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Top Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Hockey

The game of hockey has been around for well over a century and is played by a number of countries including Germany, Italy, India, Pakistan, Australia, Spain and Canada.

There are a number of different variants of hockey including field hockey, bandy, ice hockey, street hockey and sledge hockey.

Ice hockey is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in Canada and has a massive following throughout the country.

The International Hockey Federation is the governing body for world hockey. There are a number of international hockey tournaments that take place on a regular basis such as the Champions Trophy, Hockey Champions Challenge, Commonwealth Games and the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament. The Olympics and the World Hockey Cup is scheduled every four years.

Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Hockey

You will be possibly now wanting to place a few Hockey related bets and wagers of your own, and if this is the case, then do not make the mistake of simply betting at the first betting site you come across online, visit the website of the following Canadian betting sites, for they offer the most comprehensive collection of Hockey bets, and are all giving away lots of free bonuses and free bets to new customers, so fill your boots whilst you can!


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All of the above betting sites do indeed offer a plethora of unique Hockey betting opportunities and exclusive sign up bonuses which will see you getting maximum value from all of your Hockey related bets and wagers, please be aware that the offers listed can change at very short notice, and as such the onus is on you to double check any offer mentioned is still available.

Hockey in Canada

Spain, Argentina, Germany and Australia have dominated the game of hockey for a number of years. India and Pakistan used to be a major force in hockey and had a massive fan following but over the years their performances have declined.

Canadians pay more attention to ice hockey than field hockey. The National Hockey League in Canada is the most popular ice hockey league in the world and is made up of 30 teams.

Match Fixing in Hockey

Field hockey has not been immune to the spreading of match fixing and in recent years a number of allegations have been made at domestic and international levels. The same is also true when it comes to ice hockey and as a result hockey’s regulatory body has agreed to be a part of the Integrity Betting Intelligence System which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and looks to fight match fixing, corruption and illegal sports betting across the globe.

Canadian Betting: Hockey

Canadians love to wager on ice hockey matches and place bets not only on their favorite teams but also on other matches during the season.

There are also a number of Canadians who follow traditional hockey matches, especially international matches and bet on these matches at popular sports betting websites such as Bet365, Betfair, Paddy Power, 888 Sports and William Hill. These sports betting websites offer online services and a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Some of the different types of wagers offered by these sports betting websites include quarter betting, half time betting, match winners and tournament champions. A field hockey match can take anywhere between 70 to 90 minutes to finish which allows sports betting websites to offer in-play betting.

Hockey Sports Betting Tips

  • Keep track of the schedule of hockey tournaments and matches across the world
  • Play close attention to player interviews, team performance in the last 5 matches and player suspensions
  • Do not place your wagers well in advance of the scheduled game as team changes, player injuries and changes in game strategies can impact the final outcome
  • Make use of in-play betting to hedge your bets

Roller Hockey, Field Hockey and Ice Hockey are all very popular sports, and where you have plenty of people interested in a sport as sure as night follows day you are going to find many people interested in placing wagers on it.

The Hockey playing environment does have a huge following in certain countries of the world, and in regards to when and how you can place wagers on any such Hockey event, then it is all dependent on which code of the game you are interested in as they all have their own seasons, leagues, divisions and championship.

In the Guide to Betting on Hockey we will showcase to you many of the most bet on Hockey events from all over the world, plus we will also enlighten you on the many different types and kinds of Hockey related bets you can place on any game plus as an added bonus we will introduce you to several online betting sites who both offer planet of Hockey betting markets and plenty of free bets to give to new customers of their respective betting sites!

Top Hockey Betting Events

Individual Hockey matches do get a lot of wagers placed on them during the season of the National Hockey League (NHL), however two events which get even more bets on them are the final game of any Hockey divisions or Hockey Tournament along with the type of bets whereby you are placing a wager on which team will lift any specific championship trophy.

You are of course able to bet on every single Hockey match, tournament, league and division and if you fancy doing so then checkout our listed sites at the foot of this page, for they will all give you the best odds and free bonuses if you join up and start betting at their sites.

Types of Hockey Bets

It is of course up to you how you decide to place wagers on any Hockey match, however you will of course need to have an idea of just which bets can be placed on such matches! It will come as no surprise that the most commonly placed Hockey bet is one on the winner of any single match, however these types of bets often come with very restrictive and low odds when one of the two sides is a red hot favourite.

So do consider placing a half time and a full time wager on a Hockey match or even place a wager on the correct score betting markets where you have to correctly predict what each team in any one Hockey match will score, these types of wagers often offer huge odds and whilst those huge odds are on offer, never forget the actual chances of you predicting the correct score of any Hockey match are quite high!

Hockey Betting FAQ

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