Lexi Thompson wins LPGA’s Season Ending CME Group Tour Championship

November 18, 2018 by Noah Gagnon
Lexi Thompson kisses her trophy after winning the CME Group Tour Championship on Sunday in Naples, Florida

After finishing the third round three strokes ahead, Lexi Thompson started the final found with an advantage, and after the final hole was played, she earned her first win of the season. For Ariya Jutanugarn, she won everything else.

Thompson completed the final round at 18 under, four strokes ahead of second place Kelly Norda. The win gave Thompson her first of the year and her sixth year with consecutive wins on the LPGA Tour. It marks a milestone for Lexi Thompson as she extends her winning streak for having at least one win in consecutive years.

After finishing the 18th hole, Thompson spoke with the media stating,

“It’s very gratifying. This is such a special event for me in general, growing up in Florida. … It was just very gratifying.”

The next big star of the day was Ariya Jutanugarn, who took home the other big money prises that were up for grabs at the final event of the year. Her first was winning the CME Globe prize and with it, a $1 million bonus. The second was the Vare Trophy for placing first in the season’s scoring title. Ranked No. 1 in the world, she had always being awarded the Player of the Year trophy and finished the season with scoring average of 69.415.

Jutanugarn began the day at 6 under at the CME Group Tour Championship and managed to finish the final round at 12 under. Commenting, she said she was proud of herself, and that is was a great day. The day was not without drama for Jutanugarn after Canadian Brooke Henderson shot three birdies in the first seven holes and that put her in first for the global standings.


However, Jutanugarn retook the top spot after scoring four birdies over a six hole stretch halfway through the day. Yet, Jutanugarn it wasn’t until she birdied on the 14th hole that she clinched the title.

Thompson was able to pull away from Korda on the 13th hole. As both stepped up to the tee, it was Thompson who was ahead of Korda by two strokes, but it was Thompson was scored a birdie to pull ahead by four strokes after Korda shot a bogey.

Jutanugarn managed to finish the day with a fifteen foot put that earned her a birdie on her final hole of the season, and as the ball dropped into the hole, Jutanugarn may not have won the final stop on this year’s tour, but there was plenty to celebrate. Commenting, Jutanugarn said,

“It means so much to me because like to be honest, after 2016 I never expected anything. I feel like I achieve like too much already in my life, so I never think I can do anything more than that. So this year … just like unbelievable.”

Sundays win was the tenth in Thompson’s career. She took the lead on Friday, maintained it on Saturday and did the same on Sunday. It was a stellar weekend for the American player, who hails from Florida.

It was also one that was payback after losing last year when she missed a two foot put. It was a mistake that could break others, especially when it cost her the win, a no.1 rank and the honour of being the player of the year.

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