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Golf may not be as exciting or physically demanding as some of the other sports such as rugby, basketball or mixed martial arts but it still requires practice, skill and dedication to be successful. Over the years players such as Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus, Rory Mcllroy, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth have helped establish golf as a global sport.

The International Olympic Committee recognizes the International Golf Federation (IGF) as the governing body for world golf. Hundreds of golf tournaments take place throughout the year but the biggest tournaments are the Major Championships which are often referred to as the majors.

Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Golf

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We always enjoy selecting and introducing our website visitors to not only the best betting sites but also those that are offering the most generous betting bonuses and free bets. However be aware the Golf related free bets and bonuses above are subject to change at any time. So please check the respective website to double check that they are valid as they can and do chance at very short notice.

Golf in Canada

Golf is played on a course that has no standardized area and typically has either 9 or 18 holes. The game is played using a set of clubs and a golf ball and the idea is to take as few shots as possible to send the ball into each hole. There are a number of obstacles on each course, depending on where it is played and it is up to the players to stay clear of these obstacles. Golf returned to the 2016 Rio Olympics after a gap of 112 years and 120 players representing 41 countries participated.

The Masters Tournament takes place every April, the US Open in June, the Open Championship in July and the PGA Championship in August are a list of the major championships. Some of the other popular competitions include the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup and the World Golf Championships.

One of the reasons why golf has gained a lot of popularity during the last 20 years is due the amount of television coverage that it has received. The majors also reward the winners with large sums of money as the game is very well sponsored.

Canadian Betting: Golf

There are a number of Canadians who closely follow the game of golf and make regular bets on major golf tournaments. There are quite a few sports betting websites that offer golf betting to Canadians. Sports betting websites like Paddy Power, William Hill, Bet365, 888 Sports and Betfair offer online betting and mobile app betting services that are available for both Android and iOS users.

These sports betting websites offer different types of bets such as outright betting, to lift the cup, tournament specials and betting specials on top players such as Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods. There are different golf tours run by the Professional Golf Association (PGA) for men, women and senior golfers but it is mostly the men’s division which are covered by sports betting websites.

Golf Sports Betting Tips

  • Pay attention to the dates the majors are scheduled for and then keep tab of the top golfers playing the tournament
  • Take the time to research the performance of the player you want to bet on and see their performance at the last 5 tournaments they played at
  • Make use of in-play betting to hedge your bets

It is probably due to the fact that not only is the sport of Golf such a popular spectator sport but one that anyone can actually get involved in and play themselves whenever they get the urge to knock the ball about, that this is one of the most played, watched and bet on type of sporting activities in the world.

Should you enjoy playing or watching Golf then you will find that the numbers of betting opportunities that are available to you are massive, and as such you can spice up your viewing pleasure by placing many different bets on your own personal favourite Golfer!

In this section of the website we are going to show you when and where you can place any type of Golf bet and we will also introduce you to many of these bets and explain what they involve, so feel free to have a good look through the’s Guide to Golf Betting, and make sure you visit our top rated betting sites as there are plenty of free Golf bets currently available at each and every one of them!

Top Golf Betting Events

It would probably take us all day to list every possible Golf event that you can place wagers on! So with this in mind we thought we would give you an indication on which are some of the most bet on Golfing events in the Golf Calendar. Due to Golf being played all over the world you are always going to find a fixture up and running so you are always going to be able to place a wager no matter at what time of the year you wish to do so!

Some of the major betting events in the Golf calendar include the unusual Dick’s Sporting Goods Open along with both the US Amateur Championship and the US Masters, along with the Open Championship, the Barton Shield and the very popular Senior Cup. All of the betting sites listed below offer compressive betting markets on all of these Golf events and as such we invite you to peruse through their websites to find what odds they are currently offering.

Types of Golf Bets

You may immediately think that getting a hole in one is a popular betting type in the game of Golf, however you may be surprised when you find out just how often these types of bets are successful, and as such do not expect very generous odds on offer should you wish to place such a wager!

You can additionally find plenty of bets and wagers can be placed on any Golf match or Tournaments including but certainly not limited to the winner of each game played, who you think will lift the trophy at the end of the tournament, plus you can also bet on each round of Golf played.

Below you will find more than enough betting sites all of which cater for Golf bettors and by shopping around them all you are going to be guaranteed of finding not only the exact type of Golf bet you wish to place but you can also mop up some generous odds!

Golf Betting FAQ

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