Vancouver Canucks Fall to the Golden Knights in Game 7

September 5, 2020 by Doug Hirdle
Golden Knights Nate Schmidt and Nicolas Roy congratulate Shea Theodore after he scored late in the third period last night in Game 7 against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Vancouver Canucks looked promising going into Game 7 of the second round of the 2020 NHL playoffs against the Golden Knights after they tied the series Game 6. However, after falling to the Knights 3-0, it brought an end to the hope of a Canadian team going to the finals.

After the first and second period went scoreless, it looked like it there was hope the Canucks could pull off the win and head to the next round. However, with the clock ticking and shot after shot failing to find its mark, Shea Theodore finally found an opening with a wrist shot from just inside the blue line to give the Knights a 1-0 lead.

As the final minutes of the third ticking away, the Vancouver Canucks pulled goaltender Thatcher Demko hoping to tie the game and force overtime. With the net empty, Alex Touch made it 2-0 for the Knights, and with seconds remaining, Paul Stastny made it 3-0.

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Thatcher Demko was outstanding in net last night and was instrumental in keeping the Canucks in the game. Demko racked up 34 saves after the Canucks were outshot by the Knights 36-14 in what seemed at times, an uneven pairing.


The Knights were up 3 -1 in the series until Canucks goaltender Jacob Markstrom went out with an injury. That saw Demko making his eleventh NHL playoff debut and changing what looked like would be the end for Vancouver. Demko was the fire the Canucks needed to fight off the superior Knights allowing them to win Game 6 and 6.

However, for much of Game 7, the Vegas Golden Knights dominated Vancouver firing off shot after shot, and while Demko stopped over 90 shots in Games 5 and 6, the Knights prevailed due to Vancouver’s inability to protect their end zone.

The Vegas Knights have been a dominate force since their opening season in 2018. The series was looking reminiscent of their first season when up 3-1 over the Sharks, they lost the next four in a row and watched what should have been a series wrap going to shreds. However, goaltender Robin Lehner was on point throughout the night stopping at 14 shots, the lack thereof resulting in Lehner having to stretch midway through the second to stay lose and ready.

Despite Vancouver’s loosing in the second round, the playoffs were a step forward as they had failed to make the playoffs since 2015. The Canucks managed to earn their place in the playoffs during the qualifying round with a win over the Minnesota Wild.

Vancouver’s last win in the playoffs was in 2011over the Sharks, a win that gave hope to the B.C team, only to watch them fall to the Bruins during the Stanley Cup final. The good news going forward is that four of their key players now have seventeen games of experience in the playoffs, and that is something they can draw from next season if they make it.

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