Tottenham’s 4-0 win over Everton makes Harry Kane the Spurs all-time goalscorer

January 14, 2018 by Kaus Pandey

Harry KaneTottenham and Everton faced off on Saturday in a game that saw Tottenham’s Harry Kane score two goals and becomes the clubs all-time goalscorer. Kane’s two goals helped Tottenham in its 4-0 victory over Everton.

Previously, former player, and now coach of the Indian Super League team ATK, held the record for the club with ninety-seven goals. However, with the two scored on Saturday, Kane not only matched Sheringham’s record but surpassed it. His first came in the early part of the second half, then twelve minutes later, he scored his second of the game and entered the record books.

It was Heung-Min Son who got the scoring started with his goal in the first half of the game. This was the second time the striker has scored a goal in five consecutive home games. Tottenham currently is sitting in fifth in the standings as they head to Man City for a game this Sunday. Everton, who are ninth in the standings will play West Brom on the 20th.

Tottenham had control of the ball early in the game and had an early chance at scoring when Christian Eriksen had a shot that Heung-Min Son headed towards the goal but missed its mark and went over the top bar.

Everton responded and got the ball into the net but was offside and the goal did not count. While the play by Everton was well put together, the linesman had already had the flag raised. This only added fire to fury for Tottenham and Heung-Min Son was able to score shortly thereafter. Later on, in the first half, Christian Eriksen found Serge Aurier open who managed to get the ball into the box where Heung-Min Son was waiting to put the ball into the net.

Yet, for all of Son’s efforts, he was far from done as he helped Kane with the first of his two goals. Son came bursting along the left-side and took a cross-shot that saw the ball go into the box to Kane who was in the right place at the right time and put the ball into the net.

Heung-Min Son also had another scoring chance as the game approached the 60 minute mark as he collected a pass from Harry Kane but his efforts missed the mark going just wide of the net. However, not all was lost as Kane scored minutes later. This was thanks to Eric Dier who got the ball to Kane who was in place to send a ricocheting shot past Everton’s Jordan Pickford and setting the new all-time goalscorer record for the club. With the season far from over, it is a safe bet that Kane will add to his total goals for the season, and this will be met with much fanfare from bettors looking to place free bets on Tottenham and its future matches.

While the game saw all eyes and attention focused towards Harry Kane, it was none other than Heung-Min Son who was the real star of yesterday’s game. The South Korean national was in on the action for three of the four goals and was instrumental in Tottenham’s victory against Everton. Son was constant when in possession of the ball in his efforts to move towards the goal, and could have added more goals to the total had he not been denied by Jordon Pickford.

Kaus Pandey

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