iDebit Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

The online payment industry is constantly becoming more popular and winning bettors’ hearts. New options for making online transactions appear frequently, and the most recent one that allures Canadian gamers is iDebit.

iDebit Payments is an online banking solution company from Toronto, Ontario. It provides online financial services like real-time payments without a credit card. With iDebit, bettors can securely pay using funds directly from the bank they are already using. This means no one else will see your personal banking information, and your data is safe.

Although for someone, iDebit is a relatively new betting deposit method, it has already built its trust with many online bookmakers. Why should you start considering iDebit for online betting?

iDebit doesn’t need your credit card information because you pay directly from your bank account. The payment process is straightforward. You don’t have to deal with complicated registration and can use it as a guest. It has low fees and some services are free. Even more, with iDebit, the transactions are instant, and you can start betting anytime.

The one thing you don’t have to care about is searching for bookmakers. Almost every Canadian bookmaker uses iDebit, and bettors can fully enjoy its advantages. If you are not sure your bank allows using iDebit – don’t worry. We’ve researched and come up with a list of banks that provides iDebit transfers. Canadian bettors can use iDebit if they have bank accounts at Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Desjardins, National Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Simplii Financial, and TD Canada Trust.

iDebit Betting Sites in Canada

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iDebit for Betting

We’ve compiled this guide to show you that iDebit has significant advantages for Canadian bookmakers, and bettors get a list of additional bonuses when they choose this option. But first, be careful while searching for the right bookmaker.

If you are a skilled bettor, you already have experience browsing online sportsbooks. But if you are new to this type of entertainment, follow some of our advice.

The first thing is for bettors to check bookmakers’ licenses and ensure the proper official institutions regulate them. You can read online reviews and see what other bettors say about the specific bookmaker. Although it may seem that the website has fair odds, the reality can be different. Look into its terms and conditions and welcome bonuses.

A great iDebit bookmaker will reward players with sign-up bonuses and free bets. You can get a matching deposit and start wagering with more money, which can be fantastic for new bettors. We are sure there is an excellent choice of online bookmakers, and bettors can have an exciting online experience choosing iDebit as their payment method.

How to Register an iDebit Account

Compared to other online payment options, registering on iDebit is a walk in the park. Bettors who don’t want to deal with the hassle of registration can take advantage of its services by entering as a Guest. Wherever option you choose, using iDebit is simple and easy. You should register an account if you want to use your account to withdraw money. Take the following steps:

1) Go to the website of the iDebit payment and click the Log In/ Sign Up button.

2) After clicking on the Sign-Up, a form will appear on the screen, and bettors must fill it up with personal information. This includes first and last name, email address, and postal code.

3) When confirming the first form, another one will pop up on the screen. This time bettors have to enter their street number, apartment, street address (home), city, province, date of birth, and last four digits of S.I.N. and create a password.

4) After you complete these forms, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on it to be redirected to iDebit’s website.

5) The last step will be to connect your bank account to your iDebit account and start with depositing money. After that, you can use your iDebit account as a regular debit card and move your funds for making online payments.

How to Deposit Money in Your iDebit Account

After creating your iDebit account, you need to transfer funds to start depositing at your selected bookmaker.

1) Open your iDebit account and select the option to link it to your bank account. You can connect several bank accounts, but note that you can make only one payment from a particular account, which means you can’t split the payment from 2 bank accounts simultaneously.

2) Besides providing the regular bank account information, bettors must upload several documents: a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued photo ID, a utility bill or other proof of address, and a void cheque (not a counter or temporary cheque).

3) After that, you can transfer money from your bank account to your iDebit account.

iDebit users have to pay a small fee for some payment services. For example, opening an account is free, but transferring money from your bank account will cost you 1.50 CAD. Paying with your iDebit balance is free, but moving money from your account back to the bank will cost 2.00 CAD. Overall, the fees are very low compared to other online payment options and are convenient for Canadian bettors.

How to Deposit Money in Your Betting Account with iDebit

Once you move funds into your iDebit account, it’s time to start depositing on bookmakers’ sites and have some fun. Bettors should do the following:

1) Go to your betting account. If you don’t have a betting account, complete the registration process.

2) Go to the Deposit section and select iDebit as your payment method.

3) A new window will ask for the amount you want to deposit. Enter the number and click confirm.

4) After that, you will be redirected to iDebit. Bettors should enter their account details or use iDebit as a Guest. Additionally, you have to insert your S.I.N number.

5) You confirm the transaction, and money goes straight into your betting account.

