Water Polo Betting Sites in Canada [ 2022 ]

Water Polo

Introduction: Water Polo is a contact team sport that is played in the water and has been around for over a century. Water Polo also has a number of nicknames such as pool ball, water football, Polo, Wopo and water rugby.

Water Polo is popular in countries like Canada, the United States, Australia, Brazil, China and European countries. The Fédération Internationale de notation (FINA) is one of the main regulatory bodies for water sports and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Water Polo has been a part of the Olympics since the early 1900s.

There are a number of popular Water Polo competitions that are held all over the world. Some of these tournaments include the Olympics which takes place every four years, the World Club Water Polo Challenge, the LEN Euroleague which features a number of European countries, the European Water Polo Championship which takes place every other year, the FINA Water Polo World Championship which takes place every two years and the FINA Water Polo World Cup.

Water Polo Betting in Canada

While water polo has been around for over a century it is not as popular as some of the mainstream sports such as basketball, football and cricket. However, there is a niche segment in Canada that not only like playing and watching water polo sports but also places bets on water polo matches.

Some of the top sports betting websites such as William Hill, 888 Sports, Bet365, Betfair and Paddy Power offer water polo betting via their online website and mobile apps which are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. These sports betting websites cover all of the top water polo tournaments in the world and offer various bets such as half-time score, match winners, player of the tournament and championship winners.

Water Polo in Canada

Water polo in Canada is governed by the Canadian Water Polo Association which is responsible for organizing the National Championship League and the Women’s National Team Program. Canada’s water polo team has qualified for four Olympic events over the years – Munich 1972, Montreal 1976, Los Angeles 1984 and Beijing 2008 but so far Canada has not won a medal in Water Polo. There are a number of water polo matches that take place all across Canada but mostly at an amateur level.

The sport of Water Polo has also been tainted with doping allegations over the years as some players have resorted to using performance-enhancing drugs to improve their performance as water polo requires high amounts of endurance and stamina. The Canadian Water Polo Association has an anti-doping program to regularly test their athletes and also educate them on the topic.

Water Polo Betting Tips

  • Keep track of the major water polo tournaments and check with two or more sports betting websites to see if they are being featured
  • Read as much as you can on the water polo team you want to wager on

Make use of in-play betting to hedge your bets.

We are always happy to showcase to our website visitors a wide and very diverse range of betting opportunities on all manner of sporting events and sporting fixtures, and whilst Water Polo is by no stretch of the imagination a hugely popular sport, there are plenty of people who do like to place an occasional wager on these events, and as such do have a look through the following guide if you are one of these people!

Top Water Polo Betting Events

Most Water Polo matches that take place all over the world at any time of the year are played in a league type format, and as such you will find that during any one Water Polo season there are many different matches in play, with all of the teams in any one league hoping to find their top form and end the season at the top of their respective league.

Top Water Polo Betting Sites in Canada

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Whilst you can bet on any match taking place throughout the Water Polo season you can also, should you so wish, place a wager on which team is going to win the respective league they are playing in, however, if you do wish to place such a wager then make sure you bet either before the Water Polo season kicks off or very early in the season as this is when the best odds are usually on offer!

Types of Water Polo Bets

You will be amazed at the sheer diversity in the number and types of wagers that you are able to place on Water Polo matches, obviously, it will come as no surprise for you to learn the most commonly placed Water Polo bet is one whereby you simply pick one of the two teams competing to win any single match played.

However, you can also bet on things such as who will be the first player to score as well as also being able to place a wager on the score of any one match, the more open-minded you are in regards to the bets and wagers you are able to place the more chances you get on finding some rather generous odds.

If you sign up to any of our featured betting exchanges then you are going to not only be able to pick the winner of any one match player, but you can lay bets on the team you think is going to lose that match, and as such you are going to profit when that team loses as opposed to only picking up a winning payout when that team wins any single event!

For more information on the betting exchanges’ range of very unique lay wagers please have a good look through our listing of the top betting sites which is listed below, for we have handpicked a couple of top-rated betting exchanges for you and both of them are offering some very generous sign up free bets and bonus for a limited time only, so the sooner you sign up at these sites the sooner those free bets and bonuses will start to flow your way!

Best Water Polo Betting Sites

We prefer to only ever-present to you the top betting sites here at the betting.ca website which means you are going to find those listed below will always live up to your expectations whether you are seeking to place wagers on Water Polo events or in fact any other type of sporting event. Plus there are, as you will find lots of generous special and exclusive free bets and bonuses up for grabs which you can of course claim in CAD!

  • Paddy Power – You are never going to go short on betting opportunities related to Water Polo at the Paddy Power betting site, and what you will also be very impressed by is their new customer sign-up offer which is given away as a 50C$ free bet. Make sure you visit their website and take full advantage of this generous offer.
  • William Hill – Why not head on over to the William Hill betting site today then you are going to be able to claim their CAD25 free bet as their latest new real money customer. Once you actually log into their betting site for the very first time you may be somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of available betting markets on all Water Polo matches.
  • 888 Sport – The 888 Sport betting site is another site we can wholeheartedly recommend that you visit if you want to place Water Polo type wagers then now is a great time to sign up and get those bets placed, as for a limited time only they are offering all new real money bettors a rather generous CAD88 Free Bets bonus.
  • BetFair – You can bet on any Water Polo team to win or lose at the BetFair Betting Exchange. You are able to offer odds on anything happening in a game and as such this will let you use your skill and judgement to end your betting session hopefully in profit! New Canadian customers of BetFair can pick up a special CAD20 Bonus.

Please be aware that all of the betting sites above offer your Water Polo betting opportunities throughout the season, however, the offers listed above can change occasionally, obviously, we update our website regularly, but you should always visit any betting sites whose offers take your eye to ensure those free bets and special offers are still available.

Water Polo Betting FAQ

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