Name Proposed For Halifax CFL Team Sets Off Online Debate

January 29, 2018 by Noah Gagnon

Halifax is one of the cities that the CFL is looking as a viable option for its expansion goals. The group behind the drive to get a CFL team in Halifax has set off a heated debate about its proposed name as it has a fiery resemblance to one of the provinces worst disasters, let alone Canada’s worst maritime disaster.

The idea of naming the team the Halifax Explosions was pitched on Twitter by CFL in Halifax, a Halifax based group that creates art with the purpose of generating discussion. The controversy over it comes as it makes reference to an explosion that devastated the city in 1917 that saw almost 2,000 perish.

While made without the intent to offend, the twitter post stated that,

“100 years ago a force was unleashed that made this city stronger, bigger, and more united than ever before. Now we channel that force onto the football field as we flatten all that stands in our way.”

It only took a short amount of time before criticisms began, and they have continued since its initial post.


One Twitter user replied,

“You want to profit off the deaths of 2,000 people? It’s in really poor taste”

Another commented tweeting,

“I grew up in Dartmouth and this is an absolutely asinine idea.”

The heated debate continued but saw some comments being creative in their references to the suggested poor name choice.

Twitter user, thenormalperson said,

“The Hiroshima Atoms, the Nagasaki Fallout, The California Embers, the Port-au-Prince Quakes. I hear the CFL is expanding to the U.S. with the New York 9-11s.”

CFL in Halifax was only attempting to find a name that sounded forceful, as in one to be reckoned with. The tweet included a picture of a helmet with flames, and this is where the debate got its start as it showed a cloud from a large explosion and skull. The point was to create a logo that related to Halifax’s history, but clearly others felt this could have been thought out a little more.

CLF in Halifax tweeted in response,

“The Halifax Explosions team concept is the manifestation of our history and our powerful culture. A sign to ur opponents that danger is on its way. And history will be made.”

The city was devastated by the explosion that resulted from the collision of two ships in its harbour. The explosion resulted in the loss of nearly 2000 lives and thousands more blinded and maimed. The group offered a number of other suggestions such as the Halifax Privateers, the Atlantic Fog, the Atlantic Schooners and the East Coast Kraken.

The CFL has confirmed it is involved in talks with a group in Halifax about a possible CFL franchise, which is at the preliminary stage, however there remains a number of questions. The mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage is excited by the prospect but will not commit any city money towards the expansion or building of a stadium preferring to focus city funds of a museum instead.

The one question that remains uncertain is if there is enough interest within the East Coast to support a CFL team. In addition, there are questions relating to support in the business community of Halifax. In 1982 Halifax was awarded a conditional CFL franchise but the group behind it were unable to secure financing for the stadium.

Any updates on this story will be reported as released. The CFL, while much smaller in stature than the NHL still generates a large volume of interest from Canadian football betters who follow the league. There are many sportsbooks that offer in-play CFL betting, and if Halifax is successful in its franchise bid, it is sure to add interest from bettors on the East Coast.

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