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Betdaq Betting Sign Up Offer:
100% UP TO C$500

Betdaq Betting Features

  • Fantastic C$500 First Deposit Offer
  • #1 site for Canadian Players
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Betdaq Betting Sign Up Offer:
100% UP TO C$500
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About Betdaq Betting

We are excited to introduce the Betdaq Betting Exchange to everyone who likes to look at sports betting in a slightly different way than normal. Whilst we do have a large number of betting sites that cater to everyone, including Canadian-based citizens, what Betdaq offers is a Betting Exchange which is going to give you a whole slew of new ways to profit from your betting career.

How the Betdaq Betting Exchange works is by matching both backers and layers, meaning that you can place a wager on thousands of different sporting events just as you would when using standard betting sites, however, you are also able to lay wagers, which means on any sporting event they cover, you can put up your own odds on any of the many different betting opportunities offered by those sporting events and sporting fixtures, which means you become a Sportsbook operator yourself.

Should, for example, a horse race be about to start, you can choose to take wagers from other online bettors and offer them any odds on any runner in the race, and should another gambler like your odds, then you will be able to take their wagers and keep their stakes should their horse lose, conversely if their selection wins then you must pay them out their winners at the odds you offered.

To ensure the Betdaq Betting Exchange works without any problems when a gambler takes your selected betting opportunity their stake is removed from their betting account balance, whilst at the same time the amount of cash you will have to potentially payout is also removed from your account, and once the race has been run and the winner declared then the winner, either the gambler or yourself then gets paid the winnings.

Betdaq charge a nominal commission on every winning wager and this is how they make their money, and this commission is seamlessly removed from the winning payout before being credited to the winner’s account.

If you think of just how many different sporting events there are each and every day of the week, have a passion for studying form and wish to put your knowledge of the sport to the test, then you really ought to be considering joining up Betdaq for the winnings really are there for the taking, and it will make you look at gambling in a whole new light.

Betdaq Betting Options

The sky really is the limit in regards to the betting opportunities offered by the Betdaq Betting Exchange, for they have open markets on every sporting event and sporting fixture that you can think of, plus many types of sports that you haven’t even thought of. So if your knowledge of any single type of sport is specialized, then you are going to find you can lay or place bets on anything you so desire.

The best part of the entire Betdaq betting site is their actual betting platform, it has been tweaked and enhanced over the years to allow you to be able to place your wagers at the speed of light, so if you see odds offered which are too good to resist then you can take advantage of those odds instantly.

Also as you are betting with fellow punters at the Betdaq site and these punters are looking for value then the actual odds on offer are in most cases way higher than any other betting site and that is the key to guaranteeing you always get the maximum of value from your online betting experience.

Betdaq have also recently added live video streaming to their website, and as such to allow you to keep well ahead of any sporting event you can sit back and watch them play out, and as you can now place In-Play wagers as well as lay them by keeping track of everything that is unfolding on any sporting event, you can then adjust the odds your are offering and the type of wagers you wish to lay or place accordingly.

Mobile Betting Site

You are never going to have to miss out on placing or laying bets at the Betdaq Betting Exchange for they have also got their own mobile betting site, this is linked in and networked to their online betting platform and as such everything you can bet on at their online betting site can be accessed via your mobile phones and mobile devices.

Special attention has been paid to the actual design of this new mobile betting exchange platform to guarantee that no matter what mobile device you are accessing it from, it will work seamlessly thus allowing you to place and lay wagers just as quickly as you would when using a computer or laptop to access their betting exchange.

Bonuses and Promotions

To get you off to what could possibly be a very profitable start the Betdaq Betting Exchange has put together a generous signup bonus that should give your bankroll a more than welcome boost in value, you can quickly claim this bonus offer and unlike other betting sites and betting exchanges is does not come with reams and reams of terms and conditions and rules attached to it.

The value of this bonus offer accessible by all new customers is 200.00, however, it is of course subject to change and as such we would suggest that you get over to the Betdaq Betting Exchange website to double-check if it is still on offer and if it is then making sure you sign up and register and take full advantage of it as it will give you plenty of additional cash in your account to gamble with.

Betdaq FAQs

We’re here to help you with any questions about Betdaq. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, but feel free to contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Betdaq Betting Sign Up Offer:
100% UP TO C$500
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Betdaq Betting

Sign Up Offer: 100% UP TO C$500