Rory McIlroy Takes Home the FedEx Cup

August 25, 2019 by Doug Hirdle
Rory McIlroy poses for the media with his trophy after winning the FedExCup on Sunday.

Rory McIlroy has won golf’s biggest cash prize after he leaped ahead of Brooks Koepka on Sunday during the final round at the FedEx Cup. That surge pasted Koepka saw McIlroy going home with a $15 million payday.

While Rory McIlroy is issued to having crowds swarm around him as he makes his way to the 18th hole, on Sunday, it wasn’t for them, it was for him. It was only a year that watched as Tiger Woods won the coveted prize, but this year, it was all about McIlroy after he passed by Koepka and sunk his final put on the 18th. This year it was all about him, and the rewards were two handed. Commenting, McIlroy said,

“It’s amazing how different things can be in a year.”

McIlroy ended the final round at 4-under 66. It was his second time winning the FedEx Cup, and with it, he joined Tiger Woods as the only player in history to have won twice. That results in the crows yelling “Rory! Rory! Rory!” The win was a welcome relieve for McIlroy, who said,

“I must say, I didn’t enjoy that walk last year like everyone else did. I never took the fight to Tiger.”

While the big prize was on his mind, it went beyond that as this year the format to the cup was changed allowing those who had the designation of being a top player having a head start on those that were lower in the rankings. That was McIlroy starting fifth and ending the tournament at 13-under 267.

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The win also will see his world ranking jump to No. 2, but the win was somewhat of a payback after Koepka surged past McIlroy at the worlds last month, and with both in the final group going into the final round it was a bit personal.

The turnaround point came at the 7th hole after sunk a 25-foot birdie, but Koepka scored a double bogey. With McIlroy ahead of Xander Schauffele, all he needed to do was maintain the lead, and the win was his. The last four holes Schauffele failed to gain any shots settling for par and watching as McIlroy held onto the lead. Schauffele finished the final with a 70 and picked up a $5 million payday, while Koepka and Thomas finished third and fourth earned $3.5 million for their efforts.

The day saw the 31 holes being played and looked promising for McIlroy. It saw four players taking turns at being in the lead within the first 40 minutes of play. The added holes were a result of the third round being stopped due to a lightning strike that resulted in six in the crowd being injured.

The final hour of play was the game changer, and for Koepka, it was not in his favour. After scoring a double-bogey, he was unable to catch up, and the lead went to McIlroy, one he never gave up. Yet the season was not a loss for Koepka who racked up three victories this season and achieved the No. 1 rank spot in the world. It is expected he will win the Player of the Year yet again this year.  McIlroy was able to finish the season with 14 top 10 finishes and will be in the running for player of the year as well.

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