Fanatics To Be Official NHL Uniform Outfitter From 2024 Season

Fanatics becomes NHLs official outfitter


  • Adidas has decided not to pursue a uniform contract renewal with the NHL
  • NHL confirms that Fanatics will replace Adidas from the 2024 season
  • Fanatics will use factory in Quebec, Canada to manufacture its jerseys

The National Hockey League (NHL) has confirmed that Fanatics has signed a 10 year uniform contract with the league which will come into effect from the 2024-2025 season. 

NHL Confirms Adidas Replacement

Adidas was the official uniform partner of the NHL but decided not to look at renewing its contract with the NHL. Adidas acted as the NHL’s uniform partner based on the seven year contract signed earlier but has now decided to get out of the uniform business. 

The NHL did not disclose the terms of its 10 year contract with Fanatics but released a statement and said that once it knew that Adidas was not interested in renewing its uniform sponsorship deal, it looked around for a potential partner and decided that Fanatics was the best choice in the market.

Fanatics is one of the premier brands in the sports marketing industry and has acted as an NHL partner for close to 20 years. Fanatics were responsible for manufacturing replica NHL jerseys since 2017 and also serve as the official developer of multiple NHL apparel. The company also has a strong reputation when it comes to performance gear, e-commerce operations and licensed fan merchandise.  

Fanatics Will Manufacture Uniforms In Quebec

Fanatics have announced that it will use the same manufacturing facility that Adidas used in Quebec, Canada to manufacture NHL uniforms. The company will be responsible for manufacturing all NHL on-ice uniforms along with on-ice official uniforms. 

In a statement, Doug Mack, CEO of Fanatics Commerce said

The Fanatics brand is fairly well known to fans, but we’re often thought of as more of an e-commerce company. This isn’t the first time we’ve done performance product, but this will be the most visible we’ve ever been in making that performance product.

Fanatics are unlikely to make any significant changes to the NHL uniform jerseys initially and will retain the same specs. However, the company will look to make changes later down the line with plans to introduce player safety innovations and different fabric changes that will help to provide better protection against skate lacerations.

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