InstaDebit Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

While many online casino players and bettors worldwide have to decide what payment method to use for their experience, Canadian bettors have a local solution. Founded in 2003, InstaDebit has evolved as a great online payment option for Canadians who don’t want to deal with the trouble of leaving a track of their bank account information on bookmakers’ websites.

InstaDebit is a global leader in delivering financial services with a payment processing solution available in Canada, and its main office is in Toronto. InstaDebit has years of online payment expertise and focuses on providing the best deposit options in the online gaming industry. The company partners with the most popular online gaming brands, and InstaDebit is growing its audience, services, and other benefits.

Canadian bettors have to note that InstaDebit is not an e-wallet and doesn’t allow depositing money in the account for an extended period. Its main purpose is to deposit funds on the merchants’ website, in our case, the bookmakers’ website.

If you can’t use it as an e-wallet, why use it at all?

Well, InstaDebit works as a mediator between the bank and the sportsbook, meaning there won’t be any official information on your bank statements about participating in gambling activity. When you use InstaDebit, your money will go instantly into your betting account, and the best part is that you can also use it for withdrawing money.

Bettors can register an account in advance or open an account while selecting InstaDebit to deposit at the bookies. Registering is easy, simple, and hassle-free. InstaDebit is increasingly gaining more popularity, meaning countless bookmakers use it for their client’s convenience. Our guide will provide all the necessary information on how InstaDebit works and how bettors should deposit and withdraw money online. Let’s dive in and see why InstaDebit is such a popular choice in Canada.

InstaDebit Betting Sites in Canada

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InstaDebit for Betting

The main challenge for online bettors is finding a bookmaker that has multiple payment options and offers great free bets and promotions to go with it. While this is really important, what else should Canadian bettors consider before selecting a sportsbook?

The top priority for everyone is security. Bettors should check the bookie’s license and pay attention to its terms and conditions. Even more, the bookmaker must have fair odds and transparent information on the website. If you don’t know how to identify the “red flags,” you can read several online betting reviews and see what other players have to say about a specific bookmaker.

Once you check its security features and the bookie’s encryption method, you can flip through its welcome bonuses and other current promotions. A trustworthy bookmaker will have fantastic welcome bonuses that will give players free bets and match their deposit with additional money. On top of that, they will provide many payment methods and won’t charge fees for depositing or withdrawing.

The main advantage for Canadian bettors is that InstaDebit is available for most Canadian sportsbooks. This means you will have a great selection, and you can spoil yourself by choosing the one that suits your betting needs.

How to Register an InstaDebit Account

If you have ever used e-wallets, opening an account with InstaDebit will seem easy. One benefit InstaDebit has – it allows you to register at the same time you deposit on the bookie’s site. You don’t have to deal with registration before betting – you can do it straight when you bet. For opening an account, bettors have to follow the following steps:

1) Open the InstaDebit website in the browser and click the Log In/ Sign Up button. Or, if you want to follow the second option, select depositing money at the bookie’s website and create an account in the meantime.

2) After clicking on the Sign-Up or getting the registration form after selecting InstaDebit at the sportsbook, bettors must fill it up with personal details. The site will require you to provide information about your first and last name, email address, and postal code.

3) After you confirm the details on the website, another form will appear on the screen. InstaDebit will ask for your phone number, apartment, street address (home), city, province, date of birth, and last four digits of S.I.N., and bettors must create a password.

4) To finalize the registration process, bettors have to access their email accounts and click on the link provided by InstaDebit. It will redirect you to its official website, and you can start managing the account from that point.

How to Deposit Money in Your InstaDebit Account

After creating an Instadebit account, you need to transfer funds to start depositing at your selected bookmaker. To do this, bettors must link their bank information and verify it by following specific steps:

1) Open your InstaDebit account and select the option to link it to your bank account.

2) The next step will be to connect your bank account to InstaDebit. For this, bettors need to provide the bank transit number (5 digits), the financial institution number (3 digits), and the account number (up to 12 digits).

3) When you sign up with InstaDebit next time, it will place a small deposit into your bank account. The deposit will be less than $2.00 and will appear in your bank account within 1-5 business days. This way, InstaDebit can verify their bank account and avoid fraud or other security breaches.

4) Once you follow these steps, you will have higher limits for your payments and can proceed with placing online bets.

Canadian bettors who choose InstaDebit have to pay a small fee for its several services. Generally, the basic features are free for users. Still, InstaDebit will charge $1.95 to deposit at the bookmaker from your bank account and $2.00 to withdraw funds from your InstaDebit account to your bank account. Compared to other e-wallets, the fees are very low and don’t affect the bettors’ choice of paying with InstaDebit.

