Andlauer Will Not Let Senators Fans Pressure Him Into Making Big Changes

Michael Andlauer and the Ottawa Senators


  • Ottawa Senators are currently 9-10 this season, leaving fans disappointed
  • New owner Michael Andlauer says he feels the frustration of the fans
  • Andlauer not willing to make any significant changes due to fan pressure

When the Ottawa Senators started the season, they were expected to make it to the playoffs as they had one of the stronger teams in the NHL at least on paper.

However, things haven’t gone well for the Senators and they now sit at the bottom of the Eastern conference points table.

Senators Fans Disappointed And Want Changes Made

The Senators were acquired by Michael Andlauer a Toronto billionaire for nearly $1 billion earlier this year. Andlauer hasn’t had a great start as the Senators currently have a 9-10 record this season as they haven’t performed as a team. 

The fans have been pretty vocal with their feelings and have booed and chanted at the Canadian Tire Centre letting Andlauer know that they want head coach D.J Smith sacked. Andlauer made a big change in November when GM Pierre Dorion was let go and he isn’t willing to give into the fans just yet and make another big change by sacking Smith.

In a statement, Andlauer said

I totally understand their angst. I do appreciate, and I love these fans, they are passionate. They have also gone six years without making the playoffs. Just like a new coach or whatever, you can’t be hasty in your decision making. You’ve got to do it right. The decisions we make have to be in the best interest for the Ottawa Senators long term, not just tomorrow.

Andlauer Not Going To Make Hasty Decisions

While Andlauer admits the performance of the Senators so far this season has been disappointing, he isn’t going to give into the pressure from the fans and make any hasty long-term decisions. He said it was still early in the season and for now they were making notes of the areas that they Senators needed to improve.

The Senators also need to find a replacement for Dorion and Andlauer is currently focused on getting that position filled. The Senators will also look to find a new home and move away from the Canadian Tire Centre after a few more years.

Andlauer said he will focus on learning more about what the fans want and providing the players and staff the best support they need in the immediate future.

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