Hockey Canada Report Reveals Bullying and Harassment Tops Maltreatment Complaints

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  • Hockey Canada received nearly 1,900 maltreatment complaints for 2022-2023
  • Over 50 percent of complaints were over bullying and harassment
  • Hockey Canada processed 187 of those complaints and processed them

Hockey Canada has published the results of a report titled “Tracking Maltreatment in Sanctioned Hockey” that covered the 2022-2023 season.

The report which was compiled based on data received by a third party independent complaint process received close to 1,900 maltreatment complaints.

50 Percent Of Complaints Were Over Bullying

The report showed that out of the nearly 1,900 complaints received, Hockey Canada only processed 187 of these complaints. The governing body for hockey in Canada said over 1,400 complaints registered did not qualify and were redirected to territorial and provincial members for processing.

More than 50 percent of the complaints were due to some form of bullying and harassment. The second highest complaint at nearly 20 percent was over sexual maltreatment, while physical abuse came in at just over 11 percent. Discrimination accounted for nearly 7.5 percent while abuse of power made up 7 percent of complaints. Other complaints accounted for just over 4 percent.

Hockey Canada reported around 927 maltreatment cases during the 2021-2022 hockey season and that number has doubled for the 2022-2023 season. Hockey Canada says the reason for the increase in complaints is due to implementing a better complaint registration process and rolling out educational and awareness initiatives about maltreatment.

Will Continue To Closely Monitor Maltreatment

The report from Hockey Canada said

An important step in the change process is the collection and publication of national data across the sport, which builds awareness and creates dialogue to help minimize the risk that participants normalize certain behaviours. By continuing to discuss maltreatment, Hockey Canada and its members hope to break down the wall of silence around these unacceptable behaviours

The report showed that out of the nearly 1,900 complaints received, over 1,050 complaints were made by family members and guardians while hockey associations sent in nearly 600 complaints. Officials were responsible for sending in 34 complaints while coaching staff sent in 133 complaints.

The report went on to say that

In collaboration with its members, Hockey Canada acknowledges there is a need to gain a better understanding of the types of maltreatment present in hockey in order for the hockey community to address maltreatment in tangible and meaningful ways

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