How Do Bettors Withdraw Money Using iDebit?

Withdrawing money with iDebit is as easy as depositing. Basically, you follow the same steps (but remember you can’t withdraw money as a Guest):

1) You access your betting account on the bookmaker’s website.

2) From the Withdraw page, choose the option to withdraw money via iDebit. Select the method for transferring money.

3) From there, you will be redirected to your iDebit account. Enter the account details.

4) Insert the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction. The withdrawal time depends on the bookmaker’s time for processing the payment. Sometimes, it can take up to 5 days for your withdrawals to appear in the account, but more often, they are fast.

About iDebit Security

As you already know, every online payment method strives to offer its users the finest security measures, and iDebit is no exception. Bettors’ security is a priority, making the payment process as secure as possible.

Bettors love using iDebit because their banking information is unavailable to other third-party participants. iDebit cooperates with your local bank and takes advantage of its security technologies to keep your personal information and money safe and private.

iDebit goes the extra mile to ensure you are the account owner by checking your ID and uploaded documents. On top of that, you have to enter your bank credentials and answer the bank’s security question.

But the most important part, with so many layers of security, your money will never fall into the wrong hands. All information is transmitted securely using 128-bit encryption technology, protecting you and your sensitive data from fraud.

The Pros of Using iDebit

Canadian bettors get many advantages when using iDebit to deposit and bet online. We should take into consideration the following ones:

1) Accepted by many betting sites in Canada. Whenever you want to bet on sports competitions or any other events, you will surely be able to find many bookmakers that use iDebit. It’s convenient, fast, and safe, making it a trusted and popular option for Canadian bettors and sportsbooks.

2) Personal bank information is hidden from other merchants. As we’ve already mentioned, bookmakers can’t see your bank information. The transaction is between you and the bank, and you transfer your money directly from your iDebit account without leaving any trail behind.

3) Fast and instant deposits. Depositing with iDebit is hassle-free. Once you have funds in your account, transferring them to your betting account is a piece of cake. The money will instantly get on your balance, and you can start placing bets immediately. This is very important for Canadian bettors who like monitoring live events and need to have fast access to their accounts and money.

4) Bettors can claim welcoming bonuses. For new bettors, iDebit bookmakers offer free bonuses and promotions. While other e-wallets may not be eligible for this, iDebit users can delight in the best rewards in the betting industry from the top sportsbooks.

5) 24/7 customer service. Online betting usually comes with many issues, like delayed withdrawings and pending transactions. That’s why it is important to have access to customer service and solve these problems fast. iDebit has its customer support available 24/7 for online bettors, which means there would be no delays in getting a prompt answer to your questions.

The Cons of Using iDebit

Every online payment method has disadvantages that can stop bettors from using it. iDebit has the following drawbacks:

1) You can fund your iDebit account only with a bank account. You can’t use other e-wallets, cryptocurrency, or credit and debit cards. It limits bettors’ choice and sometimes is very inconvenient because people like having more options available for funding their betting account, especially using crypto.

2) It’s limited to Canadian users. While Canadian bettors can sleep at night knowing they can freely use iDebit, it can still create some barriers – especially when you create an account in Canada and then move to another country or don’t operate with the same bank.

3) Limited financial services. Bettors are limited to 2 options for their account – either they transfer money to/ from their bank or use it to pay a third-party merchant. They can’t transfer money to other e-wallets or people’s accounts, making it a very limited option.

4) Service fees. Bettors can use iDebit to pay online for free, but other services like transferring money from/to their bank account are charged. Although the fees are minimal – 1.50/2.00 CAD, someone can consider it a big disadvantage.

5) There is no plastic or virtual card. Almost every e-wallet has created a plastic or virtual card for users’ convenience. Unfortunately, iDebit is not one of them.

Our Conclusion

iDebit seems like a great hassle-free choice for bettors who don’t want to deal with complicated financial details. It’s straightforward and doesn’t raise any issues during payment processing. Registration is easy, and using it is a breeze.

Even more, Canadian bettors can take advantage of fast deposits, easy withdrawals, great bookmakers’ bonuses, and low processing fees. What can be better than getting the money instantly in your account and enjoying the sports event without worrying about other issues?

iDebit is becoming more popular daily, which means it will keep improving and adding more features. It provides one of the best security measures, and bettors can surely appreciate the large selection of iDebit bookmakers. Don’t hesitate and open an iDebit account to get the bonuses today!

iDebit Betting FAQ

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