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Introduction: The game of darts is played all over the world as a pastime and also as a professional sport. Darts has been around for over a century but has gained a lot of popularity during the last decade due to the amount of television coverage that the game has received. It is very popular in the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, Germany and the United States.

The World Darts Federation is the international governing body for the sport and the darts world rankings rate the best dart players in the world. Dart competitions take place on a regular basis throughout the world and events are held for both men and women. There are also dart team sports such as the Darts World Cup and the PDC World Cup of Darts.

The top 3 dart players in the world for the men’s division currently are Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright while the top 3 dart players for the women’s division are Aileen de Graaf, Deta Hedman and Anastasia Dobromyslova.

Darts Betting in Canada

There is a niche market segment in Canada that follow both domestic as well as international dart competitions and loves to wager on them. Some of the popular sports betting websites that offer wagers on darts include 888 Sports, Betfair, William Hill, Bet365 and Paddy Power. These sports betting websites offer online sports betting and also mobile app betting to enable bettors to wager on the go. These mobile sports betting apps are compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Some of the different wagers on dart betting include Most 180s, Total 180s, First 180, 9 darts special, 9 darts finish, Most 180s and Lose Match, Most 180s and Win Match, 170 checkout, 170 checkout specials, highest checkout score, total sets and correct score.

These sports betting websites cover dart competitions for men and women. Some of the popular darts tournaments featured on these sports betting websites include BDO World Darts Championship, PDC World Championship, BDO Women’s World Championship and Premier League Darts.

Darts in Canada

The National Darts Federation of Canada is the governing body for all Canadian darts competitions. Some of the top darts tournaments in Canada include Quebec Open, Quebec Winter Classic, Drummondville, St. John’s, K-W Tri-City Open and Newfoundland.

The top 3 Canadian dart players in the men’s division are currently Jeff Smith, David Cameron and Shawn Burt while the top 3 dart players in the women’s division are Trish Grzeskik, Joanne Luke and Patricia Farrell.

Darts Betting Tips

  • Take note of the top darts competitions around the world and double-check which sports betting websites cover all of them
  • You might have to sign up with more than one sports betting website if the one you select has limited coverage of dart competitions.
  • Do your research on the world darts ranking and back the top players as you are more likely to win

You will get plenty of entertainment when you not only watch Darts matches and Darts Tournaments but also place a few little wagers on any up-and-coming Darts fixture, and in our Darts Betting Guide below you will find additional information such as where to place your Darts bets along with information on the many different types of wagers you can place.

So if Darts is one of your favourite sports then do keep on reading for a few pointers in regards to how you can get the best value from placing Darts bets at any of our showcased online betting sites.

Top Sites for Darts Betting

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Darts Betting Events

There are, on an ongoing basis, plenty of regularly held Darts Tournaments, these are held all over the world, as Darts is not just associated with the UK as many people may think. This guarantees that if you do have an interest in these kinds of sporting events then there are no shortages of up-and-coming tournaments for you to not only watch but also you can bet on any player you think will make it to the final or win any single match.

Two very popular Darts betting events are the PDC World Championship and the Sydney Masters to name but two of them, and should you fancy putting your money down and placing a Darts wager, then below you will find the betting sites that can be guaranteed to give you a range of betting opportunities.

Types of Darts Bets

If you have no experience in betting on Darts, then this particular sport comes with plenty of different wagering opportunities, for example, you are able to place a single wager on which player you think is going to win each round of betting or the player you think is going to win or be placed at the final game of any Darts Tournament.

Not only are the above-mentioned betting opportunities on offer, but you can also place several unique types of wagers, such as which player is going to score 180 during any three-dart throw and there are also plenty of each-way or place types of wagers on offer.

As such with plenty of wagering opportunities on offer should you fancy getting involved in Darts betting, which many sports bettors enjoy, then check out our range of betting sites listed below we guarantee that each site listed is going to give you the biggest range of Darts betting options.

Top Darts Betting Sites in Canada

We have handpicked each and every single sports betting site listed below, as we know that they not only offer plenty of value-for-money wagering opportunities on the game of Darts but for added extras such as free bets, each one of them can be relied on to deliver the goods!

  • Bet365 – Although darts isn’t the most energetic of sports, it is still one of the most exciting, even more so when Bet345 is offering you a 100% match bonus bet. This means you’ll be able to get on the oche the minute you sign up and deposit funds into your account. Throughout the year, you’ll also receive a variety of offers and bonuses while also finding that you can withdraw at any time and see the money land in your account without delay.
  • Ladbrokes – If you’re unsure about placing a bet on the darts, then take a look at Ladbrokes, not only do they explain everything in real English, but their website is also laid out so you don’t need a Ph.D. in computer science to browse. The newly launched newcomer’s bonus of up to C$120 free bets also ensures that you get the most out of your session at Ladbrokes. If you like the idea of having your playing sessions extended, make sure you take a look!
  • Paddy Power – The first rule of business is to not give anything away. Paddy Power on the other hand is doing quite the opposite and giving all new players a bonus of 50C$ free bet when they join and deposit into their account. Because Paddy Power doesn’t do things in half, you’ll find that you can withdraw in double time, and the money you do withdraw from your bookie account will be available in your chosen account rapidly. Paddy Power also offers a faster payments type system, which is a service offered by most banks, meaning that payments can be processed and credited in a matter of hours, not days which used to be the case.
  • Betdaq – We can highly recommend the Betdaq betting exchange should you be looking to take a slightly different look at the way you place Darts wagers online, For they let you not only bet on who you think is going to win any Darts match, but you can lay wagers also, and that simply means you can place bets on who you think is going to lose a Darts match as opposed to winning a match! With a CAD200 in free bets currently on offer then you really should check out what they have to offer and sign up today!

Whilst all of the Darts bonus bets and free bonus offers listed above were valid when we put together this Darts Betting Guide, they are all subject to change and enhancements, and as such to make sure you know what offer is still valid and any that may have changed please visit the betting sites individually as that is where their current new player and ongoing bonus offers and free Darts betting opportunities can be found fully listed.

Darts Betting FAQ

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