Toronto’s Budget To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup Rises Due To Inflation

Toronto named a host city for 2026 FIFA World Cup


  • USA, Canada and Mexico will co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup
  • Toronto is expected to host 5 World Cup games
  • The price tag to host these games has skyrocketed by $10 million due to inflation 

While the football world gets ready for the 2022 World Cup which starts in November in Qatar, UAE, the United States, Canada and Mexico have their work cut out as they make plans for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The United States, Canada and Mexico will co-host the 2026 World Cup and America will host the bulk of the games, including the semis and final. Canada will also be abuzz with activity as Toronto and Vancouver are set to each host 5 World Cup games.

Toronto’s Budget Increases By $10 Million

Toronto has a lot of work to do in the next four years as they prepare to hit FIFA World Cup standards to host their set of 5 games. Toronto was initially expecting to spend around $290 million to host these 5 games but market analysts predict that Toronto will have to increase their budget by $10 million due to inflation costs, which brings it to a spend of over $300 million.

The Canadian federal government and provincial government will absorb nearly two-thirds of the overall cost while the remaining amount will be paid by the City of Toronto. The way things as of now, it looks like the City of Toronto will have to pay close to $90 million. However, if we take into consideration the rising inflation costs during the next couple of years the overall amount might get even bigger!

The first step in getting the finances approved is to get the City of Toronto, the federal and provincial governments to sign on a multi-party consensus. 

Multiple Stadiums Need Upgrades

Sunnybrook, BMO Field and Centennial Park will play host to these world cup games in Toronto. All three stadiums will need to be upgraded in order to meet FIFA regulations. BMO Field has to increase their seating capacity by 10,000 to meet the minimum 40,000 seats regulation by FIFA.

Centennial Park and Sunnybrook will need to spend a combined $15 million to complete their upgrades before they get approval from FIFA. While residents in Toronto are excited to host these 5 world cup games, Gord Perks council for the City of Toronto said it would have been more beneficial if Toronto did not host the games and instead used the $10 million to develop affordable housing for the locals

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