How to Deposit Money in Your Betting Account with InstaDebit

The moment you have funds in your InstaDebit account, you can start betting with your favourite sportsbook and get some winnings home. How do Canadian bettors start depositing money to get the best odds?

1) Access your betting account. If you are new to online betting, you should register a betting account. Don’t worry, though! The process is a piece of cake.

2) Go to the Cashier or Deposit section (bookmakers will have different page names for this category) and select InstaDebit to deposit money.

3) Enter the amount you want to deposit. You will have to complete your InstaDebit account details. Remember, you can opt to open an account directly from the bookmaker’s website once you select InstaDebit for payment.

4) After filling out your account credentials, click on Confirm, and that’s it! The money will go instantly from your InstaDebit funds into your betting account, and you can start your betting experience without delays!

How Do Bettors Withdraw Money Using InstaDebit?

If you think depositing money with InstaDebit is easy, you will be thrilled to know that withdrawing your winnings is even more convenient. Follow our instructions:

1) Open your betting account at your chosen sportsbook.

2) From the Cashier or Withdraw page, select the option to withdraw money using InstaDebit.

3) Enter the amount you want to cash out.

4) After that, confirm the transaction. The withdrawal time depends on the bookmaker’s time for processing the payment. Usually, it takes 24 hours, but sometimes getting the money into your InstaDebit account or transferring them to your bank account will take 3-5 business days.

About InstaDebit Security

It’s pretty obvious that bettors don’t want to experience financial troubles during their money transactions. With InstaDebit, you don’t have to worry about such issues.

InstaDebit protects your data and never shares it with other third-party subjects involved in the payment. This is a major advantage for bettors. The bank won’t have access to the payments made to bookmakers because they will get only the InstaDebit information on the bill. And the bookmakers won’t get any bank details from the transactions, meaning your personal information is guarded against any online fraud activity.

Moreover, InstaDebit verifies your date of birth, the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and your official bank statements to confirm your identity and protect your payments. Every transaction and financial service is regulated by the leading security certification firm VeriSign which uses 128-bit encryption technology, protecting you and your sensitive data from fraud.

Are you already impressed? Because we definitely are! With InstaDebit, bettors can forget about payment issues and thoroughly enjoy their experience.

The Pros of Using InstaDebit

Although InstaDebit is not an e-wallet, it has countless advantages for Canadian bettors. It offers these benefits:

1) It doesn’t require a credit or debit card. You simply use your bank account every time you deposit or withdraw money without introducing information about your cards. InstaDebit funds will go straight from your savings accounts into your deposit.

2) Its payments are quick. Bettors will instantly get the deposits in their InstaDebit account and then in their betting account without delays. Withdrawals are also faster compared to other e-wallets. They can appear in the account within 24 hours and sometimes in the next three business days.

3) It allows withdrawing your winnings. Some online payment services don’t allow withdrawing money from betting sites. With InstaDebit, you don’t have these issues. Many bookmakers accept InstaDebit withdrawals and use them for players’ convenience.

4) It uses the latest security measures. As we’ve already mentioned, InstaDebit constantly improves its security, and bettors can rest assured that their money and personal information are safe.

5) It has low fees. While other e-wallets have percentage fees for your transactions, InstaDebit uses fixed and low fees. The highest fee is $2.00, which is insignificant and doesn’t affect your bankroll.

6) Bookmakers widely accept it. Bettors can find numerous Canadian sportsbooks that use InstaDebit for deposits and withdrawals.

The Cons of Using InstaDebit

 As attractive as it is, InstaDebit still has several cons we can’t fail to mention. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1) Canadian bettors can’t use it if they don’t have a Canadian bank account. You have to check if InstaDebit works with your bank in Canada. If it doesn’t, you can’t open an InstaDebit account.

2) You can’t use it as a guest. Even if the registration is simple and quick, some bettors don’t want to deal with it. They like the option of using iDebit and depositing fast without any hassle.

3) InstaDebit charges a fee for payments. While the fees are low – which is a great advantage, bettors prefer an e-wallet that doesn’t charge for its services.

Our Conclusion

We hope you don’t have any more concerns about InstaDebit and that our guide gave you the answers you needed. After researching this payment method, we can definitely say that InstaDebit is easy and quick. Forget about excessive fees, long pending transfers, and other money issues.

InstaDebit has many valuable features for Canadian bettors. Opening an account is straightforward and convenient since you don’t have to use credit or debit cards. Your deposits are instant, and you can start betting right away. But even more, you will have a great selection of bookmakers that use InstaDebit and offer fantastic bonuses and promotions.

InstaDebit is a trustworthy option for Canadians and takes all security measures to make betting and payments a safe place for everyone involved. If you haven’t been using InstaDebit until now, then it’s time to change this. Register and start having some fun today!

InstaDebit Betting FAQ

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