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Motor Cycling

Introduction: Motorcycle Racing has been around for over a century and is governed by the Federation of International Motorcycling (FIM) which represents over 111 motorcycle federations from around the world.

Amateur and professional motorcycle racing grown incredibly over the last two decades thanks to the amount of television coverage and the top racers who have helped promote the sport. There are different types of motorcycle racing such as road racing, track racing, motorcross, snowcross, cross country races and bajas. Motorcycling has been a male dominated sport for a long time but in 2007, the FIM decided to create a Commission for Women in Motorcycling to promote the sport amongst women.

There are now 65 motorcycle world championships and prizes that are awarded every year. Motoracing was also recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1998 and was included as an Olympic sport for the first time during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Some of the top Moto GP tracks from around the world include Spain, Montmelo, Circuit de Catalunya, Italy, Scarperia, Mugello Circuit, France, Le Mans, Circuit Bugatti, Qatar, Doha, Losail International Circuit and Australia, Phillip Island, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Canada Betting: Motorcycle betting is common in Canada and popular sports betting websites such as Paddy Power, William Hill, 888 Sports, Betfair and Bet365 cover all of the top motorcycle racing events in the world. These sports betting websites offer both online and mobile betting services that are compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is considered to be the premier motorcycling event in the world and these sports betting websites cover all of the racing categories such as the 600cc bikes, Moto2 and MotoGP. These events tend to attract the highest number of bets in Canada amongst all other motorcycling events.

Motorcycle Racing In Canada: The Canadian Superbike Championship is one of the most popular motorcycle racing events in Canada and conducts events all across the country during the summer months. The Superbike Championship features races for Amateur Sport Bike, Amateur Superbike, Pro Superbike and Pro Sport Bike.  Some of the top Canadian Superbike champions over the years have included the likes of Don Munroe, Steve Crevier, Mario Duhamel, Michel Mercier and Mitch Card.

Canada has hosted the Canadian Grand Prix only once so far and that was in 1967. Even though Canada no longer has a Grand Prix, Canadians who love motorcycle racing pay careful attention to all of the international Motorcycle Grand Prix events and a number of them place bets on their favorite rides.

Motorcycle Betting Tips

  • Make note of the Grand Prix dates so you do not miss any of the major races
  • Study the top 5 ranked motorcycle rides in the different racing categories
  • Get as much information as you can about the ride, their team and their past performances before placing your bet.

There are of course plenty of different types of Motor Cycle racing events held throughout the year all over the world however, there are basically two different codes in regards to Motorbike racing with each racing event being each an off road one or a road discipline type of event.

However when it comes to betting on Motor Cycle racing then there are certainly plenty of different events to bet on along with a huge number of different bet types that you can place, to help you track down the best value bets below you will find information surrounding all aspects of Motorbike racing, so do give it a read through if you are considering place a wager on and up and coming race, for there is a lot of value bets available and plenty of free bets to be found at our top rated Motorbike betting sites.

Top Betting Sites


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Top Motor Cycling Betting Events

There are plenty of different Motorbike racing events head all over the world, and there are a large number of governing bodies who organise such events and races each year, some of the most bet on Motorbike racing events include those that have been organised by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclismo who are the world governing body for the sport.

You will also find events and races that have been organised by Motorcycling Australia the Auto Cycle Union, the American Motorcyclist Association and also events are held regularly as organised by both Motosport South Africa and the French governing body who are the Federation Francaise de moto.

Types of Motor Cycling Bets

One fairly new type of wager which you can place on any Motor Cycling event is the name the winning distance bet, and when you place such a bet you have to guess and correctly predict by just how far the winner will win any one race, and this bet can offer some very large odds dependent on how many lengths you pick and of course if your selection is actually correct!

You will obviously be able to place a wager on just which rider in any one racing event is going to win the race outright, and for those of you who like to bet a little more conservatively then how about placing an each way type of Motorbike racing bet, as these will see you winning a return if you chosen selection finishes the race in any of the prize paying positions.

Look out for some of our featured betting sites below who are offering special types of bets and wagers on Motorbike racing events, and by checking them all out you can often find some very high valued bets on offer which will boost your winning payouts!

Top Motor Cycling Betting Sites

Unlike other sports betting news and information websites, here at the website we only present to our website visitors betting sites that have passed our vigorous vetting procedure, and this means each site much offer fast payouts, high odds and plenty of Motor Cycling betting markets on an ongoing basis. You can bet and place wagers with complete confidence at any betting site listed below.

  • Bet365 – There are plenty of sports bettors out there who are looking to snap up as many value betting opportunities as you can, and as such we invite you to take a close look at the Bet365 Betting site for if you join up today you can get excellent value by utilising their 100% match bonus bet, the details of which can be found on their website.
  • Ladbrokes – Another very highly recommended online betting site and one that is not afraid of giving away some very generous offers is Ladbrokes, and for a limited time only if you sign up, deposit and gamble at their betting site then you are going to be able to claim a C$120 free bet.
  • Paddy Power – One site that is proving to be one of the most popular betting sites for anyone looking for standard types of wagering opportunities but also plenty of unique types of bets and wagers is Paddy Power. They are always dreaming up novel types of betting markets and as such you can often find plenty of bets that are going to not only interest you but will give you plenty of enhanced payout odds, if you take then up on their new customer sign up bonus today then you will be ahead of the game straight away as they will flip you a 50C$ free bet.
  • BetFair – You can turn you betting options upside down if you opt to join up to and start using the BetFair betting exchange, and the reason we say this is that you can now only back Motor Cycling wagers to win you can also bet to lose, meaning if you pick a rider who you think will lose, to lose, then they do you win! Checkout the BetFair website for details of how their betting exchange works and operates, and if you join up today you will be rewarded with a CAD20 Bonus.
  • Betdaq – Another betting exchange worthy of your attention is Betdaq and new customers can claim up to CAD200 in free bets, why not get over to their website for full details of this most generous bonus offer.

The website prides itself on presenting to you not only the best betting sites but also those that are offering the most generous betting bonuses and free bets. However be aware the Motor Cycling related free bets and bonuses above are subject to change at any time. So please check the respective website to double check that they are valid as they can and do change at very short notice.

Motor Cycling Betting FAQ

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