2020 NFL Pro Bowl Odds and Predictions

NFL Pro BowlThe 2020 Pro Bowl is set to take centre stage in the NFL on Sunday and will see the NFC All-Stars facing off in Orlando at 3 pm EST against the AFC All-Stars.

While many are focusing on the upcoming Super Bowl, there is still plenty of action that will precede it, and staying with tradition, those participating in the Super Bowl will be absent from their respective All-Stars team.

That is so they can focus their energies in preparation for the ultimate battle on Sunday, February 2nd.

While the stakes are clearly not at the same level as the Super Bowl, it still pits the best of the AFC against the best of the NFC, and for football fans that will see a high level of play, there do not want to miss. The result will be some exciting plays, and with the AFC having won the last two Pro Bowls and decimating the NFC 26-7 last year, the NFC will be looking for revenge and the change to extend their all-time head-to-head wins to twenty-five.

With the game fast approaching, let’s compare the two teams and see who we think will come out on top of what is expected to be a clash of the titans type game.

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Odds have been provided by Sports Interaction and are accurate as of 23/01/2020

2020 NFL Pro Bowl – What to Expect and Watch for

While the competition is expected to be intense, the fact remains, neither the AFC nor NFC are favoured over the other and for punters wanting to get in on the action, it will come down to choosing which they favour. Hopefully, the comparison below will assist them in those endeavours.


Odds to Win: -110

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, will take the starring role for the AFC on Sunday, and that is good news for AFC fans. Jackson had a stellar season in 2019, and after the Ravens lost in the playoffs to the Titans, he was available to play.

Also adding to the talent pool for the AFC is the Los Angeles Chargers Keenan Allen and the Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins, both of whom are expected to take starting roles as wide receivers, while the Broncos Courtland Sutton and Cleveland’s Jarvis Landry will be in place to give some depth down the field. On the flip side, the AFC will be without Tyreek Hill as the Chiefs are playing in the Super Bowl. However, the Titans Derrick Henry, who was the leading running back for the league will be and will be a valuable asset in helping Jackson with his efforts, and that could very well create problems for the NFC.


Odds to Win: -110

Similar to the AFC, the NFC has lined up their top guns starting with Russell Wilson, a star quarterback and one that was in contention for MVP’s of the season had the Seahawks not lost to the Ravens. While he may not possess the same stats that Lamar Jackson can boast, he is a talent that is known for making use of those around him, as evident by his 31 TD’s and 4,110 passing yards this season.

Stepping in to lend a hand will be the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey, New Orleans Alvin Kamara and Dallas’s Ezekiel Elliott, each of which are talented running backs. The receiving end is equally talented and will pose their own problems for the AFC with the likes of Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Dallas’s Amari Cooper. To shore up the defense, the Saints Cameron Jordan, Chicago’s Khalil Mack and Minnesota’s Harrison Smith join the foray and each is expected to give the AFC a run for their money.

Our Verdict: Atlanta Falcons to win

While the odds are equal, there is little doubt that the AFC is coming in with a slight advantage, in part due to their back-to-back Pro Bowl wins, and for us, that has some physiological weight as it will be in the back on the NFC’s minds, especially if the AFC take an early lead. That said, our money is on the AFC.