Ontario's Kylie Masse Qualifies For Paris Olympics 2024

Kylie Masse

Sometimes, going back to the roots is the recipe for success. Canadian Kylie Masse is living proof that going back to the old approaches that she adopted in her early days as a swimmer truly pays off. 

Especially when you are having self-doubts with your performances, which was the case for the swimmer in the past couple of years.

Masse embraced her original routine, got back in top shape, and managed to deliver a flawless performance at the Olympic & Paralympic Trials on Wednesday night in Toronto. 

The Canadian won the women’s 100-metre backstroke in 57.94 seconds, a time that sent her straight on the list of qualified swimmers which includes Summer McIntosh for the upcoming Paris Games this summer.

“I Swim Better When I’m Relaxed”

Masse, who was born in LaSalle, Ontario, acknowledged that she swims a lot better when she is feeling relaxed, something that “goes full circle” to the start of her career when she “was just relaxed and enjoying it, racing”, and being with her friends.

Her relaxation helped her achieve the stellar performance that sent her inside the qualifying time for the Olympics

She will be joined by Calgary’s Ingrid Wilm who finished in second in 59.31, just over a half-second inside the qualifying time. 

Impressive Record

Masse made her debut at the Olympics in 2016 when she took home the bronze medal. Her first world title came one year later when she also set a world record.

During the Tokyo Games in 2021, the swimmer grabbed the silver medal in the 100 and 200 backstroke, along with a bronze medal in the 4×100 medley relay.

Her success also attracted a lot of pressure and expectations which impacted her and led to her tendency to “hyper-fixate” on her weaknesses. 

In 2022, the 28-year-old moved to Spain to train and get rid of her hyper-fixation issues. 

I feel a lot more settled now so I’m happy”, she explained. The crowd at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre watched her do her magic and record the only time under 60 seconds in the morning preliminary session.

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