UNB Reds Retain Their University Cup Men’s Hockey Title Unbeaten

University of New Brunswick Reds celebrate winning the University Cup 2024

The University of New Brunswick Reds needed just one more smashing win perfectly finish off the season while defending their reputable University Cup title in Toronto, Ontario.

On Sunday, it was Austen Keating’s goal and two assists that led the team to the flawless 4-0 victory against the Université du Québec a Trois-Rivières Patriotes on Sunday for Fredericton school’s 10th national championship. 

The Winners Continued Their Figurine Smashing Post-Game Tradition 

Once the gold medals were officially presented to the winners and the University Cup was passed around, the Reds went to the dressing room where they carried on with their legendary post-game traditions of smashing a figurine painted in the team colors of their opponents. 

The ritual sees the hockey team carrying a small treasure chest with them with seven figurines inside. The player of the game chooses the right one after each win, proceeds to take two cautious swings with his stick, gets near the figurine, and smashes it as his teammates yell “Fake“.

The traditions “started well before” third-year captain Jason Willms of Kitchener, Ontario reached the team, as he explained. 

The fulfillment of the tradition is “important” to the time that enjoys having fun “when it’s all said and done”, he further added, while emphasizing their most important tradition is winning, “and we accomplished that again.”

Excellent Season for The Reds 

The team had a spectacular 2023-24 season with a combined exhibition, regular and post-season record of 43-0

They also went 47-0 since 2023’s playoff run and national championship.

During the eight-team University Cup tournament held at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, they managed to scoop up the school’s 10th title with a victory against the Brock, the host Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as the Patriotes with a mixed score of 15-0.

It was the first time in the history of the tournament for a team not to allow a goal.

The UNB completed the season with four consecutive shutouts, preventing any goals in the final 298 minutes and two seconds while outshooting their opponents 33-23.

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