Cycling Betting Sites in Canada [ 2024 ]

Tour de France

Introduction: Cycling may not be as popular as some of the other mainstream sports such as basketball, football and tennis but it still has a large audience across the globe. There are numerous cycling championships held throughout the year and in different locations across the world. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) promotes a number of these annual cycling competitions and at the end of the year gives out world champion cyclist awards to different divisions.

Some of the popular tournaments include the UCI Road World Championships, UCI Track Cycling World Championships, UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships, UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships and the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships. The regulatory body that governs world cycling is the International Cycling Association.

Cycling Betting in Canada

Cycling competitions are held on an ongoing basis and all of the major championships including the Tour De France are covered by major online sports betting websites that offer their services in Canada. Some of these sports betting websites include Bet 365, William Hill, Betfair, 888 Sports and Paddy Power.

These sports betting websites offer Canadians the opportunity to place the wagers online or via a mobile sports betting app that allows them to place bets on the go. There are different types of cycling wagers offered by these sports betting websites which include stage betting, rider specials, number of finishers and outright betting.

Stage betting is broken down into different sections of the race and who will finish first. Rider Specials focus on specific cyclists and their chances of winning particular cycling championships before a particular period of time. The number of finishers is based on the total number of cyclists that are likely to complete the race and outright betting is the eventual winner of the cycling championship.

Cycling Overview

There are both amateur and professional cycling competitions held throughout the year, however, online sports betting websites focus more on professional cycling competitions. The biggest cycling event in all categories takes place every four years at the Olympics.

Cycling in Canada focuses on developing cyclists in Canada and is also responsible for putting together the Olympic cycling team for Canada. Canada has had a number of well-known cyclists over the years including Jasmin Glaesser, bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics, Joëlle Numainville, Allison Beveridge and Laura Brown.

Cycling Betting Tips

  • Take the time to study both the men’s and women’s divisions to identify the top 10 cyclists.
  • Keep track of the latest cycling news including when tournaments are scheduled, where they are scheduled and the list of cyclists participating
  • Take the time to research weather conditions, and cyclist injuries and listen to cyclist interviews to gain more knowledge before placing a bet
  • Make use of stage betting phases as it enables you to build more confidence
  • You can also use in-play betting to hedge your bets and reduce your risk

It can take years to work your way to the top when you are involved in the sport of Cycling, but what will not take you very long to master is placing wagers on this popular sport, and in regards to doing just that here at the website we invite you to take a good look at this Cycling Betting Guide, should you fancy placing a range of different types of bets and wagers on any up and coming Cycling event, of which there are quite a few about to start.

Top Sites for Cycling Betting

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Cycling Betting Events

It is probably the Tour De France that many people instantly name when asked what is the biggest Cycling event, however, there are many other Cycling competitions running all over the world at any one time including the Tour of Poland which is proving to be a popular competition.

If you wish to place wagers on either of these events, or in fact and up and coming Cycling competition, then make sure you do not simply take the first odds you find online, have a good look through our featured Cycling betting sites listed at the foot of this web page, for there are some great valued betting opportunities and even a slew of free bets which can be taken, and that will guarantee you always get the best value from any Cycling related wager you place at these top-rated online betting sites.

Types of Cycling Bets

You will be able to place a bet on who you think is not only going to win each round of any Cycling event and get to wear Yellow Jersey at any point in a Cycling event, but you are able to place a bet on who you think will not only come first but those cyclists who will make it into one of the top positions when the tournaments come to its end.

Be aware however that as the makeup of any Cycling event is going to be constantly changing, then so are the odds on any of your selections winning or being placed in the event, and as such for the best value it is advisable that you place your wagers well in advance, even possibly before the Cycling fixture begins.

Top Cycling Betting Sites in Canada

Make no mistake, when you want a completely hassle-free type of wagering experience online then all of the betting sites listed below are going to offer you just that. A wide range of Cycling related wagers is on offer at each of them along with plenty of special deals and promotions that will enable you to get the best value from all of your Cycling wagers and bets.

  • Bet365 – Should cycling be your thing, you will receive a 100% match bonus bet if you sign up and deposit with Bet365. Not only will you be able to receive this bonus, but throughout the year, you’ll be offered a variety of bonuses which can offer you serious value for money.
  • Ladbrokes – Ladbrokes offer everything you want, they offer up to C$120 in free bets. The bonus is open to all Canada-based players, and as such you can deposit and withdraw in CAD, meaning you will never again lose out due to currency exchange. If you fancy placing a bet on the Tour de France, or any other cycling tournament, you will find no easier place to do it!
  • William Hill – William Hill has always had a certain ethos about customers, and it has never changed; Treat your clients well. As such, all new customers will receive CAD25 free bets and a variety of other bonus offers throughout the year including Christmas offers, special sporting bonuses and of course, the offer of playing at the William Hill online casino.
  • Betway – Betway don’t do things by halves, and as such, they are offering up to C$50 in free bets for all new customers. Not only do Betway offer a huge array of sporting fixtures, but they also allow you to place bets in nearly any way you like, including the Super Heinz, for all you big betters out there. Simply join Betway and make a deposit today to be eligible for this great bonus offer.
  • BetFair – You are going to be able to pick the winner of any Cycling Tournaments at BetFair and get your wagers placed on that selection instantly, however as BetFair is a betting exchange then you are able to lay wagers placed by other punters and whenever their chosen bets that you have laid lose then you keep their stakes, should their selection win then you have to pay them out at the odds you offered. New customers of BetFair can get a free CAD20 Bonus, details can be found on the BetFair website.
  • Betdaq – The guys at Betdaq have been working tirelessly to ensure that they can offer all of the best bonuses online, and for all Canada-based players, you can claim up to CAD200 in free bets. This bonus is open to all new members, and is the perfect way of getting extra funds into your account, so sign up today to make sure you don’t miss out!

Whilst all of the Cycling bonus bets and free bonus offers listed above were valid when we put together this Cycling Betting Guide, they are all subject to change and enhancements, and as such to make sure you know what offer is still valid and any that may have changed please visit the betting sites individually as that is where their current new player and ongoing bonus offers and free Cycling betting opportunities can be found fully listed.

Cycling Betting FAQ

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