NBA 2019 - 20 Preview Odds & Predictions - Who Will Make It To NBA Finals

National Basketball AssociationThe 2018-2019 National Basketball Association season has ended. Before we discuss the predictions and odds for the 2019-2020 Season, let’s look back at all the significant events that transpired in last year’s competition.

One of the biggest surprise stories in the year was the Toronto Raptors, the only Canadian team in the NBA. They shocked everyone by defeating the Golden State Warriors and winning the championship. This significant accomplishment comes after the Raptors decided to switch Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan mid-way through the season. Leonard played for only nine games but was a considerable asset to the team winning the 2018-19 Season.

Another dramatic event that occurred in last year’s season revolved around Jimmy Butler, one of the most notable stars in the NBA. He formerly was slated to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves, but after he didn’t play well with the team, was switched to the Philadelphia 76rs. This team also received Justin Patton, Jerryd Bayless, Dario Saric and Robert Covington. Subsequently, this has altered the anticipated odds for the 2019-20 Season.

The top selections have been changed, with the Golden State Warriors lowering in the odds. The real test begins shortly with preseason beginning. Training camp just finished, with the preseason has already started with a select few teams. The rest will debut later on the week of October 21st. Since the action has begun again, it’s the best time for fans to check up on the upcoming odds.

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The recent alterations to teams in terms of players in the first factor altering odds. The LA Lakes took on Anthony David and kept Lebron James. Another notable player, Kyrie Irving, is heading over to the Brooklyn Nets. This transition for the nets allows their team to become stronger in terms of point guarding.

In a shocking setback, Kevin Durant has left the Golden State Warriors. The Most Valuable Player in the League, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is remaining with the Milwaukee Bucks for another one season contract. However, it’s the Los Angeles Clippers that are the favourite to win the upcoming 2019-20 Season. Players like Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Ivica Zubac and Patrick Beverly are suspected of leading the team into victory. Afterwards, the Lakers and Raptors are the two other teams anticipated to fight for the 2020 Championship.


NBA 2019 -2020 Preview Odds & Predictions – Potential Champions

The Clippers are slated to be the best team of the year after acquiring both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard at the end of the summer. The LA Clippers bought kept their critical players from the 2019 Playoff Season, while also acquiring two of the best players in the National Basketball Association. Subsequently, their team is now in the position to defeat any of their opponents. Already in the preseason they have displayed considerable strategies that dominate rival groups.

Two teams have seen their odds completely flip. The LA Lakers were set at a 6.00 Odd for the championship. Their odds before the summer were worse than the Bucks, who were listed at 4.25 Odds for the playoff season. However, with recent acquisitions of new players, those odds have entirely flipped. The Bucks are now at a 6.00 and the Lakers 4.25. This switch is prompted by their new talent Anthony David, who has worked effectively with LeBron James at the beginning of the preseason. Their strength enabled them to beat the Golden State Warriors, which has been a challenging task for the Lakers in the last season.

The Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76rs are the two other notable teams anticipated to win for the upcoming 2020 Playoff Season. Both of these sporting institutions are listed at nearly identical odds, with the Rockets at a 9.00 and the 76ers at an 8.50. Even though both teams have formidable players, they will have to acquire all their talent and skills to defeat either the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers.

* Odds have been provided by Betway Sports and are accurate as of 17/10/2019

Los Angeles Clippers

Odds to Win: 4.25

The Los Angeles Clippers finish their final preseason game on October 10th, 2019 in Vancouver against the Dallas Mavericks. In this preseason, they’ve won two of their four games, with Montrezl Harrel being the star of the show.

He’s already had 22 Points, 6 Rebounds and 4 Assists with just 23 minutes of playtime. Montrezl has moved up to a first position point guard begin Paul George, Rodney McGruder and Kawhi Leonard.

Los Angeles Lakers

Odds to Win: 5.00

It shouldn’t surprise anybody to find out that the Los Angeles Lakers are the second highest-rated team to win this season. Their offensive lineup is unlike any other organisations, with Anthony Davis and LeBron James leading the win. They’ve already completed their preseason, with LeBron scoring eighteen points and eleven assists with 25 Minutes of playtime.

Anthony David played 28 minutes, scoring with eight points and eight assists. The two players displayed their capabilities working together as a unit, scaring the rest of the NBA.

Philadelphia 76ers

Odds to Win: 8.50

The Philadelphia 76ers have had more changes to their lineup this year than any other team. However, these roster alterations have assisted in them dominating their preseason.

They’ve already won three of their four preseason games, defeating Orlando Magic by 126 to 94. The players displayed their best point guard capabilities are Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid, Josh Richardson and Al Horford.

Houston Rockets

Odds to Win: 9.00

Things haven’t been so easy for the Houston Rockets, with their preseason indicating that the regular season will come with significant challenges. They’ve lost two of their four games, losing to the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs.

The overall team needs more coaching instead of focusing directly on James Harden and Russel Westbrook. These two players have been carrying the team, with Westbrook averaging 20 to 30 Points per game.

Harden, however, averages 20 to 40 Points per game. Other notable players with the Rockets include Eric Gordon and Chris Clemons.

Dark Horse: Detroit Pistons

Odds to Win: 300/1

Many sports analysts are beginning to debate if the Detroit Pistons could be an underdog team similar to the Toronto Raptors.

During the preseason they won three of their five matches, defeating teams like the Dallas Mavericks and Cleveland Cavaliers. Players like Andre Drummond, Bruce Brown and Reggie Jackson have performed exceptionally for the Pistons.

Individually, they’ve averaged fifteen to seventeen points per game. There’s a chance that the Detroit Pistons could dominate the eastern wing in the 2019-20 NBA Championship Season.

Our Verdict: LA Clippers to Win

It’s hard to make predictions this early on to the regular season of basketball, which doesn’t begin until the end of October.

However, all data compiled from the preseason is revealing the lineup of top teams’ sports bettors should focus on. We believe that the Los Angeles Clippers, with their new roster of players, will win the overall championship in 2020.

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