Speedway Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

SpeedwayA trip to the Speedway track is quite an adventure and with this being quite a rough and tumble type of sport, anything can and usually will happen once the racing gets underway!

There are of course solid cores of Speedway fans and with that being the case there are plenty of online betting sites that are eager to offer you odds on any Speedway fixture.

As the number of riders taking part in Speedway races is somewhat limited then sadly the actual odds available on each rider are not usually enormous, however, by shopping around from betting site to betting site you can often find a little value when you are convinced one of those riders is going to make it across the finishing line first.

In this Guide to Speedway betting you are going to discover which are the most bet on Speedway events along with where you can bet on such events and fixtures, also we have listed the most commonly placed wagers on the sport of Speedway, so if you do have an interest in it, and want to place wagers on any event then have a good look through this guide.

Top Sites for Speedway Betting

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Speedway is high-octane motorsport that has been thrilling fans for decades. If you’re looking to get in on the action, you’ll need to know where to bet on speedway races.

Luckily, there are plenty of great online betting sites that cater to Canadian Speedway fans. In this top list below, we’re listing the best speedway betting sites in Canada.

Speedway Betting Events

You are able to find odds being offered on the majority of Speedway events, and whilst the local tracks are often overlooked by the market makers some of the biggest Speedway tournaments and events will be covered by many betting sites.

The two biggest betting events are the Speedway World Cup and the Speedway Grand Prix, both of which are covered by our featured betting sites listed further down this page, so if you want somewhere to place your bets and sites that actually cover Speedway then have a look at the sites for they are also offering new customers a range of special free bets.

Types of Speedway Bets

You are able to place a Speedway bet on who you think is going to win each round and who is going to win outright in any one single tournament, however additionally you are also able to place an each-way type of Speedway bet that will see you being paid out if your selected riding finishes first or second and very occasionally third in any live Speedway race.

If you look hard enough you may also find betting sites that are going to offer you the chance of placing a Straight Forecast or Tricast type of wager, the former sees you having to pick the riders who will come first and second in any one single race and the latter named bet, the Tricast sees you additionally have to pick the rider who comes third.

Speedway Betting Tips

If you’re looking to make some money betting on Speedway, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Do your research

This is important for any sort of gambling, but it’s especially important when it comes to betting on Speedway. You need to know as much as possible about the riders, the tracks and the conditions before placing a bet.

2. Look for value bets

There’s no point in betting on a rider who is odds-on to win. You’re much better off looking for value bets where the odds are in your favour.

3. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

That’s a piece of important advice for any type of gambling. Only bet what you can afford to lose and never chase your losses.

4. Take advantage of promotions

Many bookmakers offer promotions on speedway betting, so make sure you take advantage of them. You could get enhanced odds, free bets or money-back offers.

5. Live streaming

Some bookmakers offer live streaming of speedway races, so you can watch the action as it unfolds and place bets accordingly. This is a great way to get more involved in the sport and make some winning bets!

Speedway Betting in Conclusion

Speedway betting is a great way to make some extra money. However, it is essential to remember that there is no sure thing about gambling. Always gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

With that said, if you follow the tips outlined in this article, you should be able to make some profitable bets on speedway races. Good luck!

More Speedway Betting Sites

If you wish to place a bet on any Speedway event, including the outright winner of any fixture, then we are proud to present to you the following top-rated betting sites, who are all offering our Canadian website visitors some excellent value-packed bonus offers, as you will see below.

  • Paddy Power – There is a betting site that does seem to offer odds on everything, and as such if you have been struggling to find a top-class and dependable betting site to place any kind of Speedway bet, then have a look at Paddy Power, for whilst the betting markets they offer are indeed huge, often the actual winning odds offered are also generous. Plus for a limited time only as a new customer, you can pick up for yourself a 50C$ free bet, this free bet is very simple and straightforward to claim and as such it will be credited to your Paddy Power betting account as soon as you qualify for it.
  • Betway – Another online betting site that is famed for its more unusual betting markets is the Betway site, they are just as generous as the above betting site and as such, if you join up and become a new real money customer today then they will furnish you, subject of course to their terms and conditions, with up to C$50 free bets. The one aspect of using the Betway betting site that many sports bettors like is the fact that it is one of the most advanced interfaces you are going to come across, and whilst it is advanced it is very user-friendly so placing a wager is simple! Check it out for yourself by visiting the Betway betting site today we are confident that you will like what you find when you get there.
  • Betdaq – One other betting site that we think you really should consider becoming a new customer of is the Betdaq betting exchange, now a betting exchange works slightly differently than a normal betting site as not only can you place wagers on anything you so desire, but you are also able to lay wagers which means when, in the case of Speedway a rider loses a race, if you have laid that person then you will win when the rider loses. As a new customer of the Betdaq betting exchange, there is a huge CAD200 in free bets available, and as such it really should be a betting site you sign up to and use!

With so many special offers and Speedway bets available online you will find plenty of value-for-money deals available and all of the above betting bonuses listed above can be yours by simply signing up to any of the above betting sites. However, do be aware the bonuses may change at any time, and the best way to check whether they are still available is to take a look at the betting sites’ websites where all of the rules regarding their promotional offers can be found.

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