2021 NFL Preview Odds & Predictions - Who Will Make It To Super Bowl LVI

Another year has come and gone for the NFL, and with the preseason games taken care of, the NFL kickoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys takes place on September 9th, the question becomes, who will make it to Super Bowl LVI in February.

Like any season, they will be ups and downs, but there will also be consistency. Currently, those honours go to the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills. After last season, it seems likely this year could see a repeat between the Bucc’s and the Chiefs, yet with the Packers sorting out their differences with Aaron Rodgers, the Bills have Josh Allen and remain one of the best coached teams in the league.

How that plays out on the field is a different story altogether. While the league remains committed to enforcing safety protocols, the Delta variant remains a threat. Resultingly, this season could be one of those seasons that betting on the underdog pays dividends. Especially if the Bucc’s, Bills, Chiefs and Packers struggle to maintain a healthy roaster.

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2021 NFL Odds & Predictions – Potential Champions

However, naysayers aside, the Buccaneers and Chiefs seem destined to battle it out within their respective divisions. As expected, the Chiefs dominated the AFC West in the preseason games scoring victories against Arizona, San Francisco and Minnesota. However, Tampa Bay had less favourable results, winning only one of three, and strangely enough, the Packers failed to win at all, while the Bills dominated in their three matchups against Green Bay, Detroit and Chicago.

Ultimately, there is no reason not to doubt that the Bucc’s won’t be able to repeat their success from last season. That being said, let’s jump into it and see which of the four are most likely to earn a coveted spot in Super Bowl LVI.

* Odds have been provided by BetUS and are accurate as of 06/09/2020

Kansas City Chiefs

Odds to Win: +450

Putting the Chiefs at the top of the list doesn’t need much of an explanation as they have the most versatile and top-ranked quarterback in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes has amassed over 14,150 yards in his short career, and while it is anticipated he may struggle a little more this year, he and the Chiefs outperformed expectations last year, in part due to the pandemic that favoured successful QB’s like Mahomes.

However, this the AFC West will be a tougher division thanks to the talented defence of the, although the oddsmakers continue to favour the Chiefs for a return to the Super Bowl this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds to Win: +550

At 44, Tom Brady may be well past his prime as he approaches his mid-forties, but there are few who doubt his ability to lead the team retain their Super Bowl title. Simply put, Brady is the greatest QB in NFL history and his helming the QB spot is always a threat opponents need to factor into their defence. While off to a rocky preseason start, oddsmakers continue to rank them at the top of the list for going the distance this season.

In the offseason, the Bucc’s shored up the remainder of their roaster, building on their strengths and improving their weaknesses. They remain one of the league’s best action teams and know exactly how to attack the field while staging an aggressive offense.

Green Bay Packers

Odds to Win: +1200

The Green Bay Packers definitely have the potential to lead the NFC North after mastering the Shanahan–Gibbs outside zone system last year. The combination that brings together run and pass games is what they have built their roster around, and if last season was any indicator, 2021 is only expected to get better.

The big problem for the Packers is Aaron Rodgers’s, and while his issues are cumbersome for the team, they’ll not prevent Matt LaFleur and Nathaniel Hackett from identifying mismatches and making the most of those vulnerabilities. If successful, they could succeed in winning the NFC East and potentially winning one of the two final spots for the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills

Odds to Win: +1200

While many think the Buffalo Bill may have missed their opportunity and will need to budget accordingly due to the big payday ahead for Josh Allen, they remain superbly well-coached and come equipped with one of the league’s best offensive coordinators.

Buffalo has proven itself a more than capable opponent, and with the best 0.14 EPA per play rating in the NFL, they are anything but window dressing. In addition to Josh Allen in the QB position, Greg Rousseau and Carlos Basham Jr have proven the Bills have stacked their roaster with a load of rushing talent, and with the right pressure, they could easily top the AFC East.

Dark Horse: Los Angeles Chargers

Odds to Win: +4000

After ending last season with a 7-9 record, Los Angeles are unlikely to see much improvement, even with Justin Herbert returning for a second year. While the off-season saw the Chargers improving their offensive line by signing center Corey Linsley, tackle Bryan Bulaga and Rashawn Slater, the rest of the line is average. There only hope sits with the return of Joey Bosa, Austin Ekeler, Chris Harris Jr, Joey Bosa, and Derwin James, all key contributors who were on the injured list for much of last season.

That said, we wouldn’t hold our breath, but with so many variables at play, a nod in L.A’s favour may deliver a financial windfall.

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