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GAA Betting

Introduction: Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is an amateur and international Irish organizational body that promotes traditional Irish sports and culture in Ireland and across the globe. The GAA focuses on promoting Gaelic games such as Gaelic football, handball, rounders, hurling, and camogie. The GAA also promotes the Irish language, dance and music.

The GAA motto is to ‘Be there all the way’ and has its headquarters in Croke Park, Dublin. There are more than 500,000 members in the GAA and the majority of Gaelic sports are governed by the GAA Rounders National Council.

The most popular of all GAA sports is Gaelic football which draws the largest crowds in Northern Ireland. Although GAA has its roots in Ireland, it is popular throughout the world and a number of countries such as Australia, Austria, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, United States, France, Germany and Great Britain play GAA sports.

GAA Betting in Canada

There is a niche market in Canada that loves to watch GAA sports and also places bets on different Gaelic sports. They rely on sports betting websites such as Betfair, Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and 888 Sports to place wagers on GAA matches. These sports betting websites offer their services online and via mobile sports betting apps to enable betters to make bets while on the go. The mobile betting apps are compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

The range of bets offered by these sports betting websites depends on the type of GAA sport that the bettor wants to bet on. Most GAA matches usually have a home, draw and away betting options. Some of the featured GAA tournaments that are covered by these sports betting websites include the All Ireland Camogie Championship, All Ireland SHC, All Ireland Club Hurling, Fitzgibbon Cup, NHL Division 1 and all Munster Senior Hurling Championship.

GAA in Canada

Although numerous countries follow and play GAA sports, there are no international tournaments that follow traditional Gaelic rules. When different countries compete in Gaelic sports, the rules are adjusted to reflect two similar sports. The Canadian GAA is the regulatory body for all Gaelic games that take place across the country and is one of the 30 plus regional GAA executive boards in the world.

Ladies Gaelic football, men’s football, hurling and camogie are played all over Canada, especially in places like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. The Toronto GAA and the Western Divisional Board also oversee Gaelic games in their respective states and report to the Canadian GAA.

GAA Betting Tips

  • Make note of the popular GAA sporting events and decide which of these sports you would like to bet on
  • Double-check with one or more sports betting websites to see if they are covering those tournaments and events
  • Read up on the teams and players who are participating in the events and check their last 5 performances.
  • Make full use of in-play betting whenever available

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) promotes traditional Irish Sports such as Hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, handball and rounders. The sport of Hurling is one that attracts a dedicated following, and whilst most people like to watch this sport when it comes to getting a little more excitement you can now place a huge array of GAA types bets and wagers.

So if you fancy spicing up your viewing pleasure by placing a Hurling-related wager then we present to you the Guide to GAA Betting.

Remember that all of our featured betting sites are going to shower you with free bets should you sign up and start placing Hurling bets on their respective sites, so be sure to mop as many of them up as you can

Top Sites for GAA Betting

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GAA Betting Events

It is the weekly matches that make up the GAA Football season that is going to attract the largest number of wagers, however being able to track and compare odds on these matches can be something of a nightmare as not all betting sites offer GAA betting markets, and as such you may be forced to take whatever odds you see offered on the teams you are looking to win their respective GAA matches.

However, never take or make comprises when you are wagering online, make sure that when you wish to place a GAA wager on any up-and-coming Hurling and Football events then check out those sites listed at the foot of this page, for each and every one of them will offer you a diverse betting market

Types of GAA Bets

You really will be able to put your skill and judgement to the test if you opt to place a GAA wager online, as there are quite a few unique types of wagers on offer at any of our featured betting sites.

As such you can bet on the first player to score in any up-and-coming match, the last player to score and also try and predict which team will either win the match or which team will be leading at half time or both at half time and full time! Please take a look at each of our showcased GAA betting sites below for when you do indeed visit their respective websites you will be able to view and see all of their current GAA Hurling betting opportunities, of which there are always a great number of them on offer!

Top GAA Betting Sites in Canada

Why not fill your boots with all of the free bets and free bonuses that are currently on offer at all of our top-rated and licensed online betting sites listed below. You will of course find more than enough ways to bet on GAA at each and every one of them and all of them offer fast payouts, an easy-to-use betting interface and excellent customer support should you ever need it.

  • Bet365 – Bet365 offer you a one-stop-shop for all of your betting needs, and as such it offers a 100% match bonus bet that you can place on all sports, including Hurling. Although there are a lot of bets you can place, Bet365 explains what each bet does and all requirements so you’ll never accidentally place the wrong one.
  • Ladbrokes – Ladbrokes have been going since the day dot when it comes to gambling, and as such, every possible bet going can be placed, and to help you get off the starting mark, they are offering all Canada-based clients up to C$120 in free bets. These can be used for nearly every sports occasion, however, should you want to place some wagers on the Hurling, you can with this highly generous bonus.
  • Party Bets – You are always going to be showered with extras when you become a customer of the Party Bets betting and for a limited time only you can claim, as a new player a 25C$ free bet, check out their website for full details, but be quick!
  • Betway – Betway has recently rolled out a new bonus for new members, and this is a C$50 free bets bonus. This extra cash can be used on any sporting fixture including the Hurling, and as such you could see yourself curling your way to a small fortune.
  • 888 Sport – As far as bonuses go, 888Sport has it covered, offering a very apt CAD88 Free Bets bonus, you’ll be able to place bets on the hurling and on any other sporting event. Actually, should you really want to, you could probably wager on a chess tournament or on whether it will snow at Christmas!
  • BetFair – The BetFair site is the simplest betting website we’ve seen. Offering everything in plain English, they offer you a generous, no-obligation CAD20 Bonus. This can be placed on any sporting occasion, and should hurling be your thing, you can wager on the outcome with your bonus. Simply sign up and deposit some funds in your account to be eligible.
  • Betdaq – An amazing amount of free cash is going to be coming your way if you opt to sign up to the betting exchange that is offered by Betdaq, and for a limited time only everyone who does can claim a rather tasty and certainly not to be sniffed at CAD200 in free bets.

As always we would like to make you aware that all of the GAA betting bonuses and GAA free bets that we have showcased to you above are subject to change at any time. Whilst here at the website we always update the offers and special promotions as quickly as possible, you ought to visit the website of any betting site mentioned above to confirm the offers are still indeed valid.

GAA Betting FAQ

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