also are not favouring Minnesota to make the post-season, and this is something to take note of.

Seattle’s Bobby Wagner has been performing solidly this year and is ranked as one of the best linebackers this season. Whether his leap over the line of scrimmage was legal is up for interpretation, but using his teammates to add leverage was, and that gave him the advantage to block the kick, and it worked in Seattle’s favor.

After Seattle took possession, Russell Wilson ran for 40 yards, and five plays later, it was Chris Carson who found an opening in the scrimmage line to score a touchdown. It took only two more plays before Seattle’s Jacob Martin was sacked by Kirk Cousins. Picked up by Justin Colman, he took it to the end zone and that all but ended the game.

Seattle’s Russel Wilson has one of his worst nights in the NFL and only completed ten of his twenty passes earning only 72 yards. There was also a first quarter interception that left many baffled, but this was just one of multiple mistakes by Wilson last night. Still, Seattle’s game on the field outsmarted Minnesota, and the ended the game with 214 rushed yards.

While Minnesota did all they could to try to stem the Seahawk flow, they simply could not get the job done and were outplayed at every turn. The Seahawks will next face the San Francisco 49’s on Sunday, followed by the Kansas Chiefs on the 23rd.

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