NBA Playoffs 2020 Betting Preview Odds & Latest Odds

National Basketball AssociationThe NBA has resumed its regular reason after an extended break due to the coronavirus. The reduced season will look substantially different this season as the regular schedule usually consists of 82 games. However, that is not the case this year as it will see 22 teams taking part in a mini-season in Florida at Disney World.

Teams were selected based on their standings before the NBA halted the season in March. Considering most teams had already plater 60 to 65 games, the selection process is relatively accurate in terms of what we would have expected had the season not been halted.

Slated to start on the 17th of August, the playoffs will run through to the first week of October. The restart will see each team will play eight games to determine the seeding for the playoffs. Unlike the NHL, the NBA plans to run the playoffs in the typical best of seven format for the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

Due to the pandemic, all regular season and playoffs games will be played at Disney World, which means no team will have the home court advantage. Furthermore, fans will be absent to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and likewise, all essential staff and players will be required to undergo daily testing for COVID-19, and if tested positive, they will be quarantined for 14 days.

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The reality is little has changed since the interruption as the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks remain favourite to go to the NBA Finals. The Lakers and Bucks each secured their respective Conferences with wins last week.

While the Lakers are at the top of the Western Conference, they seemed sloppy, whereas the Bucks have had to deal with a loss to the Nets. That said, both remain favourites to go the Finals and will use their considerable defense skills to help get them there.

The reality is while most are eager to get back into the swing of this, the break had an impact, and it is difficult to predict which teams will dominate the remainder of the regular season, and likewise, the upcoming playoffs. The time off was a welcomed rest for all, and for many, it gave them the added time to work on skill training and increasing body mass.

This year’s playoffs are expected to be the most unpredictable in the history of the NBA. However, taking into account stats from the regular season games played before the pandemic, we list the top four teams expected to have the best odds of making the NBA finals.

Odds have been provided by Betway Sports and are accurate as of 13/08/2020

2020 NBA Playoffs – What to Expect and Watch for

Los Angeles Lakers

Odds to Win: 3.25

The Lakers have had a tough restart to the shortened regular season, even if it the clinched the Conference title. They have struggled in points per possession and are 20th overall in net rating, making them unlikely contenders to go to the finals. Yet, the Lakers can never be counted out and with players like LeBron James, Danny Green and Avery Bradley in the mix, they are considered favourites, even if a little rusty at the moment.

Milwaukee Bucks

Odds to Win: Odds to Win: 3.25

The Milwaukee Bucks are another who seems on the fence with the restart. While they secured the conference title, they still are not dominating but have won four of their last seven games. The big question will be whether Giannis Antetokounmpo turns into a jump shooter or whether he continues to be beaten at the line.

The reality is, Antetokounmpo is 118th in the league for those taking shots outline the line and in free throws, he is sitting with a 63% success rate. The Bucks loss against Dallas uncovered some weaknesses, yet they still remain a threat and are expected to perform well going into the playoffs.

Los Angeles Clippers

Odds to Win: Odds to Win: 4.00

Expectations were high for the Clippers this season after signing Kawhi Leonard in the post-season. However, Marcus Morris Sr, Montrezl Harrell and Paul George and Leonard are their star players. They hardly played together during the regular season, and that leaves some unanswered questions as to whether the four will be a threat on the playoffs.

If they are able to come together, it could make for an interesting post-season. Still, regardless of their talent, ego’s like Leonard’s will undoubtedly have an impact on their ability to come together. Still, other teams are experiencing similar fates, and if we see a repeat in Kawhi as we did last season, the Clippers could go the distance.

Toronto Raptors

Odds to Win: Odds to Win: 11.00

The Toronto Raptors currently are feeling the loss of Kawhi Leonard and sit 20th overall for offense in the league. The Raptors seem unable to find the net in the same fashion as they did last season and it is impacting their overall performance.

Yet, the Raptors are not without talent in Fred VanVleet, Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam, each of whom are expected to score points and fill in for the loss of Leonard. At the moment, the odds are not in their favour, but the Raptors are hungry and want to prove they have the goods without Leonard in their midst.

Dark Horse: Boston Celtics

Odds to Win: Odds to Win: 16.00

The Boston Celtics may have suffered this season and failed to win the Eastern Conference even though many expected them to do so. Their biggest problem is the health of their top players, and that saw the Celtics feeling the impact. Both Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown missed 14 games in the regular season due to injuries. Likewise, Jayson Tatum and Daniel Theis missed five and six, respectively. However, all have returned healthy, and when healthy, the Celtics have proven they have the talent to get the job done.

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