New England Patriots Win in OT to Play Third Straight Super Bowl

Tom Brady celebrates after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday to advance to their third consecutive Super Bowl

The New England Patriots have done it again and are heading to their third consecutive Super Bowl after downing the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in a dramatic fourth quarter that led to overtime.

The weather was a frigid minus 11 yesterday in New England, but as the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs took to the field it was the brilliance of quarterback Tom Brady that helped the Patriots to their third back-to-back trip to the Super Bowl after surging ahead in the fourth quarter with 39 seconds remaining only to watch Kansas score a field goal with 8 seconds remaining to tie the game and force overtime.

However, as overtime played out, it was Brady’s skill that took the Patriots into Kansas City’s end zone with successful pass after pass finding openings where others would not. At overtime neared the midway point, New England, sitting at the Chiefs two yard line and on their second down watched as Brady handed off the ball to Rex Burkhead who took it home to give New England the victory

The push reminded many of when New England defeated the Atlanta Falcons to advance to the Super Bowl two years ago, also during overtime. Commenting, Brady stated,

“Overtime, on the road against a great team. They had no quit. Neither did we. We played our best football at the end. I don’t know, man, I’m tired. That was a hell of a game.”

The Patriots will now head to the Super Bowl to take on the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints in overtime to earn their spot in the coveted Super Bowl. They last went to the Super Bowl in 2002 and ironically lost to New England

There were two replay reviews that were critical for New England’s success on Sunday, and that made it possible for them to have a chance at making their ninth Super Bowl. Each of those has been with Bill Belichick as coach and Tom Brady as the quarterback.

“This is crazy. What a game.”

This year was the first that both the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference were both decided in overtime. It was also the first time since 20102 that both visiting teams won. Trey Flowers, defensive end for the Patriots stated,

“We knew what our record was, but we didn’t let that dictate us. Whatever happened in the regular season happened. We came out and did it when it counted.”

Throughout the game, there were points where it looked like New England would take the win only to see Kansas City fight back as they continued to apply pressure. At 41, Brady is the oldest quarterback in the league and will be the oldest to play in the Super Bowl, however little there is little doubt he is as skilled today as he has ever been.

Kansas City’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes, age 23, performed brilliantly under pressure taking the Chiefs to within 39 yards allowing Harrison Butker to score a field goal to tie the game. The showing was anything less than spectacular, but as overtime began, Kansas never took possession, and the end result saw New England going the distance once again.

Call it skill, call it legend, the bottom line is the Patriots earned their place in the history books on Sunday, and if things go according to plan, they will earn yet another Super Bowl win on the 3rd of February when they meet the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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