Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor: Betting Sites & Odds for Canadians

It has been a few months since the Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing match was announced, and since that day many Sportsbooks have been offering odds on both boxers, with of course Mayweather, in regards to his winning chances, being a huge odds-on favourite of winning.

It is of course due to the fact that Mayweather in undefeated that has seen his odds dropping in value and being mopped up and taken by many fans of the sport, however there are still some people out there who do think that the very flamboyant UFC star Conor McGregor is in with a chance.

To be fair when you do look at the form of both men, it does seem something of an unfair match, and it is true to say many people thought it was some bizarre sort of publicity stunt, that two people famous in their own competing sports would be up for such a match.

However, they are indeed going to be taking to the ring, and you are going to find a huge and ever varied range of bets available to you at both land based Sportsbooks and at the plethora of online and mobile betting sites too.

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There has been so much interest in this match we have chosen to put together the following guide that will introduce you to some of the standard betting opportunities on the match, but we will also be looking at some of the more unusual and exotic bet types that you may be more interested in placing.

Keep in mind though, that as someone who does wish to bet on this match you do have plenty of different places you can place your bets at, and you should be prepared to shop around to ensure you are going to get access to the most generous odds available, as the odds can and will vary depending on just where you choose to place your bets!


Types of Mayweather versus McGregor Bets

If you are prepared to bet on either boxer, then you will find that you will also be given access to a range of promotion offers when you sign up to a betting site for the very first time, and as such consider making use of some of the free bets and deposit type bonuses some online and mobile Sportsbooks will have on offer.

For by making use of those additional promotional offers you may be able to lock in additional value. Having said that, it is of course up to you just which types of bets and wagers you do place on the up and coming Mayweather versus McGregor match and below are the types of bets you will be able to place.

Outright Winner – The most commonly placed bet on any boxing match is an outright winner bet, and to place this kind of bet you simply need to name the boxer you think is going to win the match and you will be able to take the odds available at the time of your placing your bet.

Round Betting – As the odds on Mayweather are so low and unappealing you may fancy placing a range of additional bets that offer slightly better odds but on him still winning.

If so then consider placing a bet on which round you think he will win in, and if you think McGregor will win in a certain round you will also be able to place a bet on him winning and by naming the round in which he will do so!

Punches Landed – One quite fun type of bet that you may be interested in placing will allow you to select, from a range of different options, the number of punches either boxer will actually land, this is certainly a bet to consider placing if you want to take advantage of some very generous betting odds!

Mayweather to be Knocked Down – If you are convinced that McGregor is going to be boxing right up there with the best possible form then consider placing a bet on which you will be paid out if at any time during the match Floyd Mayweather is knocked down!

Method of Victory – As you will know there is more than one way that a boxer can be deemed and announced to be the winner of any boxing match, and as such if you think you can predict which boxer will win and the method of visitor then the odds on those types of bets may be much more appealing than that of an outright win!

Odd or Even Round – One final type of bet you may also like to place is one on which you simply have to select whether the match will end in an odd numbered round or an even numbered round.

However, as there are only two possible outcome on this type of boxing related bet do not expect the odds to be huge in value, in fact they will be rather low, but it is still another bet worth considering placing if you so desire!

Mayweather versus McGregor In-Play Betting and Betting Exchanges

One final thing to keep in mind is that if you make what may turn out to be a very wise decision of signing up to a betting exchange then you are going to find the odds available to you are way higher than those available to you at a traditional sportsbook or betting site.

When you do sign up to such a site you can choose to take odds on the types of bets you wish to place or you can lay bets from other punters and offer them the odds you wish to offer them!

Also, you will find that as soon as the Mayweather versus McGregor match gets started you will then be able to switch over to placing your bets via an in-play betting market and as such you can place all manner of different bets up until the point in time the match ends!