Volleyball Betting Sites in Canada [ 2022 ]


Introduction: Volleyball has been around for well over a century and is a popular sport that is played all across the world. The traditional game of volleyball is played between 6 players across two sides and anywhere between 3 to 5 sets are played depending on the tournament format. The team to reach 25 points first with a 2-point difference will be awarded the set. Volleyball across all countries is regulated by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

There are numerous domestic and international volleyball competitions that are held throughout the year and across the world. Some of these tournaments include the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship, FIVB Volleyball World League, World Grand Prix 2016, Montreux Volley Masters, Finnish Mestaruusliiga, Korean League, and Volleyball Canada Championships and the Olympics.

Volleyball has a couple of different variants which include grass volleyball and beach volleyball. However, it is the traditional game of volleyball which still generates the most amount of excitement and interest.

Volleyball Betting in Canada

Canadians love playing volleyball as the sport is played indoors and is not dependent on weather conditions. There is a niche market in Canada that like making wagers on different volleyball tournaments and competitions around the world.

Sports betting websites such as William Hill, Paddy Power, 888 Sports, Bet 365 and Betfair offer volleyball betting in Canada. These sports betting websites offer online betting options as well as a mobile betting app that is compatible with Android and iOS platforms to enable betters to make their bets on the go.

Some of the volleyball wagers offered by these sports betting sites include set betting, match betting and player of the match. Since a 3 set game could take close to an hour to finish, most of these sports betting websites also offer in-play betting on volleyball matches.

It is easier to make calculated wagers on volleyball games when the competition is between different countries as there is a lot more information available on players, coaches, team performance and game strategy. The countries that dominate the men’s division are usually Brazil, USA, Russia and China while the women’s division is dominated by Brazil, Japan, Russia and Korea.

Placing wagers on domestic leagues and national championships is a lot harder because there is not a lot of information on players, coaches and performances. There are a lot of unknown factors at hand making it a lot more risky to bet and predict a final outcome. However die-hard volleyball fans who have followed the game for years will find it a lot easier to make a prediction because of their knowledge of the game.

Volleyball Betting Tips

  • Stick to betting on international volleyball matches.
  • Do your research to find out the team selection, match fit players and suspensions.
  • Make use of in-play betting to hedge your bets.

You may be a casual type of sports bettor or you may religiously go through the day’s sporting fixtures and pick out those offering you the best wagering opportunities. However, if you are a fan of Volleyball or Beach Volleyball then make sure you stick to betting at the top betting sites, for those listed below can be relied on to give you the best odds in the industry and value-packed wagering opportunities.

Whilst Volleyball may not be right at the top of your list of betting choices, there are a huge number of matches running day in and day out, and by taking a good look through the day’s sporting fixtures often some are too good to be missed odds can be found.

Top Betting Sites for Volleyball

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Top Volleyball Betting Events

With Volleyball often being played in a league-type format, then you are able to place wagers on which team you think is going to end the season at the top of any one particular league, and when placing such a wager try and get in early, for by placing your bets before a Volleyball season has begun often tremendous value can be found.

You will be able to also place a range of wagers on any Volleyball friendly game, however, it is the league games which do often get the biggest volumes of wagers placed on them, and as such with huge amounts of cash being placed on them then if you fancy betting on an underdog to win, you can often quite easily snap up some excellent value bets and wagers.

Also do consider placing a wager In-Play, there are a number of betting sites offering you the ability to wager once a match has got underway, so have a good look through our featured sites for when it comes to Volleyball betting you will also have plenty of options available to you.

Types of Volleyball Bets

You will not be just restricted to having to pick the winning team or players in any Volleyball match, for thanks to the betting market offers on all Volleyball matches from our featured betting sites below, you are going to find plenty of unique wagering opportunities.

You can bet on which team or player will score first, as well as the standard of which team is going to win type of wager, and with plenty of new In-Play betting opportunities on offer you can also bet on the outcome of any Volleyball match when the game has actually got underway.

More Volleyball Betting Sites

Let us now showcase to you where it is you should b placing all of your Volleyball bets online, have a look through the guide below as we present to you the currently available welcome offers at all of our handpicked betting sites, and try and take advantage of as many of these offers as you can as they are there for the taking!

  • Bet365 – The place to visit for one of the best new customer bonus offers we have found is the Bet365 betting site for they will allow you to claim a 100% deposit type match bonus bet and then you can place wagers on any of the many different Volleyball fixtures running each year. You can be on anything at Bet365 so check out their website to see just what have to offer you will never be short of gambling opportunities!
  • Ladbrokes – Ladbrokes are at this moment in time allowing all Canada-based customers the chance to claim up to C$120 in free bets. If you fancy a wager on Volleyball then you can and do not forget that Ladbrokes will also allow you to bet on any sports you wish, so you can get your wagers down and place on anything you so wish.
  • Paddy Power – If you make the very wise decision of registering at the Paddy Power betting site you will be able to claim for yourself a 50C$ free bet simply for signing up and depositing funds into your account and then placing a wager. The betting platform they utilize is a breeze to operate and use and placing a wager on your computer will involve just a few clicks on your mouse!
  • Party Bets – At Party Bets, you will be interested to learn that you can bag a 25C$ free bet just for signing up and depositing funds into your newly created account. This free bet can then be placed on any sporting fixture you wish to wager on and as such whatever it is on their betting site that takes your eye you will be getting excellent value if you sign up today and start betting at the Party Bets betting site.
  • BetFair – Sites like BetFair always offer their customers the biggest number of wagering opportunities via their betting exchange. What makes this betting site unique is that you cannot just bet on any one team to win a Volleyball match, but you can also lay wagers in the hope that the team you have selected loses, and if they do then you win!

Check out their website for full details of how this betting exchange works and operates along with full details of how you can bag their new customer offer which is currently a free CAD20 Bonus

You are going to have to check out the betting sites listed above to verify any free bet or free bonus is still on offer, as they can and do sometimes change at short notice. All bonuses and free bets will also come with a set of rules in regards to how you can use them and as such please ensure you understand what is required of you when taking a betting site up on any offer they have available.

Volleyball Betting FAQ

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