NASCAR Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

NASCARAs NASCAR is a popular sporting event, then not only are you going to find plenty of online betting sites offering you betting markets on all of these sporting fixtures and events, but you are also going to find a very wide range of different types of bets all surrounding the sport of NASCAR.

This is where our Guide to NASCAR Betting is going to give you a few pointers on both where and how you can track down the best value and the leading betting sites to place all of your wagers on this sport.

Top Sites for NASCAR Betting

If you enjoy watching NASCAR races and would like to add a little excitement to the experience, betting on these races’ outcomes can be a great option.

Of course, before you do this, you will need to find the best NASCAR betting sites.

We have compiled a list of the best NASCAR betting sites in Canada, so check them out now and get involved!

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What is NASCAR?

If you are wondering just what NASCAR is, then it is basically put, stock car racing, and thanks to the unique rules of this most addictive spectator sport, when you actually sit down and watch any NASCAR race you are guaranteed the fact that no two races are going to be the same, and anything can happen once the races get underway.

Whilst NASCAR may not be instantly a sporting event you fancy placing a wager on, there are plenty of betting sites listed below that will offer you both odds and betting markets on all NASCAR races, and as such if you do fancy placing a wager then this is always possible.

Plus many of our featured betting sites now also operate their very own mobile betting sites in addition to their online betting sites, and as such if you fancy placing a wager from the track then you just need to grab your mobile cell phone to be able to do just that, and as such you are never going to miss out on getting your wager placed quickly and effortlessly, even when sat in the viewing area of a NASCAR racing track!

NASCAR Betting Tips

If you’re looking to get in on betting on NASCAR races, you need to know how to make intelligent bets that give you the best chance of winning. Here are some expert tips on how to do just that:

1. Do your research

Before placing any bets, you must research the drivers, teams, and tracks involved. This way, you’ll better understand the factors that could affect the outcome of the race.

2. Consider the odds

When betting on NASCAR races, be sure to consider the odds. The odds will give you an indication of which driver is favoured to win and by how much.

3. Place your bets early

If you want to get the best odds on a bet, it’s crucial to place your bets as early as possible. The closer you get to race time, the more likely the odds will change.

4. Know when to walk away

There will be times when you’re on a winning streak and feel like you can’t lose. However, it’s essential to know when to walk away and not get too greedy.

5. Have fun

Remember, betting on NASCAR races should be fun! Please don’t take it too seriously and always gamble responsibly.

Following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making smart bets and winning big at the track.

NASCAR in Canada

NASCAR first came to Canada in the early 1950s, when a few races were held at the Canadian National Exhibition Speedway in Toronto. The sport took off in the 1960s when a number of tracks were built across the country.

Today, NASCAR is one of the most popular spectator sports in Canada. Thousands of fans flock to racetracks like the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario, and the Scotia Speedworld in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

While there are no full-time NASCAR drivers from Canada, a few Canadians have made a name for themselves in the sport. In 2000, Patrick Carpentier became the first Canadian to win a NASCAR race when taking the checkered flag at the Molson Indy Toronto. In 2008, Ron Fellows made history again when he became the first Canadian to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup race, taking the checkered flag at the Michigan International Speedway.

Despite its popularity, NASCAR faces some challenges in Canada. The sport is expensive to participate in, and the tracks are often located in remote areas, making them difficult for fans to get to. In addition, the weather can be a significant factor, as winter conditions can often make racing impossible.

Despite these challenges, NASCAR remains one of Canada’s most popular spectator sports. With its fast cars and close racing, it’s easy to see why.

NASCAR Betting Events

The most popular sporting event held every year in regards to NASCAR is of course the Sprint Cup, and this one single fixture does have one of the biggest turnovers in regards to the betting markets and as such you will always find plenty of betting sites online offering you plenty of odds on every Sprint Cup meeting.

Not only that but some of the larger regional NASCAR racing tracks also are covered by online betting sites, which means you can follow the progress on any one team of any one single rider as the season progresses, and it goes without saying by shopping around you can also pick up the best odds on any race.

Types of NASCAR Bets

You will not find hundreds of different betting opportunities surrounding the sport of NASCAR, however, you are of course able to bet on the winner of any one single race, and many betting sites now let you place an each-way wager should you prefer a more conservative type of bet that will see you getting a return when a rider you have chosen to bet on finishes in one of the placed positions in any one race.

With this sport not really attracting the volume of wagers and bets that some other sports do, you will often find that the odds on some riders may get restrictive and small whenever a high number of bets have been placed on that rider, and as such we would suggest you place your wagers early to guarantee that the odds you see are the ones that you will be paid out on!

NASCAR Betting in Conclusion

To conclude, NASCAR betting can be a great way to make extra money. However, it is important to do your research and understand the odds before placing any bets. Many factors can affect the outcome of a race, so it is vital to be aware of them.

The best way to win big is to bet on the favourite, but remember that anything can happen in NASCAR. If you keep these things in mind, you should be able to make some profitable bets on NASCAR races.

More NASCAR Betting Sites

For the best sites at which to place a wager on any NASCAR event including the NASCAR Sprint Cup, then take our advice and stick to betting at the following Canadian-friendly betting sites for they all can be relied on to deliver the good in regards to the best odds and biggest bonus bets to guarantee you of maximum value from all of your NASCAR bets and wagers.

  • Bet365 – One bonus offer that we would suggest you take full advantage of when you are next in the mood to place a few wagers online is the 100% match bonus bet offer which is exclusively found over at the Bet365 betting site. This is a solid and highly dependable betting site famed for its huge number of betting markets, and if you are a Canadian sports bettor then they are one of the fastest paying betting sites online that always strive and succeed in getting their army of winning customers paid their winnings in the fastest possible time frames, every single time they make winning cash out.
  • Ladbrokes – Another site who have been making massive inroads into Canada is Ladbrokes, originally a UK-facing site, the betting company has been expanding at a fast rate of knots and they now offer their betting services to a worldwide market, and to tempt you to give them a try you can currently pick up for yourself C$120 in free bets, see their website for any further details you may require of this generous offer.
  • Paddy Power – Should you want plenty of value from your online or mobile bets then do head on over to another of our highly recommended betting sites, this time it is Paddy Power we are happy to present to you and as a new customer 50C$ in free bets will be waiting for you once you sign up and start using their online betting site.

You can place plenty of unique NASCAR bets at all of the above betting sites, however, the bonus offers listed may change at any time, so please make sure you visit the website of any betting sites whose bonus offer is of interest to you. Whilst checking out the promotional offers always make sure you read through and make yourself fully aware of all of the rules and terms and conditions of any NASCAR betting bonus offer.

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