BetFred’s Over and Under Betting Coupons

September 30, 2013 by Tim Glocks

BetfredThere are plenty of ways you can place bets on soccer matches, however one brand new way that is proving to be both popular and profitable for many soccer fans is the Under and Over betting coupons that are to be found over at the BetFred betting site.

If there is one betting site online that is passionate about soccer it is the BetFred site, in fact the man in charge of the company, the iconic Fred Done has always been known for his generous attitude to soccer related bets with plenty of enhanced odds being offered, more than enough consolation type bets plus he often pays out on certain betting markets before the result if known!

Many punter will recall his decision a few years back when he was convinced that Manchester United, based on their form that season, would remain at the top of the Premiership, so he instructed his staff to payout all bets naming Manchester United to win the Premiership, this they did, and then Manchester City went on to take the Premiership title that year so BetFred ended up paying out twice, to punters who had bet on both United and City!

With BetFred being such a punters friend in regards to all manner of betting opportunities they have launched a range of coupon bets that give soccer fans in particular plenty of winning opportunities each week, and one of these coupons is the Over and Under Coupon which we shall take a look at below and explain what it offers and just what you can win when using and wagering on it.

Over and Under Bets

There are in fact two separate coupons which you can place a soccer bet on the first are the 3 Goals and Over Coupon and the second one is the 2 Goals and Under coupon.

  • 3 Goals and Over – You can pick from three of fifteen different soccer matches on the 3 Goals and Over soccer betting coupon and each of the matches must, or you to have a winning payout, end with a total goal score of three goals or over.
  • 2 Goals and Under – The 2 Goals and Under soccer coupon requires you to once again select from three to fifteen soccer matches and to be a winner every match you pick should end with just 2 goals or fewer being scored.

    The value of your winning payout on either of the two bets mentioned above is determined by how much you place on the wager, the number of matches you pick, and of course the outcome of all those matches must be either 3 goals or over or 2 goals and under depending on which coupon you have placed your wager on.

  • 3 Goals and Over Payout Odds – The winning odds of the 3 Goals and Over bet are as follows: Three matches pays 9 to 2, four pays 9 to 1, five pays 16 to 1, 6 pays 33 to 1, seven pays 55 to 1, eight pays 100 to 1, 9 pays 200 to 1, 10 pays 350 to 1, eleven pays 650 to 1, 12 pays 1000 to 1, 13 pays 2000 to 1, 14 pays 3750 to 1 and all fifteen matches scoring three goals or over pays 6750 to 1.
  • 2 Goals and Under Payout Odds – The winning odds of the 2 Goals and Under bet are as follows: Three matches pays 11 to 2, four pays 12 to 1, five pays 25 to 1, 6 pays 45 to 1, seven pays 90 to 1, eight pays 175 to 1, 9 pays 325 to 1, 10 pays 625 to 1, eleven pays 1225 to 1, 12 pays 2325 to 1, 13 pays 4500 to 1, 14 pays 8500 to 1 and all fifteen matches scoring three goals or over pays 15000 to 1.

The above odds are subject to charge at any time. Please visit the BetFred betting site for any additional information.


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